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  1. When playing in the beta, the mosquito needle doesn’t show. It shows my hand like it’s holding it. I can still use it like normal, just doesn’t show.
  2. TL;DR - I love the turn-based system on the whole and would choose to start PoE III in turn-based mode if it comes with that option. I hope the devs will take some time to have some fun with exploiting the new options in terms of counter-play by making combat at the higher difficulties more punishing not by simply inflating numbers, but requiring the proper response to certain actions (interrupts, movement, prioritizing the right targets) --- Intro: When I first played PoE II I felt its combat (and combat balance) was it absolute weakest point. On PotD I mowed through enemies, hardly ever taking notice of their abilities or intentions as the game didn't require me to, and didn't really give me the opportunity to do so. After revisiting PoE II with turn-based mode, I thoroughly enjoyed the combat even though the feature is still in its beta stage and not without its flaws. These are my thoughts on turn-based after doing my second run-through (on veteran difficulty, up to level 15). --- LOVE + The depth of the combat with the ability to counter/respond to whatever the AI is trying. Though perhaps in its early stages at this moment, the knockdown/interrupt counterplay is really fun. AI could in future builds punish harder for failing to adequately counterplay their attacks. + Resource management feels more intense and tactical as you get to see a complete picture every turn. + Positioning feels more deliberate. Again, the AI could exploit or punish this more, allowing for more tactical combat. CONCERNS # The mode is very generous with free actions. these actions are obviously very powerful as they are all benefit and hardly any opportunity-cost, especially with no limit to the number of free actions per turn. A 'minor' action, taking 50% of movement or simply having just one minor action per round would limit their power and cause a little more consideration on using these abilities. # AI - The AI still misses some actions on their turn and doesn't seem to consider sequencing or combo'ing actions at all. This would be a great addition to the turn-based system as well. # Initiative - The transition from action speed to initiative feels fine if a bit blunt. Where action speed went from the most powerful and influential attribute to completely optional for most of the classes. Could require some finetuning to bring back the fantasy of having a nimble, fast-moving character rather than just the ability to go first in combat. (add movement speed/distance and disengagement defense as secondary bonuses of dexterity?) # Weapon switching - should probably be a minor action, possibly alongside (some) potions and the second wind (atheltics) ability # Turn advantage for the player - The players' party seems to get a free turn every combat on top of the movement advantage. # Show enemy actions - Even more depth in the combat system could be achieved by indicating the unit's action not just when they are casting a spell. On mouse over it should show the action (by name and effect), its intended target (area indicator or currently selected target). This would further reward tactical play and allow for more punishing results when a player fails to respond adequately. # Combat turn speed - I had the combat speed on the fastest mode all the time and still felt it could use a speed up, especially enemy movement. # Pushing/collision - Sometimes units get shoved from their position by the pathing of other units. # Out of range misses - Costly (melee) 'misses' often due to no fault of the player. As the system already detects why the 'miss' occurred but is also the 'cause' of the problem why not let it auto-correct by either providing the feedback before the attack or applying the attack as if the character was in range. DISLIKE - Pulling unseen enemies/the entire room. This partially if not largely nullifies the positives on better combat control. IT's hard if not impossible to tell what enemies are 'chained' when you engange an enemy, often resulting in all enemies piling on the party, even where they didn't in real-time-with-pause. - Enemy HP. The slower phase of turn-based combat makes it tedious at times to cycle through attack after attack while the encounter no longer feels threatening. --- Overall, turn-based is great update and addition to the game! Can't wait for it to go out of beta and do another run-through.
  3. Loving the turn-based combat. I put 16hrs into yesterday!! There seems to be promblems in the Brass Citidel area. Ive had the game crash on me severals times today. Cant get in over 5mins of play time in the area. Theirs also an issue that animations during conversations freeze and you cant choose dialog options, but the space bar will make the characters say random things without knowing what they are responding to. If someone could post a Dropbox link.. Along with easy instructions I can send the error report. Or tell me what files to attach below.. Thanks
  4. This is admittedly a very minor thing, but it can be misleading to annoying. While using the Turn-Based combat, just about every time I mouse over a target to check the chance to hit the character makes their comment about it not going to work. They'll say this even in cases where there's a 100% chance to hit and they'll be doing 130% damage. Not sure what the criteria is for them to say their comment, but it doesn't seem to make sense in a lot of the cases.
  5. Hello, I am not sure if this actually working and just not showing up in calculation representation but mob stance and armored grace are not showing up when hovered over in calculation. Fighter/ Paladin is wearing Gipon Prudensco so it should be at 20% which pic is showing 7% for armor but I does not look like it is calculating correctly as shown.
