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  1. As for BPM, I still think that Enfeebled on Fractured Volition is way too strong for the tier level, especially on a cipher with basically unlimited resources. For other (sub)classes it comes either pretty late or is the main feature.
  2. I tried that a while back. If I remember correctly, Sun and Moon only triggers it once. Also AoE weapons didn't work back then too.
  3. Okay tried it. Sap works on party members/ on Cipher. Not sure why I never tried it on my own Cipher. Really nice. Now I have another way to use Antipathetic Field in Boss fights. Thanks for the input in this thread. I think I understand now why it did not work on summon in the past: it is because once you use Sap on a friendly target, the target still has a green circle and not a yellow one, even though it technically is confused. This also means that your sapped Cipher will not suffer from friendly fire, which is very nice tbh.
  4. Could a Rogue Sap the Cipher? Never tried it. Worth a try. I tried to use Sap on a Summon once to see if I could use Antipathetic Field on the Summon afterwards, but this didn't worked.
  5. Pretty much this. For Antipathetic Field (and Mindblades) to be effective "at will" in bossfights you need someone to generate targets on the opposite site of the boss with stuff like Magran's Belt. Also Flail Modal comes in handy here. As for recasting Death of a 1000 Cuts: It just triggers the instant damage effect of the spell and increases the duration. Not really worth it. You can extend the duration by other means. Death of a 1000 Cuts is also nice to give Disintegration and Soul Ignition some immediate impact. Fast spamming Death of a 1000 Cuts against a horde of enemies is pretty easy thanks to Time Parasite. In cases were you face only one or just a few foes: That's where Magran's Belt comes into play again. It generates targets for Time Parasite too; thus Blade Cascade is not really necessary to let you spam shred spells. Obviously a Frostseeker Build or any melee crit monk build can spawn tons of adds with the belt. As an single class Ascendant you really want to bring a Priest, someone who debuffs Fort via Willbreaker and someone who abuses the Belt to it's fullest. Maia as single class ranger is perfect for this with Twinned Arrows. She also brings Enfeebled to the table. Against Bosses: Death of a 1000 Cuts + Disintegration + Antipathetic Field (+ Mindblades) Against 2-3 foes: Death of a 1000 Cuts + Mindblades Against > 3 foes: Death of a 1000 Cuts + Silent Scream Death of a 1000 Cuts is always the catalyst. As for Mindblades, you can influence the numbers of enemies with WoT and/ or Ringleader (same is true for Temporal Cocoon); thus increasing the impact by reducing the number of active foes. Single class Cipher (especially Ascendant subclass) is such a flexible an fun class. EDIT: Death of a 1000 Cuts it also a super nice counter spell thanks to interrupt on hit.
  6. True. As for Priests, Death Godlike is another viable alternative for even more PL stacking in combination with BDD. Priests of Breath have an easier time here though thanks to easy self same with Touch of Rot. Of course everything fails to shine compared to Deltro's Cage Helm, but we're getting into godhood territory here. As for the more support oriented route, I think it's overall more beneficial to go for Nature or Death Godlike.
  7. They actually can by using Concelhaut's Crushing Doom. Anyway, nice build. Multiclass Priest's are very potent with the Weyc's Stuff. I especially like to abuse the robe in combination with SoT to give the whole party permanent Brilliant. It a shame this stuff comes rather late.
  8. In my opinion it's not really fair to give ALL ciphers the advantage of the most powerful affliction in the game that early. That would totally undermine the main hook of some (sub-)classes. If anything, Enfeebled could be added to Haunting Chain. This would at least limit it to single class ciphers and would finally turn this previously underpowered and underused ability into a worthwhile consideration.
  9. A spell that I tend to use with Least Unstable Coil is Concelhaut's Crushing Doom. Didn't know Missile Salvo works too, because I seldomly play single class wizards.
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