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  1. So starting a new run is always fun, have some ideas and gonna lay em out and see if anyone has any input on stuff. First off some rules for this post: The run will be on PotD I will most probably use the Community Patch (for fun) I will be playing in Turn-Based Mode, NON-NEGOTIABLE =P I know the game isn't optimized for it and so on but I just have more fun with it so please go easy on that part I am fond of Single classes even though I know Multis can be stronger, just a fun preference for me although I can consider them if given good reasons I will probably not use companions
  2. Cool answers! Sadly attack speed matters less since I go Turn-Based at all times (yes I am one of those). I know the game isn't made for it but I just love turn-based games since I was a kid and I feel so-so about RTwP. I do think the game works fine in TB though
  3. Did a test wih a Cipher lvl20 and a Monk lvl19Remember that I play on Turn-Based and it is the only mode I care aboutMonk with fists had 30-43 on both hands with an Acc of 106 on both. (Penetration 15 which is less important due to Reaping having Raw Damage)With Reaping Knives damage 23-31 with 104 Acc on bothThe focus gain to the CIpher seems to be 5 focus per attack (so 10 for full) so the advertised 30% focus seems to be... off...Abilities that uses Full/Primary attack seems to follow the above focus rule from what I can gatherSo as I see it the advantage is that it being Raw Damage and the
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