  6. Hello, I was testing some of the new abilities and I can not get the summoned fists to work in a way that makes sense. First the main hand attack is not applying 20% raw damage on hit. Second is that when the off hand does the damage calculation for the raw buff it is lower than 20% and doesn't seem to scale properly. My understanding it that from previous on hit+% bonuses is that they calculate from other damage bonuses as well(though based on their smaller base damage). Here at the base power level you learn them(3 I believe) they are doing slightly less than 20% but at power level 7(in pics) they are doing only slightly more than 20%(previously hit +20% are doing over 30% and matching damage bonuses when calculated). I did not take any pictures of the low power level damages, because I wasn't sure it was messing up at first, but I can if you need some.
  7. The first Blight you encounter in Rymrgard's Realm in the Animancy tower doesn't trigger combat, attacking it is similiar to attacking a totem/ward out of combat. Entering the first floor from the Second floor of the Port Maje Tavern causes a glitch where you are unable to walk through the tavern itself, save for a small area near the stairs. Similiar Pathing issues in the Engwithian digsite after the fight with the Drake & Panthers where Xoti and Player character were unable to walk through the Center circle of the Digsite. Xoti ended out clipping through the Ramp/Staircase leading to the bottom level. Restarting the Game did solve pathing. Occasionally when leaving the Character Creation in the start of the game to the main menu leads to crashing. Loading new maps causes the error which reads: "There was an Error loading the next map, Returned to Main Menu for save game corruption." I'm aware this error happened in the past but it happens a lot more frequently now, especially after meeting Queen Neketaka and recruiting Maia & Pallegina. Minor Spoiler: Ydwin mentions your encounter with Rymrgard before actually meeting him. (BTW JUST WANTED TO SAY THANK YOU FOR GIVING US THIS BLESSING OF CONVERSING WITH YDWIN) Otherwise the new classes have been phenomenal and I love them all, especially the new Blood Mage.
  8. After switching my companions in a bar, or after getting a new companion (Mirke, in my case), the new companion that is being switched in spawns way off the screen, and can't reach the door to exit with the team, requiring a reset:
  9. Have made a thread for this as it's now confirmed to occur for more than just myself - it appears as though companion relationships are bugged in the beta patch. More specifically my PCs no longer get hit on automatically by either Tekehu or Maia Rua upon reaching level 1 or 2 - including Maia acknowledging any other relationships. I can however follow the Aloth track (oddly even if I just state we were only friends in his initial friendship talk). I'm not sure if the game is locking my PC into the Aloth track automatically, or the initial dialogues for others aren't firing for some reason, though it appears to be the former. I noticed when I was testing my Aloth disposition mod, but it still occurs on a clean new playthrough.
  10. The latest patch seems to have broken something in the subwindows for setting Conditions and Abilities in the Behaviour Editor, as I shall describe: You cannot select any ability or condition (clicking them does nothing most of the time, neither are they ever highlighted), scroll down with either the mousewheel or the bar itself or even close the window itself without pressing "esc" - in fact, clicking anything on the screen, in or outside the window, is ill advised as it might randomly spawn dozens of duplicates (which go away when pressing "esc", fortunately), but not crash the game itself. This is really a shame because 90% of the fun I have in this game comes from setting up AI scripts in the first place (hardcore theorycrafter).
  11. Horns of the Bleak Mother helmet icon is missing in the latest beta update,
  12. A lot of issues appears to be fixed in the brazilian traslation of the game in this patch, and for that we are very thankful! But there some big issues that affects the understand of the game mechanics and need to be fixed ASAP: *STRENGH: It's listed that it only affects Weapon Damage and Fortitude, not that affects overall damage, healing and fortitude. *RESOLVE: It's listed as if affects Healing and Spell durations in a negative way, not that affects "HOSTILE" effects only. *Insight and Perception: Both are translated in the very same way, confunsing the player a lot during interactions, item and spells effects, very annoying. Orther issues: *Main menu: When starting a new game, the option to skip the intro is blank. *CHARACTER CREATION -Wood Elves are translated in 2 different ways (Elfo da Floresta, Elfo do Bosque) -Island Aumaua are translated as Ilha Aumaua (Aumaua Island), as if referring to a place, not a race. -Heath Orlan are translated in two different ways (Orlan Doméstico,Orlan Caseiro) - Barbarian Corpse Eater sub-class is translated both as Necrófago and Come-Corpos Minor Issues: -The spell Pull of Eora should be translated as "Puxão de Eora" not "Puxar Eora". -The spell Form of the Helpless Beast should be translated as "Forma da Criatura Indefesa" rather than "Forma da Fera Perdida" as it give impression of a lost monster, not a helpless one. - The prone effect should be "Caído" not "Vunerável", as it may cause some confusion with other effects and descriptions in game. Thank you!
