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Hi. I'm having a lot of difficulties finding a build that works for Serafen as a melee Witch. I tried to follow the tips I've read on some posts in this forum, but I'm struggling to keep the guy alive. Basically, as soon as I let him engage, he gets focused down and dies in no time, even if I cast Borrowed Instincts or Body Attunement before going into the fight. 

I'm playing on PotD with Community Patch and Balance Polishing Mod. Serafen is currently on level 14 and the rest of the party is around level 14-15. 

I took all the defensive abilities I could (Thick Skinned, Savage Defiance, Body Attunement, Psychovampiric Shield and so on...). He's equipped with Amra (two handed battle axe) and the Fleshmender armor.

Do you guys have any advice? Do I have to put him in heavier armor? Could anyone who enjoyed Serafen as Witch share the exact build he used?

I can't decide if I'm playing him the wrong way (I treat him as melee flanker) or if I built/equipped him incorrectly. 

Thank you!

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Fleshmender's AR is too low. Put him into heavy(er) armor like Devil of Caroc or Bloody Links or even Brigandine/Plate. Even 1 point of AR can make a big difference, 2 or 3 are huge leaps in survivability. The Fleshmender's regeneration can't compete with higher AR if you get attacked frequently.

Also use Savage/Stalwart Defiance.  

I like to use mind control like Whisper of Treason etc. against enemies who attack the Witch. Works very well if you are wielding clubs + modal or The Willbreaker.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Echoing what @Boeroersaid. Bloody Links > Magnera’s Chain works great for him. Both have pirate flavor, and he starts in mail, so it fits thematically. Daze is also a huge survivability boost for him, so Mind Plague or leap can help. (Or have another party member lay it down). 

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