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  1. True. As for Priests, Death Godlike is another viable alternative for even more PL stacking in combination with BDD. Priests of Breath have an easier time here though thanks to easy self same with Touch of Rot. Of course everything fails to shine compared to Deltro's Cage Helm, but we're getting into godhood territory here. As for the more support oriented route, I think it's overall more beneficial to go for Nature or Death Godlike.
  2. They actually can by using Concelhaut's Crushing Doom. Anyway, nice build. Multiclass Priest's are very potent with the Weyc's Stuff. I especially like to abuse the robe in combination with SoT to give the whole party permanent Brilliant. It a shame this stuff comes rather late.
  3. It does not work with Relentless Storm. At least it did not the last time I tested it.
  4. In my opinion it's not really fair to give ALL ciphers the advantage of the most powerful affliction in the game that early. That would totally undermine the main hook of some (sub-)classes. If anything, Enfeebled could be added to Haunting Chain. This would at least limit it to single class ciphers and would finally turn this previously underpowered and underused ability into a worthwhile consideration.
  5. A spell that I tend to use with Least Unstable Coil is Concelhaut's Crushing Doom. Didn't know Missile Salvo works too, because I seldomly play single class wizards.
  6. The Cipher could just switch the trinket back and forth, couldn't he? What's your plan to prevent that?
  7. While I agree with your statement, I think that sometimes preserving the feeling of awesomeness is just as important as swinging the nerf hammer. The main problem of Blade Cascade is the ability to exploit it heavily. Limiting the number of attacks is a good idea to solve this problem. The number of attacks are debatable. Doesn't need to be 10 attacks. Just sayin' that with a higher number of attacks than 3 one could still keep the picture of a cascade of attacks or being on a "killing spree" intact.
  8. While I agree that something needs to be done about Scordeo's Edge, I think nerfing Blade Cascade to a limit of 3 attacks would also make it feel a lot less impactful and therefore a lot less fun. And that's the fun thing about this weapon: watching a cascade of attacks. I guess limiting the enchant to something like 10 (or 9 or 7) attacks (if this is, like you said, even possible) would be enough to make it a lot less exploitable while keeping the "fun" feeling associated with using this weapon intact.
  9. I'm with dunehunter here. In my humble opinion, having 4 sec base (!) recovery time after using Sworn Enemy for a tiny bit of damage is in many regards worse than even base Sworn Enemy or it's updates, which all have zero recovery time. And it was exactly the zero recovery time which, lined up with other attacks, gave it that nice bursty feel in POE I.
  10. Doesn't strike me as logical. A Harvester of Gaun casting Light of Eothas makes much more sense than for example a Follower of Skaen casting it.
  11. Can we talk about some of the companion subclasses? Two examples that bother me the most: Frermàs mes Canc Suolias: Wrath of the Five Suns is just not worth 2 Zeal and it's better to just use 2 FoD's instead. The scaling is just bad for a multi-projectile-ability without projectile-count-scaling. Imo it needs to scale MUCH better with PL to compensate for this RP related design flaw or at the very least the Zeal cost has to be reduced to 1. Also, being locked out of Sworn Enemy and Brand Enemy is another severe disadvantage. Harvester of Gaun: Why the Hel () is this the only Priest-
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