  13. Hey you bunch of faithful gamers, We decided to slip one more patch in! The patch will be available on the Beta Branch of Steam for a few days. Please jump in and let us know what you think. The patch will go live soon after that. Patch contains; - Fixed an issue with the Company Captain's Cap confusing party members when they cast a buff/heal spell. - Realized we went a little overboard on the Deadfire Uniforms. We knocked the defenses they granted from +20 to +9. - Added optional analytics. This is just simple data collection (where parties wipe, which classes players choose, etc....). A pop up will trigger as soon as you launch the game after patching, asking 'would you like to enable analytics.' We'd love it if everyone did, but feel free to just click 'no' and forget it ever happened. So, how do I get started? It's actually pretty easy. Completely quit out of the Steam client. Restart the Steam client and navigate to the Library tab. Right-click on the Pillars of Eternity entry and click on Properties. ​ Navigate to the Betas tab in the Properties menu. Enter in the code "BETAPASSWORD" (remove quotes) and click on the Check Code button. Click on the dropdown list and select the "beta" branch. Once selected, close out of the Properties menu. You should notice that your Pillars of Eternity game will now have "[beta]" after it. This means that your game is in the beta branch. Steam should queue an update for this branch. You can now play the new beta branch of the game. If you would like to switch your branch back to normal follow steps 3 and 4 to get back to the Beta tab in the Properties menu, then choose "NONE" as your branch. This should revert you back to the release version of the game. Thank you to all of the folks that decide to play the patch beta and help report issues. Your help is invaluable and we really appreciate your dedication.
  14. [FIRST ROUND OF FEEDBACK] Feel free to Share your Goodies & Baddies. The Good : Might // Resolve coming back 2 Pts when reaching new Power Lvl for Single Class characters Speed Sliders // Overall Pace of Combat improvement // Casting Times. Ship Combat per Turns instead of per Rounds feels better to me. UI Improvements [Empowering, Uncheck Inventory Items, Etc, looks prettier] More Passives ! [Overall but Specially for Spiritshift Subclass who needed this the most for me] Optimization : The Game's loadings were already Quick. It now loads even quicker, & goes back to the main screen quicker aswell for me. Exit to Windows is welcome aswell ! The Bad : I'm still uncomfortable with that Source Pool thing... The whole thing. I think I kinda hate it. I hope some Gear helps to increase that pool... Because as a Rogue : Gouging Strike + Smoke Veil & you're done, unless you Empower. I don't know I'd like kind of a Mix, between the former "Set of use", like : You got 2 Gouging Stikes per Encounter, 1 Strike the Bell, 3 Venimous Strikes. & Then, you could "Recharge this Set of Use" when you Empower yourself. But I don't know, I have to wrap my head around that. WARNING : I don't really like the new Central Button. I liked it when the whole "Ring" was clickable to Pause // Unpause, now the pause button is really tiny & not handy. Plus the Out of Combat Fast / Slow Triggers, were better on the outside of the ring, rather that inside as it is now. Combat Slider is fine. About New Passives : Still think its good, but I expected them to be more "Thought Out". Like for Spiritshifters : Who thought it'd be a good idea to put the Single Handed // Two Handed // Dual Wielding // More Sets of Weapons Passives ??? For a Shifter ? Come on, no one will ever pick that ! Give it some Fighters / Monks Passives already ! It's a Shifter ! It uses his Claws / Horns / Whatever, none of these Passives fits what a Shifter really uses ! Sounds like "Let's add more Passives to Spiritshifters, but pick the ones that make the least sense..." Even though I don't like some things // changes between POE I & II, I do think it's going into the right direction. As for that the whole "Source" Concept, I think I'm gonna need to learn how to enjoy it in context, from Level One, into the Real / Entire Game. Right now I can't do it... I just f**king hate it, like... to the bones. EDIT : I have a 21:9 aspect ratio, previous beta builds used to have my resolutions. But now, they're just not here anymore ? Everything is stretched & look s ugly, quite unplayable in these conditions. Just a Bug I guess.
