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  1. Note that every weapon ability or spell work like Thunderous Report : dragon's Breath from Dragon's Dowry, Searing Seal from Ngati's Tusk, Garland's Breath from Frostseeker, Storm Rune Shot from Thundercrack Pistol (wich, coupled with Overload, can paralize also) and the great Witting Wind from Amira's Wing with his huge area. I dont know for the Deltro's Cage Retentless storm or the Seven Bolt mantle bouncing shock wave, but I dont think so since it is not relied to the weapon. So with 2 or 3 weapons slots (with the giftbearer's cloth for exemple) you can generate focus very fast many time, u
  2. For the blob I've seen a youtube video of Thelee who constantly interupt him, very nice exploitation of some game mechanics to control him, I mean it is just like blob was always paralized.
  3. Oh, there is some people here who are very familiar with the game, what kind of advice do you expect?
  4. By the way, do you think if you use Perplexing Sap on other party member , like a wizard or druid, you are able to confuse every enemies with AoE spells?
  5. You can also use a priest of Woedica, with writ of sorcery, but it is not a good idea for casters (disabling spell casting) . However, there is a poison, fugue spore, that an acurate friend could be inoculate to you, or a rogue can use Sap on you , I think
  6. Because even if they can be suspended, they cant't be cleared, no? And , AndreaColombo, to clarify my remarks, I didn't critic your mod or the way to different people play the game, but that was just my opinion about stacking bonus, precisely rest bonus, that can give totale immunity to every affliction and incredibles other bonus when they stack. That is why I quote a part of your sentence just before and I spoke about semi-god-like, nothing else!
  7. I don't know, that prevent you from arcane dampener and arcane cleans, I mean the permanent mod, and AndreaColombo said " get any food bonus you want, whenever you want", so I spoke about cheesing for those raisons. I didn't say stacking game bonus to consistent bonus (especialy for solo) is cheating.
  8. I agree with you, the PODT difficulty is designed for those who control the game mecanics and search an harder chanllenge than easy mod provide, and make use of your skill, your adaptability, your knowledge, party composition, etc ; beat some "pain ennemies" with strategie and risk reward yourself, not only yours characters. This is the same thing about brilliant + salvation of time+ barring door : brilliant is very useful for some encounters, SoT is helpful also, and barring death is so even salutary, but the combinaison between brilliant and SoT (and barring death and other buffs) is a che
  9. I really enjoy my sorcerer : — conjurer / fury nature godlike with the lance of the midwood stag , generic +4PL all the time (upon casting the conjurer familiar, fleet feets, and Woodskin or form of the demelgan), great CC build dammaging in the same time ; — forbidden first / skald with aldris blade and tuotilos palm, very fast tanker able to great dammages and control
  10. This is not a build, but a great synergie with solo or multiclassed monk : the Sun and Moon hit twice, for a small amount of damages but a small chance to repeat the attack ; swift flurry and heartbeat drumming give anothe and greater chance to repeat the attack on crit ; the heaven cacophony give Avenging storm. With the high intellect from turning wheel and the higher crit chance from one handed weapon, the weapon of the monk is like a Great Maelstrom Hand with crush, fire, shock and freeze damages, very often in murdering cascade . This is great to see suddenly a big column of numbers
  11. oh yes, forget this I accidentally play that test with the speed button on and I didn't realise! Whatever that doesn't help for the ultimate..
  12. in parentheses Boeroer, as a huge fan of barbarian and blood thirst, finish a fight with this triggering passive don't clear it, juste comme ça.
  13. Work also with the druid' great maelstrom, like magician' pl9 meteors and salvo missiles, for solo classes. I try differents things and with a cipher, detonation against a near death ennemie surround by anothers ones is going to trigger as much inspiration than the number of ennemies hit by the explosion, that give a tactical dimension to use the empowored point. As a druid, twin stones may give you many inspirations , 3 au maximum with my tests, but the real star is venombloom, triggering all the inspirations (as long as there are enough ennemies) and refreshing every 6 secondes like th
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