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  1. I'm assuming "Final Patch" does not include minor patches to fix bugs that might have been introduced.
  2. Odd this video wasn't posted on Obsidian's own YT channel. Seems like that would be a good idea.
  3. Trickling out shipments like this leads me to suspect a cash flow problem. Oh, well. I, too, gave Obsidian the benefit of the doubt given their excellent fulfillment record with PoE. Won't be making that mistake again.
  4. "The end of the year..."? So, it's going to take another five months for all the physical rewards to ship?
  5. I doubt this is really a bug. More likely I'm just missing something obvious... but I can't seem to add a menagerie or captain's cabin upgrade to any of my ships. I buy the upgrade and drag it over to the appropriate slot on the ship. It asks if I want to save, I say yes, and nothing happens. The upgrade isn't applied and goes right back into my inventory. What's up?
  6. It isn't necessary to disable it for all games. Just right-click on PoE2 in the games list, select "properties", and from the General tab uncheck "Enable the Steam overlay in game".
  7. Turning off the Steam overlay fixes it for me as well. Bit annoying since I like using the built-in frame counter, but there's always Fraps.
  8. I'm using full screen. I've tried switching to windowed and turning off both "cage cursor" and "screen edge scrolling". Doesn't seem to make a difference. In case it matters, I'm running a dual-monitor setup. The game is running only in one monitor at 1920x1200.
  9. We may be talking about somewhat different problems. To be clear, I don't have the "dozen clicks" issue. What I'm seeing is that the game will frequently (but not always) fail to register a click the first time, but it will work after 2-3 tries. This can happen in dialog select boxes, inventory, the character menus, wherever. Attaching my latest log in case it helps. output_log.txt
  10. Because resources aren't infinite and the game has to release eventually. Ultimately, it's hard to disagree with prioritizing bug fixing over combat balance, and based on their track record with PoE1 I'm confident they'll address it.
  11. Except the people releasing the game who would probably rather not be fielding a flood of support requests and working on emergency patches over the weekend.
  12. I don't know but I'm worried that Deadfire won't fair too well. There's far too many big titles coming out in May and it ends up looking like a poor decision on Obsidian's part. Then again, June has even more great games releasing so I guess it's a do or die situation. You really are Mr. Positive, aren't you?
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