  15. Hey you bunch of sensatinal gamers, Our update is now live! To gain access to the Backer Beta, visit this (Forum Link) for step by step instructions. This is a Beta and will most definitely contain a few issues. Please report any issues you find here (Forum Link). We spent a long time going over everyone's feedback from the last BB Update and changed quite a few things around. You'll notice this patch is almost entirely system changes. A full breakdown of the changes are listed below. Jump in and definitely keep the feedback coming. NEW CONTENT Please note that older saves will not work on the latest patch! Apologies for the inconvenience. Save File location moved From - %USERPROFILE%/Saved Games/Pillars of Eternity 2 To - %USERPROFILE%/Saved Games/Pillars of Eternity II Action Bar revision - The HUD art has been revised for the action bar. We added a bit of flair to the empower portion specifically. Optimizations - Ongoing performance optimizations for GPU and CPU. Smart Camera - New toggle-able camera mode that has the camera follow the players movements automatically. This option can be toggled 'on' or 'off' in the options menu. Combat Slider - New combat slider added to the center of the HUD. You can now slow/speed up combat at your leisure ranging from very slow/slow to fast/very fast. Fast mode remains the same toggle outside of combat. New item Highlight - Items recently picked up that haven't been inspected by the player now highlight blue in the inventory. BB Content Changes BB character now begins with fine leather, fine mail, and fine plate All Grimoires in the BB now have 2 spells per level SYSTEM CHANGES Expanded Passive Abilities - To address feedback about the loss of Talents from PoE 1, we have added many more passive abilities to class trees and increased the number of abilities that single class characters receive at each power level (see below). Turn-Based ship combat - Ship duels are now conducted turn-by-turn instead of round-by-round. Half and full-sail movement actions are no longer restricted in frequency. Cannon re-balance - Cannon values have been re-balanced to make them strategic choices instead of upgrades Single Class characters gain 2 abilities at PL increase - All single class characters will gain 2 abilities every time they achieve a new power level. This change was made to address concerns that single class characters felt like they didn't have enough options at any given character level. It also allows characters to dip into passive abilities (which have been expanded considerably) more easily. Canceling cast doesn't take resource - Canceling an ability or item use, whether by movement, selecting another action, or simply hitting the cancel button, will not consume the resource associated with the ability. This makes changing actions much less punitive. An Interrupt will still consume the resources of an ability or item it Interrupts. Penetration re-balance - Weapons and spells have been reorganized around two penetration categories - average and high - instead of low/average/high. "Best of" weapons and spells typically have 1 lower Penetrations compared to other weapons and spells in their penetration category. Attribute Cap of 35 - To prevent the effects of Attributes from scaling away into infinity, they are now capped to 35. We chose this number based on both where we wanted the influence of Attributes to max out as well as what we believed was within the reach of aggressive min-maxers. Might/Resolve Change - Strength has been reverted to Might and affects Damage, Healing, and Fortitude as it did in Pillars 1. Resolve has also been reverted to affect Deflection and Will as it did in Pillars 1. We have added an additional benefit to Resolve: reduced duration of hostile effects (3% per point) on the character (increased if it is below 10). This was done in conjunction with capping Attributes to a max of 35. This does not address the primary goal of making Resolve more appealing for casters, but we believe it does make Resolve more generally valuable for a variety of characters. It also integrates into the system using mechanics that are already well-established, which is of importance at this stage of development. Thank you to everyone for your patience as we experimented with the attribute system and for the fans for continuing to discuss and suggest ideas throughout the project. Interrupt added to many rogue abilities - Most rogue abilities that are weapon-based attacks now Interrupt on Hit Weapon re-balance - Across the board weapon balance Druid Bonus Spells/Animist Subclass - Like priests, all druids now receive bonus spells at each power level. To make druids mechanically function like priests, the Animist subclass has been added and the "No Subclass" option has been removed.. Animists have no special modifiers other than access to a list of bonus spells. Martial Tree Unlock Level Adjustments - The levels at which the martial classes access various abilities have been adjusted, both to lower the overall requirements and to make a smoother progression as the characters advance. General Casting changes Shortened cast times of Very Slow and Slow Shortened Recovery of Slow Summon Weapon spells now Average cast Food/meal pricing reworked Cipher Buffs Cipher spells are all faster casts/ many were tuned up Cipher Focus gain rate doubled ('unedited' List of specific systems check ins) KNOWN ISSUES Lagufaeth