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  1. Well op said heisn't looking for the best power creep but something fun and different that's still viable, at least that's how I understood it.
  2. Well I used it for a lack of better word since it is really inconsistent when it works and doesn't. The easiest way to test it is to equip acinas and check your spell tooltips in the ability bar, some examples are: It does not work on: Concelhaut's crushing doom, also i was wrong in my earlier post it does not work on the hazard walls (flame etc), barbs of condemnation (priest) It however works on quite a lot of Aoes AND single target skills some examples: Deleayed Fireball, Freezing pillar, Adragan, bitter morring, divine mark (priest), draining missiles, jolting touch (lol). Let's just say it's very inconsistent but unless you ahve Wael's on it is also very easy to check if you hover over the accuracy in your tooltip. (on 2nd thought it prolly still shows up on waels just with ???)
  3. A 15% chance on a gun build is pretty low tbh amd in most cases trolls stitched will heal you for more on avg, that being said Rekvu's prevents the damage from happening in the first place, while you might get unlucky and have a lot of procs in a short time. Also ofc since you are a bloodmage you could have scordeo's in 2nd weapon slot, proc it first and then prolong it with wall of drainhing weapon switch and use dd. (that does sound ver counterintuitive for a range dchar tho :P)
  4. AA is either very buggy or if the way imbues work is intended just plain bad. Neither power level nor other buffs that affect your ranged attacks also affect your imbued spells, so they do not scale at all. (as far as I know, never picked AA due to multiple trusted sources telling me this, pretty sure @Boeroer also confirmed this) As for passives everything that increases your accuracy and also marked prey as an active will highly benefit your spells, pretty sure you already listed all of them in your last post.
  5. Ranger is a good mc for blood mage but I would not go Arcane Archer, either go classic ranger or sharp shooter. Still less "good" than a single class but the pet and some of the ranger passives synergize very well with mages.
  6. Hm I never tried Fury Shaper but in my opinion a single class Fury Shaper is much better, because the PL8 Ward is just insane. Maybe the multiclass is more interesting as you say, but since the mage already gets a lot of spells and can be played in a very diverse way I kind of doubt it. (Not everyone is gonna use the same spell every encounter or at least you don't have to) I worded the line about the regen weirdly. What I meant is that the blood mage passive regen is already scaling with PL, so other sources of increased healing can make it very powerful, Dawnstars Blessing, items with increased healing, Mercy and Kindness from the chanter etc
  7. If an item says ranged weapons it will not work for spells, if it just says ranged it will work with all "directed" spells (which for some weird reason are also hazard like walls, but won't be most ground aoes). edit: so in case that was unclear Acina's works with spells, ring of the marksman for example does not)
  8. You can win the dig site fight only with cheese (one example: Other than that it is smart to just get non combat xp early, explore the world map for exploration xp, go to Sandswept ruins for trap disarm xp, do quests in Neketaka etc. If you are not on the ultimate you can get to at least level 17 without a single fight (even on the Ultimate you can get to 16 without fighting). I don't think there is a compact guide to soloing per se, there is however guides to non combat xp on this forum and there is plenty of videos of peoples runs, if you search for the ultimate video threat on this forum you will even find several people who posted their entire ultimate run.
  9. Hm as far as i remember from Scordeo's recovery also applies to reload time, no recovery = no reload. Blood Mage multiclass can be really good in a solo play (even tho I would not recommend Arcane Archer), but in a party I honestly would keep it single class. The main reason to multiclass a blood mage would be better sustain, but in a party you should have enough sustain as single class. You still get healing from corrosive Siphon and later Concelhauts Draining Missiles. You can boost the PL scaling BM regen by quite a bit if you really want to, but you also have the option to use bdd potions with wall of draining (should not be needed if you have a priest in party). The PL 8 and 9 spells are just too powerful and even solo a single class bm is a serious consideration.
  10. The things you consider cheese are not required whatsoever for a non ultimate PotD solo run. However killing the megabosses might involve some tactics I personally would consider cheese. If you are playing non iron man, you should be able to figure out non cheese ways to even beat the megabosses tho, but if you never played solo before it might take you either a long time to figure those out, or alternatively you could look it up on this forum. :P One of the most impressive Dorudugan kills I have seen, I personally would not consider cheese (but ofc everyone has different views on what is cheese) has been uploaded by jaggedjimmyjay which I think is @Waski on these forums but sorry if I mixed you guys up, I'm getting old. :P
  11. I only discovered the brutal backlash glitch after my ultimate run with chanter was done and I wasn't gonna put myself thru another torture. No you encountered the same issues I had, focus gain can be a problem vs very sturdy enemies. I struggled a lot with Magran's faithful, but later found out there is a cheesy tree that blocks all but one of them from meleeing you, which makes the fight pretty easy. Cipher gameplay is just very tedious as opposed to smth like chanter, priest, druid or wizard and lategame even paladin kills groups faster. Its definitely not too squishy in my opinion if you go the shield route, but you have to keep spending focus for Instincts, which just makes the entire focus issue worse. That being said cipher has by far the safest dragon kills from all classes on an ultimate run, against Bog Dragons I even went cheesy and let them kill themselves, as long as you are level 14+ for the other dragons and 16 for bogs, there is no way to die vs them.
  12. Personally I would reduce both Dorudugan's hp AND his resolve, but keep the immunities. The immunities make it so lower resolve is not gonna make him too easy all off a sudden, but atm certain classes like ciphers are utterly useless vs him with stuff like borrowed instinct. Him losing will would be fine, it's bloated anyway. maybe his deflection could be edited back to the original manually? edit: Oh and agree with what others said give hi more movespeed and make his specials go off faster.
  13. Has anyone ever tried to kite Dorudugan with Helwalker, but instead of using multihitting ranged weapon use a battle axe with bleeding cuts via Instruments of Pain? While bleedinc cut ticks prolly don't add resonance, they still add significant dps so one would maybe need less stacks of resonance? No idea if that would actually speed up the fight or still be slower than multihitting ranged, but with dualwield axe + scordeo or maybe even 2 axes should still be a lot of hits
  14. You want to combine Tactician with a resource hungry class. Bloodmage is probably the strongest of all of them, priests prolly come next. Both wizard and priest have summons btw, technically not as many as a chanter, but if you keep brilliant up (chillfog is quite great for it and ofc flank immune armor or weapon) you will always be able to resummon when a summon runs out. Also the wizard phantom gets the items you have quipped which makes for some very potent combos, the phantom is definitely stronger than any chanter summon.
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