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  1. I don't think there is technically unlimited scaling available. In practice though about 30/40 should be enough e.g. Level Cap 33 mod https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/266 is setting the limit to 33 player/45 enemies (vanilla is 20/30 IIRC) the Surrogate Challenge mod https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/705 is setting it to 29/39
  2. Some notes about death of 1000 cuts, I used it a lot while testing my Surrogate Challenge mod, looking for a way to damage Dorudugan fast enough without 0 recovery cheats. DOTC does not work with Ectopsychic Echo (that is a echo only ability), but it works e.g. with cheap & fast cast mind blades, it is great if you have at least 2 enemies to ping-pong between but even against a single boss you can cast mind blades fast enough to prolong death of 1000 cuts every few seconds, and differently from disintegration death of 1000 cuts can last a lot this way even with something with high res like Dorudugan (and you can use Magran belt to summon a hostile blight and ping pong some mind blades). With less tough nuts DOTC is ideal to use before disintegration
  3. In case you did not try the Ultimate Challenge only due to required Iron Mode... Surrogate Challenge mod live testing videos mod on Nexus
  4. There is still something weird for me when creating/editing quest objective nodes: I think the default 2 digits ID (e.g. 72) for the quest step title entry and the 5 digits ID (e.g. 10072) for the quest step description are somewhat swapped in Apotheosis , the one created is e.g. 72 but then the field editor seems to look for the 10072 quest step description field instead and an empty field is returned. So far I have added/tweaked the missing e.g. 10072 description field with a text editor but it would be nice to have it fixed in Apotheosis e.g. like this <Entry> <ID>72</ID> <DefaultText>Complete the full Slayer path.</DefaultText> <FemaleText /> </Entry> <Entry> <ID>10072</ID> <DefaultText>Find all artifacts and win all fights for the Slayer path in Kazuwari Arena.</DefaultText> <FemaleText /> </Entry> {EDIT] another thing that is not a bug, but could be nice to have: I noticed that the game seems to sort the in game quest steps list by string ids, so a way to automatically recalculate the ids from Apotheosis so they keep the sorting as displayed in the quest tree editor would be ace, at the moment you have to painstakingly renumber them with a text editor in the quest and strings tables to sort them
  5. Amplified wave is good if you can lower enemy fortitude, I would pick it for sure with a mage multiclass with a troubadour I prefer Screaming Souls as it targets will, does raw damage + distraction and it is easy to target on chanter summons
  6. Thanks. In my experience setting ObscurateNumbers in Wael challenge to false works with ultimate challenge disabled selecting Wael challenge as separate option, but not if you enable the ultimate challenge. I'll try disabling the ActivateAllChallenges from within the ultimate settings but there are some challenges for which I can't find the equivalent separate toggle inside the ultimate settings (e.g. a toggle for Hylea challenge/Vela which is the most important defining the ultimate IMO, without that it is not even comparable) so I was hoping on a hint to find them somewhere else. Basically I wanted to disable Iron mode because it is too punishing/discouraging/a time sink for most players (and that works, basically changing Triple crown to Double Crown) and Wael because it is not much difficult but just annoying for people trying to learn/test new strategies. Then I have added more quest objectives (limited to 24 entries for now, no more space for quest events) and more time to achieve them/explore the world (50% extra time available for Eothas challenge) [EDIT] Wait... maybe I found it, there is a promising empty ability field and a couple of Vela abilities available...
  7. I recently discovered this amazing tool and started using it trying to tweak the Ultimate Challenge into something else, in doing so I realized as a suggestion probably a nice improvement for the tool would be to allow for vertical scrolling in the Quests\Events tab or similar where you may need more possible vertical entries. Also unrelated but do you have any hint on how to disable Wael challenge from the Ultimate Challenge? I managed to disable trial of iron just fine, but disabling Game Data\Global\GodChallenge\Wael\ObfuscateNumbers seems to only work with the separate Wael Challenge, not for the Ultimate Challenge (which does not seem to set it as true by itself) Maybe it is just hardcoded somewhere, but I am asking in case I'm missing some obvious setting
  8. Summons (animal companion excluded) must be in ally group (e.g. you must be able to give them orders). The nice thing is it has huge 25 base radius.
  9. In my experience only thing that works is some sort of prone (I usually try to buff the pike ancient weapon summon for this), or the non-resistable paralyze from the chilfog, probably not even petrify works as he is immune
  10. It is easier than this, you can just spam Psychovampiric Shield (or even Telekinetic Burst for a Psion) [EDIT] unless you are not talking about spiritualist any more
  11. I have a trick for the Oracle rays, get the reflecting small shield in the Xaur Tuk Tuk cave if you can, there is an enchantment with high reflection probability, he does not like his rays reflected
  12. I don't know, I think it would be feasible with my full buffed build as chanter skeletons chant (and probably the healing one too) still work as cannon fodder so if you rush the enemies you have a good chance Vela is only hit max once. But if you are using the community patch / no strand of favor like buffs prolonging then you might not be fast enough killing them. Maybe try a monk/troubadour also no idea how in this f* editor you can edit/insert a link to a specific video time so remove the h ttps space after copying the link in browser h ttps://youtu.be/q9tBtjCur8g?list=PL7Rqzk0KXtVxElgWZQtRXrtYaUO6qH-N4&t=8375
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