Broodmother is missing a portrait and speaker tag Ranga Ruanu is missing a portrait Some items contain missing strings World map doesn't have BGM Veen is T-posing Save file thumbnail is incorrect Tikawara is mislabeled on the world map on first load. Abilities and weapon proficiencies are swapped in the character sheet menu (Mac Only) Boarding audio repeats. Restart the client to correct this issue. BUG FIXES Casters no longer passing up martial characters deflections due to Might/Resolve change (see above) Rogue - 'Gouging Strike' now shows appropriately sized numbers Corrosive Trap description now shows damage data Beza's corpse no longer has vision cone to detect stealth All Corrupted Adra Animat now all activate in the Engwithan Waystation Level Two Binding Mouse1 no longer locks character movement Gamma slider now functioning as intended Auto-pause descriptions now appear Assigning food to characters in the resting menu has been made easier Modals no longer duplicate on the action bar Can now target enemies on top of dead allies easier I got your back - SKing
  16. I've taken a look at how Attack/Action Speed works in Deadfire, and will list the aggregated info in this thread. First of all here are the main differences between Beta2 and PoE1: - weapons' recovery duration (on average) was doubled - but they now have almost halved attacking duration - reloading weapons no longer have recovery phase at all - weapons deal damage right at the end of attacking phase (instead of doing that somewhat in the middle of it) - in PoE1 we could "abuse" Quick Switch and skip recovery of firearms along with reloading. This is not possible in Deadfire even if firearms would still have said recovery. - many PoE1 "+x% Attack Speed" effects were changed to "+x% Action Speed" - in PoE1 attack phase duration was influenced only by DEX. In Deadfire everything that states "+x% Action Speed" affects it. This is minor for weapons (since they have really fast attack), but big for spells. - speed system / formulas / stacking was heavily rewritten - dexterity bonus is no longer multiplicative with other coefficients. All multipliers are now aggregated in additive manner. - and maluses go through double inversion (like in current damage calculation) In practice that results in: if you have many bonuses and let's say 1 malus - that malus will have a much greater effect on the final value. - stacking speed bonuses subject to increasing returns in PoE1; and is subject to diminishing returns in Deadfire. Notes: - it looks like reload duration was decided to be left unafected by the armor type. - Swift Strikes and Frenzy seemed to not affect attack duration in Beta1 (they do in Beta2, and it's now consistent with other "+x% Action Speed" effects, like: potions, bloodlust and dex). Now regarding the formula: phase_duration = base_phase_duration / speed_coefficientwhere: speed_coefficient = steps_sum >= 0 ? steps_sum + 1 : 1 / (1 - steps_sum)where: steps_sum = step_1 + step_2 + ... + step_nwhere: step_n = coef_n >= 1 ? coef_n - 1 : 1 - 1 / coef_n And a concrete example. Warbow has: - 1.1s base attack duration - 3.0s base recovery duration Q: What attack/recovery it will have at 20 DEX with overdraw? > Let's compute attack duration: - steps_sum = (1.3 - 1) = 0.3 - speed_coef = 1.3 + 1 = 1.3 - attack_duration = 1.1s / 1.3 = 0.846s > Let's compute recovery duration: - steps_sum = (1.3 - 1) + (1 - 1 / 2) = 0.3 + -1 = -0.7 - speed_coef = 1 / (1 - -0.7) = 1/1.7 = 0.588 - recovery_duration = 3.0s / 0.588 = 5.1s Result: at 20 DEX and overdraw, warbow will have: ~ 0.8s attack duration ~ 5.1s recovery duration Btw, ever wondered why: - plate armor displays: +55% recovery time - scale armor displays: +35% recovery time - plate armor with armored grace: +18% recovery time - scale armor with armored grace: +6% recovery time ?
  17. So, as Josh stimulated us to try different casting speeds ourselves, and since I've already been tinkering with those for awhile (props to Andrea for the idea) I think I would share these modifications for everyone willing to try it. I've made 2 mods: - BetaSpeedMod - it changes the values of casting and recovery categories, and also adjusts several selected spells - BetaBalancingMod - it includes the above, and also has a few balancing changes. This is still a WIP and I am experimenting with these. Here's the full changelog: - BetaSpeedMod: - BetaBalanceMode: Here are the download links: - BetaSpeedMod: download v2 - BetaBalanceMod: download v2, download v3 How to install: - go to <Pillars> folder (e.g: E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity II - Public Beta) - create 'override' folder in <Pillars>/PillarsOfEternity2_Data/ - choose one mod (BetaSpeedMod OR BetaBalanceMod), and unzip it to /override folder - you shall have the following path: <Pillars>/PillarsOfEternity2_Data/override/BetaXMod/gamedata/ What to do now: - if you are interested: try it and share how it feels) P.S: I am thinking now: - of iterating through all weapon types, as their base values require a few adjustments - re-testing few spells in combat (especially fireball) - adding -20 respective defense malus to rank 3 afflictions (still gotta figure how to best do it) - and perhaps later writing down the reasoning behind these changes. But am also curious: - Josh mentioned that they are going to increase the penetration of weapons by 2. Do you want this implemented in the mod?
