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  1. The ability Spellbane is attached to the Spellbane ranged attack, that deal 10-15 corrode damage (4pen) and inflict (vs will) the status effect Spellbane, that proc on spell cast the Spellbane melee attack (melee is not meaning that cause a melee attack but more than a self cast thing like a modal) that seems interrupt but only with 50% chance. This last effect is weird : about the effect, this is a similar code for the Mage Slayer status effect (but with a TriggeronEvent thing, so only one time for Spellbane, and for 0.25chance *4 at max for the Mge Slayer Spell Disruption vs 50% chance only one time? for Spellbane). But the effect of the Mage Slayer proc another Status effect that proc the similar MeleeAttack (interrupt as self autohit on launching spell) while the Spellbane is writed differently - the status effect proc the meleeattack without the intermediary of a second SE. I dont know wh but the Engwithan hierarchs only appears 1 time so maybe their spell disruption attack dont work and nobody saw that before you?
  2. Venombloom do 3 hit rolls per pulse, it is very good while energized. With enought arcana, scrolls of Fan of Flames and Hand of Weal and Woe are pretty useful in this purpose too, 1 possible crit per 1s for everyone in the path is a cray CC for enemies.
  3. Maybe once the spell was launched you gain some PL ? Abilities and spells are dynamically affected by PL, this is why Eld Nary is very nice for Bellower.
  4. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/128919-list-of-some-way-to-increase-dots-damages/ This old topic can give you some ideas, for your character and your party, maybe.
  5. Honestly I think the best build around FastSwitching between Sasha's Scimitar and Thundercrack Pistol is a Nazpalca - Troubadour : 3 weapon sets (1 Sasha's Scimitar/ Outworn Bucket -2 Thundercrack Pistol / Lethandria's Devotion -3 Engoliero do Espirs) All defensive passifs - Turning Blade - Enduring Dance - Flagellant's Path - Soul Mirror - Rooting Pain // Together They Slew - At the Sight - Thick Grew - the Long Night - Many Lives So the AI is scripted to switche between the two first sets and include a sequence to refresh Turning Blade (or manually, it is more easy to deal with SoT). Since you dont move, Turning Blade will not break. If you have to move for some reason, Flagellant 's Path doesnt break the Turning Blade. You gain wounds from Nazpalca and Enduring Dance and spend some ones to use Turning Blade so that can trigger Routing Pain AoE. Enemies around you are either "stunned" or trying to hit you (but the attacks are redirected vs the enemies themself). If you are drug crashed (Arcane Dampener for ex), you can use the AI to heal you with Engoliero do Espirs (Ravenous Soul Devorer) : the CON bonus or malus, while switching, will adjuste your health and, by consequence, heal you even if you are drug crashed/enfeebled. For the chanter side, the list of chant depend of your playstyle (so your party) and the Charming invocation is pretty nasty when there is too much mobs. They also are going to benefit from Sasha's Scimitar aura, to begin also devastating. For attributes, you need Con- Int- Per.
  6. Another form of riposte or buffing/debuffing-damaging aura, that is the idea yes. If there is a paladin in the party, the flame shield he can provide as Darcozzy, or with a SC priest with Spark of the Souls etc the chanter can be good in melee without any movement. Also, MC with a monk (the int bonus is always good for chanter and aura in generaly) with Blade Turning (prolonged by a priest) and Soul Mirror with some retaliation items (Violet Redemption, Champion's Helm etc) could be nice, these ripostes can also proc Swift Flurry and Heartbeam Drumming.
