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  1. So got pillers of eternity back in Dec. Played it for a couple weeks off an on. but was a little disappointed in that alot of the cool items were late game material. and also rl took hold so had to stop playing till now. My question was or is, whats a good starter build to follow here? I like the trap finding and ranged stuff as well as the magic aspect of the game.
  2. started on the stormcaller build and was wondering at what level I should try to go for the twin sting? looks like it is something that can only be gotten when the game is almost over. atm just got the stormcaller bow not even completed defiance city yet. but about jalfway through the questline in the city. just wondering if the story/game carriesover and I ould use the twin sting on next playthrough. for now going to use the bow and enjoy the game. go go lightning gadjet lol
  3. had a question about the resolve stat on this build. Is it that important to keep it at 10 or could I drop it down to it's lowest number and add those points into dex for a quicker cast time? maybe this way? mig 18 con 15 dex 12 per 12 int 18 res 3
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