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  1. @Boeroer Somewhat off-topic: Was Essence Interrupter finally fixed ? Last time I checked it still suffered from the loot bug.
  2. Thank you! I think I'll wait for the complete package then... I hope it will come soon!
  3. @Elric Galad Thanks for the effort. Your mod looks interesting and I would like to try it, but I don't understand how it relates to the community patch mod. Does it include all the changes already in the CP, save from stuff that you overrode? Do I have to load both of them in sequence? How about the unique icons mod?
  4. Hi @Boeroer. Do you think this build could be viable for a solo PotD run ? How would you deal with those pesky ranged enemies ?
  5. It doesn't. Plague of Insects and Venombloom are not keyworded as poison for the purpose of PL.
  6. It's strange. It happened again the other day during the fight against Sissak. Character wasn't charmed but had still the Ring of Reset equipped. As for now, the only thing noticeable is that it happens during FS.
  7. I could not infer it from the combat log: it simply said "X is dead. X left the party" (I did not look accurately though). Besides, it happened only to a specific character (SC Barbarian, adventurer). In the same fight another character died normally. It may be related to the Ring of Reset, that was equipped by the character who died without injuries. After the second try the ring started to work properly, resurrecting my Barbarian without problems.
  8. Bump. Permadeath without injuries happened to me 2 times in a row today during the frightened child fight in FS. No Grog equipped. Version 5.0.
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