  7. Following the first topic about "Fast Switching shield" and from the discovery @tackthumb find (in the comments of the second link, below) There is two weapons you can switch between them to create a "breaking loop", the first as buff for your party, and the second as most powerful CC effect for enemies with shield or meidum/heavy armor. Of course, some other weapons could be great for fast switching character, but these ones are certainly the most impressives. For AI script: Have weapon set 1 and weapon set 2 with the weapons or schield you want to switch between. Then, if you set up a script with whatever trigger (e.g.you have a Constitution affliction, set to NO) that simply switches between weapon sets all the time (gets executed per game loop - so several times per second). (from @Boeroer explanation in the first topic, below) * The first weapon is restricted to Chanter, it is Sasha'S Singing Scimitar with the enchantment Companion's Prelude. According to the Wiki description, Aura: 2% stacking Action Speed bonus for each held Chanter Phrase). The Action Speed bonus is working on current action for them in the aura. That mean, for each Scimitar switch, the bonus is applied and cut the action time for the party (the weapon animation like the reload move for Arbalest is not skipped however). So with a chanter who constantly switch between these weapon sets the party will benefit from chant + scimitar buff. Multiclassed with a rogue to riposte when attacked, with some armor like Blackened Plate Armor or Kāhako Nihi, etc, used to link an Ectopsychic Echo or Dimensional Shift, summoning many lives skellies, etc, this character locked is not unactive of course. * The second weapon can be used by anyone, and he dont need to be locked for the whole fight : Thundercrack Pistol with the enchantment Charged Field (Aura (excludes self): -10% Action Speed, -5 Melee Accuracy (if a shield, medium armor, or heavy armor is equipped). So however have one of these items is instantly "stunned" by an indefinitely extended recovery time (like for Strand of Favor, +10% recovery time each time the AI switche to the pistol give quickly some absurd numbers). It is also doable in solo run because once you have "charged" enemies for some IRL minutes, you are free to stop the AI script and take a regular weapon : enemies will stay charged for a long time. This is a nice way to try some stuffs on some bosses. To illustrate my point, Dorudugan was locked down after his first hit against my lvl13 party, for the test. Too bad none of my characters could hit him because their too low level, and after some minutes IRL of Fast Switching Weapon, my character with the Thundercrack Pistol did stop the AI script : Dorudugan was stopped for at less one hour IRL at this point. Of course, not everyone are concerned by the conditions, but be careful to not have a character in your party with one of them, or you should wait - with no way to know how many time. Berath and Eothas have an armor by the way, so technically a level 1 watcher with any Miss-to-graze item can kill them... Link mentionned on top of the topic :
  8. Yes you dont need Blackjacket, and for this trick (Thundercrack pistol) you can use every character. The best about that : you dont have to lock a character for the whole encounter, like for Strand of Favor the +10% give some astromical numbers after few time of weapons switch. This is a good way to try some stuff against Dorudugan, and obviously for killing him..
  9. I assume every ripostes (rogue's riposte, WotEP, disengement attack, barbarian's retaliation) doesnt have animation (the hit is directely tranlsated into damage) so that dont interrupt the current action for the character who riposte. For engagement bonus, ennemies cancel their movement when engaged, and should move once they can (when the engagement is over via the weapon switch). But instantly they are engaged so they stop their movement again (and again). Last Word and the spear's modal should be more efficient than Shattered Vengeance. Didnt try this today but i will try with my level 13 Celebrant in several time! Edit : I take a pic showing Dorudugan stunned by his own recovery time after his first hit, at the mercy of my level 13 party. But i cant add a pic (i have already so much content in My Attachement section). So, yes, it really works
  10. Riposte dont interrupt the permanent switch, so a chanter - rogue can be potent to buff the party at melee range ! Some weapons that can be nice to try on the second (or third if you write a script that include 3 weapons's slots of course) : Shattered Vengeance (early game) : since the engagement bonus will stop enemies at range, like a CC effect. Acolyte's Frostbite : for the riposte and the concentration (I guess the layer should be refreshed on weapon switch) when there is no ally around, Bardatto's Luxury (a self version of Lethandria's Devotion that also remove Con afflictions) Thundercrack Pistol : I suspect Chargeld Field aura to work exactely at the reverse of the Companion's Prelude, for them with a shield or an armor. Maybe it is possible to create an infinite recovery time for the enemies too heavily equipped. Maybe t is possible to crete an infinite reload time for Dorudugan A whale of Wand : because charmed enemies will benefite to the buffs from weapons switch only for the flipped time, chaming some of them can be monstruous for all of them. As a chanter the charming chant is accessible, and with a cipher it is possible to dominate them to allow them to use abilities, but a Whale of Wand proc on an hostile chant should be appreciable i think. Edit : as suspected, Charged Field aura from Thundercrack pistol extend at the infinity the action time for everyone with a shield or a heavy armor in the aura (self excepted). I try in the tavern and Harami, Birta, the xaurip etc was charging at the infinity their actions. During this time I took a cup of cofee. I will write a topic about that tomorrow, with your credit @tackthumb for the seed that give the idea!
  11. Actually you dont need a Black Jacket to realize this eploit, and you dont need to pause the game too : So you can create a "fast switching" character as "passive buff and debuff" for the party without taing care of him
  12. Effectively it is pretty crazy ! About Outworn Burckler, fast-switching weapon slots with this shield decrease your hotile effects pretty quickly, with a -5 /-10 % on them each time the shield "proc". So if you make an IA behavior with a "permanent" weapon slots switch, as caster I guess you can nearly avoid your recovery time (with spells). Useful with cipher (beguiler especially). Edit : maybe it is also possble to get a similar effect without the Grasp conditions (between enemies) with the same method but with Modwyr (with some stacks of Eager Lover) or the two Preludes from Sasha's Scimitar (for the party in aura with Companion's prelude).
  13. Do you mean, when you recover to a spell and pause the game, if you click on the weapon set (to switch quickly between them), are you able to reduce nearby 0s your recovery time ? Yes it is cheese but it is just a question to think about an reovery alternative to Outworn Burckler trick. I didnt know that, for the refreshing thing!
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