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  1. Maybe troubadour/psion (again LOL). Make enemy trigger a trap from stealth, keep summoning / giving summons (at -85%recovery from stealth) 1 / 3 pain links = 25% damage back to attackers, (pain link on renewable party summons is super if enemies can use disengagement attacks). Repeat until max focus gained, then go out of stealth and start spamming e.g. Soul Shock for cheap on your wall of summons
  2. Well, yes, apart Psychovampiric Shield most of them need some party member to target, so do not work with mage summons, they go well with e.g. chanter/priest/ranger with summons you can command so going solo you probably better multiclass
  3. well you start from the effect duration description in seconds, usually it is at least 3 sec. Then you can in theory calculate 5% increase per point of intelligence > 10, but not really needed. if you don't have Wael challenge enabled it should be already visible in the tooltip. then in that table you look for the row having about that duration in seconds e.g. assuming I have a 3sec positive effect and 16 INT, it would be something like 3 + 30% = 3.9 sec, so about line 14 then you look for the desired duration e.g. to prolong for about 80 days max challenge duration it would need in the
  4. A revised table about number of item swappings needed to prolong effects for X days, based on hopefully more correct formula: 1 in game day = 27 hours, game real time speed = 24x so 1 sec = 24/(3600*27) = 1/4050 days APPLY EFFECT SWAPS TIMES TO ACHIEVE DURATION IN real time SECONDS and in game DAYS e.g. starting form 3 real time sec effect duration, you would need about 134 - 11 = 123 swaps to reach 80 in game days effect duration, starting form 30 real time sec effect duration, you would need about 134 - 36 = 98 swaps to reach 80 in game days effect duration... SWAPS
  5. yes, also having blind/paralyze from the chillfog you can free a couple previously used spell/ability slots from cipher (e.g eyestrike. maybe mental binding too but that targets will so it is still of use) or chanter trees and choose different ones (I find a problem with this build is you have so many yummy spells/abilities you'd like to use but not enough slots for all of them)
  6. some more things to try: if you have a heavily armored/hard to hit enemy with multiple engagements, wurms summons + pain link are great: 25% of disengagement damage back to enemy if you invest the time to move the summons back & forth (I mostly killed the fire dragon like this) if you need to disengage yourself but the enemy is hard to hit/resistant to telekinetic burst, aim for a nearby summon instead, the AOE will push you out of danger oh, and the well known chill fog sabre + skeletons chant is probably the most OP thing for chanter/cipher
  7. I am actually level 17 in Ashen Maw (I just level up before fighting the fire beasts), hard to compare waypoints with different levels, but anyway my point is: regardless how you spend not-mandadatory-for-the-challenge time (e.g. I like to do some bounty battles soon if possible, more stealth oriented classes/playstyle may want to get sandsweep XP and reach ultimate waypoints like hasongo and ashen maw sooner) having faster sailing ASAP will give you more time to do anything else you may like/need in the total run
  8. Hmm ok so do we agree that going to sandsweep/dorudugan island (I mean, you don't need sandsweep at all when you are ready for dorudugan, even more time spared) is better done only when you have a fast ship (regardless if you try port maje->sandsweep or port maje->dunnage->sandwseep, both are not optimal in the long run with eothas challenge/ultimate challenge, first one being better than second one but still not optimal)?
  9. I was mostly expressing my opinion about this point, I think it (going to dunnage first) is not a time waste, on the contrary, going there (I mean in the dorudugan island) at the start with a still slow boat is the time waste in the full run economy, better to visit the island once with a fast ship when you are ready for dorudugan
  10. I'm not sure it's worth going to Sandswept Ruins if you play with Eothas challenge on, you get a lot of XP anyway in solo and it's better to aim for a faster sailing speed ASAP (you can hire a navigator a get better sails before leaving port maje). Also no need to rush Hasongo for the strand of favor, you can steal the cabalist gambeson in Neketaka
  11. I don't know with other classes , but in my experience with psion troubadour not having weapon abilities, paralyzing Dorudugan with the chillfog on the ultimate is very hard and probably not really worth even reserving a weapon slot for a morning star modal to lower dorudugan fortitude (and you already need a weapon slot for the arqueblunderbuss used to spawn the fire blight), paralyze is too short anyway, all in all it is faster to flank with summons and hit with monastic unarmed fists. The chill fog helps mostly with a little elemental damage
  12. one psion/troubadour trick: if you are engaged by a tough enemy, you can target a nearby summon with telekinetic burst so you are pushed away from enemy without risking a disengagement hit
  13. Yes it works with debuffs duration too, IIRC the one thing it does not help with is beams duration
  14. I have used strand of favor like item swapping to prolong several out of combat items buffs (e.g. tenacious) and it has been accepted in my psion/troubadour ultimate challenge run, so unless using it to prolong single class assassin vanishing strikes is considered differently it should be allowed
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