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  1. Did this bug get fixed in 5.0? I have no time to play now and sadly I can't check it myself...
  2. Sorry for necroposting, but I'm wondering if there's a way to kill Lueva Alvari without aggroing the whole VTC headquarters in the process, thus failing many VTC quests. As far as I know, even if I side with Director Castol, Lueva Alvari gets simply exiled and disappears from the game...
  3. The same happens with rods (e.g. Watershaper's Focus): they do piercing damage to stuff (e.g. Sigils) that is immune to pierce, instead of doing slash damage.
  4. I killed Hamuto a few weeks ago and no one aggroed me except his friends. There's an option during the conversation to scare some of his allies off though and I did that, so maybe that's what avoided the confrontation with the whole brass citadel.
  5. Well, underpen it's 30% less damage if I'm not mistaken (on PotD every Imbue:Fireball ends up underpenetrating). Besides if you're going to multi-class, you won't have access to Imbue:Death Ring. And as far I know even Imbue:Web doesn't scale properly (the ACC of the pulses does not go up with levels). Anyway of course AA is still playable and fun. I didn't mean to exacerbate the problem.
  6. Sadly it's still bugged. I really hope it's going to get fixed soon because the lack of PEN hampers Arcane Archer's AoE damage capabilities a lot on PotD.
  7. I took "Ben Fidel's Neck Was Exposed" and I have also a Trickster/Beguiler in the party, so I'd say yes. Thanks again!
  8. BTW, somewhat off-topic: what are the best upgrades for The Willbreaker ? I'm playing a Devoted-Skald focused on Fortitude debuffing and crits. Do I go for the +25% miss-to-hit ratio and +10% hit-to-crit or down on the Resolve afflictions route? The first option looks more solid, but I have never extensively used The Willbreaker, so...
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