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  1. A Steam Windows desktop shortcut has no hi-res icon it seems. Although not a critical issue, it would be good to see a beautiful icon!
  2. Tested some cases. output_logs.zip 1. windowed mode clicks mostly not working 2. fullscreen mode same as above 3. disabled the Steam Overlay same as above 4. switching between the English IME and the Korean IME (using alt + left shift) No problem only when switching to the English IME, at least in a short period --- I hope this bug is fixed soon!
  3. 1. A brief summary of the bug. Most click failed to interact with Game UI. 2. A screen shot of the bug. YouTube: 3. Detailed steps of how to reproduce the bug. 1) Start the game 2) Click 4. A save file from before the bug occurred.* None 5. An output.log file.** See an attached file output_log.txt
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