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  1. The ranger's ability of Evasive Fire is something that can be easily abused in the turn-based mode. With 8 bond a Ranger can get off 9 shots in the opening round (1 from their Action point, and 8 from using Evasive Fire). I think a simple solution to this would be to make the shot gained from using Evasive Fire only occur on the first usage of the ability each round. This way you'll gain the benefit of 1 extra shot and the mobility aspect, but you can't just kill off a bunch of guys by spamming it
  2. I've noticed that since the turn-based mode became live that when I first log in to the game my party moves extremely fast. It's even faster than fast mode. After about a minute or two of moving around it eventually slows down to normal. Related to this, if one character is effected by a slow movement effect, the entire party will then walk until the effect wears off the one character. This is all while out of combat.
  3. This is admittedly a very minor thing, but it can be misleading to annoying. While using the Turn-Based combat, just about every time I mouse over a target to check the chance to hit the character makes their comment about it not going to work. They'll say this even in cases where there's a 100% chance to hit and they'll be doing 130% damage. Not sure what the criteria is for them to say their comment, but it doesn't seem to make sense in a lot of the cases.
  4. This one is kind of interesting and more just a minor nuisance. Every time I click Continue on my game Vatnir is moved to the far right party position. I usually keep him in the middle slot, but every startup, there he is again in the far right.
  5. I've checked that Ishiza's AI is set to aggressive, Maia's also set to aggressive and her full AI is turned on, yet Ishiza won't attack anyone unless I select him and tell him to attack. Once that opponent is down, he just sits there with ". . ." icon next to him.
  6. I am also seeing this occur. It's happened every time I've logged in to play the last 3 days. Today it became a bit more severe with locking the character portraits on the screen when I went to start sailing around the map. Seems to only clear up with a complete exit of the game.
  7. I was going through another play through and got to the point where I was assaulting Arkemyr's Manor. I noticed that every fight I had with the Ironclad Constructs they would show the icon that they're going to cast their flame ability. And that's where they'd sit. They'd stop moving, stop attacking, and just stand there with the cast icon until I beat them down.
  8. I've been trying to figure out a way to create an AI behavior for summoning creatures. The problem I run in to is my character will cast another summon when the previous summon is active, which then removes the previous summon for the new one. I need a way to create a condition where if there's an existing summon, they won't cast a new one. I've tried using "Not Has Summoned Weapon", "Animal Companion is not Active". I don't want to just use a timer setting because the summon could be killed off early. Anyone have ideas or found a conditional combination that works for this setup?
  9. I wonder if this is the issue I'm having with combat where my characters are spamming a single ability constantly. I watched my rogue archer trying to cast Withering Strike constantly. The recovery timer would complete and then just restart again. I never saw her actually go through the ability cast time. So in the end, my rogue did nothing in combat except try to use a single ability. I had my warrior stuck trying to cast the change stance ability to use Conqueror Stance. He was doing the same thing my rogue was doing, standing there trying to use a single ability. My wizard (Fassina) is repeating the phrase "death to my enemies" endlessly during combats (at least I think it's her doing it). There's maybe a 2 second delay before she says it again. Also, like the other characters, I saw her repeat trying to cast Rot Skulls. All of these skills are setup in the Behavior AI with cooldowns set on them. It pretty much means I can only play the game so long as I don't enter combat right now.
  10. Just noticed another bug related to combat after 1.2 patch, one of my characters has the option to use the modal of Imbued Ammunition even though the character that has that weapon isn't in the party.
  11. Issues I've come across so far with the 1.2 patch: Behavior Editor You can no longer select abilities in the windows. You can click all you want in the window, nothing happens. You can't even scroll the window. Issue I've had since prior to 1.2 is if you right click on an ability in the selection window, the text from the window behind it bleeds through, making the detail ability information unreadable Combat I've noticed that on occasion my characters get locked up and just stand there. I just watched my rogue standing there with an ability icon she's going to use, the recovery timer counts down, and then restarts. I saw it happen 3 times. I also saw that my warrior was trying to change his stance. He just stood there with the stance icon without doing anything else. Again, his timer just kept restarting.
  12. I normally don't pay attention to the forums of anything, but thought this one was important to be a part of so it gained notice. I just leveled up my character and went to setup her new ability, when low and behold I experienced this behavior window bug that everyone else is reporting. This is a major issue as I heavily use the behavior editor. Until this is fixed it's virtually pointless to level up my characters as they won't be using any new abilities I give them. Very surprised to see a bug of this size being pushed to the live version. On a related note, prior to this patch I also had a more minor issue with the behavior editor. When opening the window to select an ability, if I right clicked it in the window to see the detailed information on it, the new window would have the text from the previous window bleed through it, making the new window unreadable.
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