  18. Would a kind soul amongst you write a small piece about the state of ciphers in the beta? OFFS! One cannot edit the title. Of course, it should say "State"… ☺
  19. So I've been playing a paladin in the beta and I'm having a great time though there are some aspects I'm missing. I'm hoping there might be a return of paladin order exclusive talents similar to the ones that were in the previous installment, especially for the Shieldbearers. Right now I'm playing a Shieldbearer and they seem kind of bland compared to the other orders, while seeming much more worthwhile when they had access to Shielding Flames and Shielding Touch. Maybe we could acquire these talents in the 10-15 level range as to make the starting bonuses shine more in the beginning?
  20. Hey you bunch of affable gamers, Our update is now live! To gain access to the Backer Beta, visit this (Forum Link) for step by step instructions. This is a Beta and will most definitely contain a few issues. Please report any issues you find here (Forum Link). Backer Beta Builds where and when? Mac: Steam and GoG are live now Win: Steam and GoG are live now Linux: Steam and GoG are live now We have some pretty hefty patch notes for you. Below you will find; New Content, System Changes, Bug Fixes, and Known Issues. NEW CONTENT Prepatch (Build 4) saves are not compatible and will not be available in the Save/Load Menu with this patch (Build 21). We are still ironing out some save/load issues on our end and don't want you all to run into unnecessary issues. A new uncharted Island - A new island has been added to the world map. Custom Party AI - Our complete AI system will be available. This system still has some rough edges but should be functional. Hit it and tell us what you think. Mac/Linux versions both on GoG and Steam - These builds are very 'fresh' with many unexplored pieces. We would love some feedback/bugs on these. Walk Toggle - The long awaited walk toggle has been added. RP your hearts out J SYSTEM CHANGES We listened closely to all of your feedback over the past month, and are rolling out some changes to improve gameplay. Injuries: Updated Injuries so that only some Injury types will reduce Max Health. When they do, they'll reduce it by 15%, rather than 25%. Players will still die when gaining their 4th Injury, even if none of the Injuries they have reduce MaxHealth. Here are the Injuries that affect MaxHealth: Fatigued Frail Major Injury Critical Injury Maimed Severe Wound Here are the Injuries that don't: Acute Rash Bruised Ribs Concussion Frostbite Burned Smashed Hands Sprained Wrist Swollen Eye System Shock Twisted Ankle Wrenched Knee Wrenched Shoulder Interrupt: Modified a couple of abilities whose primary purpose is to interrupt targets, so that they will Interrupt on Graze or better, rather than Hit or better. This affects the following abilities: Fighter: Knockdown and Mule Kick Monk: Force of Anguish, Wave of Force, and Skyward Kick Ranger: Concussive Shot and Concussive Tranquilizer Rogue: Sap and Perplexing Sap Other interrupt abilities `either always hit, or applied an Affliction and so already got a benefit for a Graze. They still require the character to have Grazes from another source (Fighter Confident Aim, Aware Inspiration, etc.) Movement: Reducing movement speeds to 85% of their previous amount. Attributes: In Pillars 1 and Deadfire (now), the Might and Resolve attributes affect the following: Might - All Damage, All Healing, Fortitude Defense Resolve - Concentration (Pillars 1 only), Deflection Defense, Will Defense Players have noted the following over the past few years: If you're a caster, there's often not much reason to invest in Resolve (especially in Deadfire). From a *~ roleplaying ~* perspective, it feels weird to have muscley wizards casting high damage fireballs because they can bench 350 lbs. So we are making these changes for the next Backer Beta build: Strength - All Weapon Damage, Fortitude Defense Resolve - All Healing, All Spell Damage, Deflection Defense, Will Defense For ease of use, "Weapon Damage" means anything that's an equipped weapon, from a sword to a bow to a gun to Kalakoth's Minor Blights. This also means there's a benefit to making a high-Strength wizard (i.e., being a psycho melee "gish" wizard). Spells: Slow cast spells will use the Fast (2s base) recovery time instead of Average (3s base). The Very Slow cast spells (typically summons) will now use the Very Fast (1s base) recovery time. Penetration: Modified the Penetration system slightly, along with how Penetration displays in the mouse-over tooltip in combat. When your Penetration is below the target's Armor, there is now a