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  1. the frostseeker bow. should I upgrade it at all then? once I am able to get it? and the essense bow? what specific upgrades improve that weapon these days since the game is now 5.0? later in the day.... well gave the game about a week. time to move on to other things.. turn based is so buggy and real time I just cannot seem to grasp it. more aggrivating then fun here. thanks all for the input and advice. safe travels!
  2. So am noticing that sometimes when I go to attack someone that my player will start to walk towards them and just begin to walk back in forth in the same spot. wasting their walk. was or is there a fix for this?
  3. possibly something for someone wanting to play an ice mage? scepter or wand maybe a rod, rings, amulet that either increase power lvls or ice dmg. and if there's already something on the wiki I could look up for something like those items, please point me in that direction. maybe in my old age am just not seeing it there.. thank you
  4. So many questions. So little time:) So made a ranger class then went arcane ranger. will adding points into arcana help as an arcane ranger? and if using the frostseeker bow, will the missle skill use the 3 shots you get from the bow?
  5. so if I got ahold of the Essense Interupter, should I then upgrade it to Electrical Conduit. and is it worth putting any skill points into Metaphysics to increase the shock dmg? by the way love this game so far.. what astory line. keeps me on my toes. you never know whats around the next corner. I did get the frostseeker but I just don't know maybe when Its upgraded it will be stronger...
  6. played the first pillars of eternity many many moons ago, as a stormcaller ranger and loved it. So I went and bought pillars 2 this week but really not seeing something close to the storm caller build. going turn based on this play through. and suggestions? Like the archer aspect and rogue type abilities. sneaky ranger type.. using a pet. being able to disarm traps and such.
  7. Trying out the Stormcaller build and going to have eder, myself, the cipher( for the great debuffs), durance, aloth and the druid ( for the lightening). Through most of the game. Should I remove someone from said group an add a rogue? an which of the awesome rogue builds here would you suggest? Don't know if only having 1 tank will be enough, could swap out aloth for the off tank rogue maybe? Also is there a way to change the color of your clothing? while ingame? maybe missing something so simple. Don't really have anyone thats good at trap find or sneak. eder with atl, and survival. myself wi
  8. So, trying out the bilestomper build. And wondering how important it is to take the followers with me. they just seem to get in the way. only missing 1 and want to just have them hang out at my stronghold mostly. With this build I pretty much don't need them. but will I miss anything game important without them? Also what triggers the stronghold quests? building it is been slow. have gotten father teeth and a cloak quest so far. still havin trouble getting the diving helmet and bracers of power. any help would be great thank you.
  9. so I had a thought about this build. could I somehow be more stealthy? what I am getting at is you stealth in close to a mob and wham.. corrode spell and watch em melt.. maybe even toss a nice melty trap right before you get to them? well would like to try this solo is why I thought of the stealth. But as I have been playing further into the game am liking some of the other team mates ..laughs... so will stay the course for now maybe when I have completed my first playthrough will try something with more stealth. Even now with 0 stealth am able to get pretty close, drop a posion trap an then w
  10. so I had a thought about this build. could I somehow be more stealthy? what I am getting at is you stealth in close to a mob and wham.. corrode spell and watch em melt.. maybe even toss a nice melty trap right before you get to them? but looking at Skills: Stealth 0, Athl. 9, Lore 4, Mech. 10, Surv. 5 I dunno if or what I could remove to give me that stealthy look and still be able to keep my mech at 10? any wearable items maybe?
  11. So got pillers of eternity back in Dec. Played it for a couple weeks off an on. but was a little disappointed in that alot of the cool items were late game material. and also rl took hold so had to stop playing till now. My question was or is, whats a good starter build to follow here? I like the trap finding and ranged stuff as well as the magic aspect of the game.
  12. started on the stormcaller build and was wondering at what level I should try to go for the twin sting? looks like it is something that can only be gotten when the game is almost over. atm just got the stormcaller bow not even completed defiance city yet. but about jalfway through the questline in the city. just wondering if the story/game carriesover and I ould use the twin sting on next playthrough. for now going to use the bow and enjoy the game. go go lightning gadjet lol
  13. had a question about the resolve stat on this build. Is it that important to keep it at 10 or could I drop it down to it's lowest number and add those points into dex for a quicker cast time? maybe this way? mig 18 con 15 dex 12 per 12 int 18 res 3
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