gradual reduction in damage. The current values are (and may be tweaked as we play with them a bit): -1 Pen = 75% Damage -2 Pen = 50% Damage -3 or more Pen = 25% Damage It's still 100% damage up until you are at double Pen, and then 130% damage from there. Along with this change, Penetration will now ONLY display on the combat tooltip when you are either BELOW Pen, or you don't yet know the target's Armor value for the damage type you'll deal. Attack Speed: Updated the attack speed of most 1H weapons to use an Average (3s) recovery time, instead of Fast (previously 1s). Fast recovery times are now 2s, rather than 1s. The overall result of these changes is that combat will have a slower pace as recovery times for 1H weapons is increased. Here are the 1H weapons that will have a Fast (2s) recovery time. All other 1H weapons are Average recovery: Stiletto Hatchet Dagger Rapier Club Flail Monk Fists As part of this change, we also looked at the overall damage ranges of weapons, with the goal of making 2H weapons a viable choice compared to 1H weapons. Recovery: Base recovery time for a Slow recovery attack is now 4s, instead of 5s. Very slow is now 7s instead of 8s. More importantly, we updated the recovery penalty from armor, as follows: 20%: Light Armor (Leather, Hide, Padded) 35%: Medium Armor (Scale, Breastplate, Mail) 55%: Heavy Armor (Brigandine, Plate) Graze: All attacks can inherently Graze. We updated the Aware Inspiration to grant 50% Graze to Hit conversion, and fighter Confident Aim also grants 50% Graze to Hit (meaning Fighters who have both will hit a lot more). Grazing will reduce damage and status effect / affliction duration by 50%. We might consider having graze downgrade Tier 3 & Tier 2 afflictions, like an inherent Resistance. Rogue: Rogue Escape ability. It now costs 1 Guile to use (previously it was 2). It is no longer removed when you choose Shadow Step/Shadowing Beyond, but it is a requirement in order to gain either of those abilities.Ranger: Ranger abilities Wounding Shot, Accurate Wounding Shot, Hobbling Shot, Concussive Shot, Concussive Tranquilizer, and Stunning Shots will now work with melee weapon attacks.Priest: Priests will now receive an automatic spell when they reach every new Power Level. For a single-class Priest, that's at levels 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 16, and 19. Updated Priests so that they no longer lose access to spells based on type. IE: Eothas Priests no longer lose access to Protection spells. Fighter: Mule Kick is now a standalone ability, not a Knock Down upgrade. It requires Knock Down to learn, but doesn't replace it. It now does bonus damage and will Disorient the target, and will cost 3 points to use.Ranger: Wounding Shot - Since Wounding Shot and its upgrades were reduced to 1 point, tuned down the bonus Raw damage a bit. Marked Prey - As with Sworn Enemy, Marked Prey will now work correctly w/ ranged & AoE attacks. Paladin: Paladin Orders like Priests, players were required to pick a Paladin Order during character creation. We've removed the drawbacks from picking the various Orders. Lay on Hands -Greater Lay on Hands and Hands of Light are no longer upgrades to Lay on Hands. They require Lay on Hands, but do not replace it. Their effects remain the same. Sworn Enemy - has been updated to work correctly with ranged & AoE attacks BUG FIXES Thanks to all you wonderful gamers providing tons of feedback/bugs. We spent this past month addressing as many of it as we could; here are some of the highlights. General Issues: (FIXED) Mild to severe drop in frame rate on first load. We are still in the process of optimizing our game. (FIXED) Some machines may crash on a black screen on first 'New Game' (FIXED) A few different creatures (Imp, Beetle, etc..) are missing audio (FIXED) Some NPCs will have abilities that activate after each transition (FIXED) Party will spawn halfway below the ground after destroying the Adra Pillar in Poko Kohara Class Specific: (FIXED) Chanter phrase count is not updating after Save/Load (FIXED) Multiclass Barbarian/Priest (Shaman) lose passives (FIXED) Wizard/Druid/Priest 'aggressive' AI preset will mainly auto attack (FIXED) Mercenary Wizard is currently listed as a dwarf and gains 'Hale and Hardy' but visually is a Human UI: (FIXED) Some menus are cut off in certain resolutions (FIXED) All tooltips regarding Action Speed, Recovery Time, and Reload Time are incorrect (Don't trust them) (FIXED) HUD elements may flicker/phase out of existence after a save/load cycle (FIXED) Adra Pillar in Poko Kohara disappears after Save/Load (FIXED) Player character portrait doesn't fill red to show damage after Save/Load (FIXED) Loading Error that kicks to the Main Menu transitioning after Save/Load Spells and Abilities: (FIXED) Spell Levels in Ability Trees and Grimoires do not match (FIXED) Bull's Will Passive can be obtained twice for Multiclass Players Miscellaneous: (FIXED) Off screen Character Position Portraits all display the 5th slot party member (FIXED) Animation controller issue with Blights and Spores. If you Knock Down/Up either of these enemies they will be put into a bad state and combat will not end. (FIXED) Players can obtain infinite money or debt by buying hammer and chisels from Vektor Combat: (FIXED) Mule Kick makes enemies untargettable and stuck in combat (FIXED) Enemies sometimes duplicate on save/load (FIXED) Weapon Recovery speeds are inconsistent (FIXED) Skeleton Sorcerers attack themselves in Poko Kohara (FIXED) Weapon Focus Barbarian ability is combat only (Currently being worked on) (FIXED) Kith (humanoid) enemies will sometimes attack themselves KNOWN ISSUES IN THE CURRENT BACKER BETA These issues are still a priority for us, but there is only so much time in a day and we didn't want to keep you all waiting any longer. All Platforms: Mercenary Priest level up summary has much larger text than other characters Items can be duplicated in rest menu 'Broodmother's Fury' Loading an autosave before starting the quest will block the quest from turn in at end Some machines may crash when quitting to the Main Menu from within the game The Game doesn't boot in native resolution after installation Ranger 'Ghostheart' summoned spirit companions will sometimes blend into the background Chanter will not have audio for their abilities (Chants or invocations) Linux: Loading a save outside of Tikawara and returning to Tikawara will open Character Creation Encounter between Ravine and Tikawara reappears New Game takes forever to launch character creation Mac: Crash when loading an encounter autosave from a different scene New Game takes forever to launch character creation
  21. The new split of damage from Might to Strength and Resolve doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Why not add Spell damage to Intelligence, since it is such a staple spellcaster stat in most roleplaying games, and move Duration or Area Increase from Int to Resolve. This could be explained that your character's strong presence/willpower amplifies the effectiveness/duration of effects or extends to a larger area. I think these stat changes would be more roleplay friendly and would still make all stats desirable and useful.
  22. Another live stream today at 4 PM PST (2 AM East Europe timezone). https://twitter.com/WorldofEternity/status/941055183517130752 Sneak peek of the new beta update.
  23. What! More fixes, We've fixed a bunch of issues (well mainly BMac). If everything goes alright we will push the 3.04 live for all the enjoy sometime next week. Any other serious issues that come up will be addressed (Kraken having 0 DR) but other than that this will be it for the foreseeable future. A huge thanks to everyone for your feedback and testing, you 'heroes' know who you are. Keep the feedback coming, we will be reviewing the feedback answers up until the patch goes live for the contest. Winners will be announced a few days after. Bug Fixes; - Sul attacking her own pride during 'The Old Queen and the New King' - Cliant Lis traps not functioning - The Unlabored Blade Firebug proc not functioning - Breath VFX originating from adventurers hand - Tooltip for Sabre +20% is missing item mod 468 - Nyry the Deft Hand not granting Cape of the Cheat to base game - Characters sometimes being stuck in Elmshore adra pillar - Stun on crit weapon mod duration is unaffected by graze/hit/crit - Party AI sometimes runs to undiscovered enemies - Chanter, One Dozen Stood... phrase not reducing Frightened and Terrified - Fighter, Clear Out causing Blights to stop attacking Always a pleasure - Sking Build: v3.04.1158 [update: 10/27] - Kraken DR is set to 8 from 0 Build: V3.04 1165
  24. Hey you (bunch of inquisitive gamers) 3.04 is going into Beta tomorrow 10/4. This patch will have quite a few fixes and 1 balance change. We will be having some sweet prizes for people that participate in the Beta. We will announce the prizes and what you can do to get them tomorrow with the Beta. Here are the complete Patch Notes
  25. 3.03 Beta Update 'On Hit' weapon procs now function correctly. Fixed multiple issues with companions auto-level up (thanks Hamskii). Fixed an issue where characters would stay invisible when using Cape of the Master Mystic. Added a missing hatchet (thanks nem0).
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