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  1. Depends on playstyle, I myself am a lazy person and afaik there is no way to use animated weapons abilites per AI. But if I play let's say a skald with Scordeo's perma extended and set both auto attacks and her revenge on AI, my char just goes around pewepewing. Once again depends on personal preferences some people like to manually input their summons every single ability, I personally am too lazy.
  2. As far as I know stacking different food bonuses can still be achieved (at least it used to be possible before 5.0 and wasn't in the patch notes) by pausing before hitting the rest button. So I assume @AndreaColombo's mod enables this too, but let's be real: Downloading and using a mod like this doesn't force you to abuse it. The original intent was convenience, if you use it to make it more convenient to stack different food bonuses (hitting pause before resting IS extremely inconvenient after all :P) then all power to you, but the mod did not enable the possibility of doing th
  3. Sadly summons do not scale very well with PL at all. You can make the summoned wepons decent enough with upgraded shield cracks and the pen pet.
  4. Yes it is the scaling that makes it equal to all other invocations damagewise, only the Aoe is inferior (but very often that won't matter). You are right about the way you can use skellies and it is all about how one wants to play their chanter ofc. The op asked specifically for a tank chanter, so I can see how my replies might seem out of place. My personal opinon and playstyle is just to squeeze a little bit more out of a character and a tank that can also kill (but still fulfill their tank role) benefits more in my opinion, because what is dead cannot kill you.
  5. I never said all summons are bad (just in case that was directed at me) and I meant the skellies specifically. The upgrade for thrice was she wronged is not only good early game only, it is insanely powerful at any stage of the game. Unless I need more Aoe coverage from the higher level invocations I always use her revenge. It hits 4 or 5 times per enemy so the damage is actually not that different from the higher level ones, but it takes a lot less phrases which in many situations is quite useful.
  6. While I don't use the mod I completely agree with @AndreaColombo that all it does is remove inconvenience. I play no rest run every single game so I always have these buffs anyway, playing on "easy mode" is very far fetched.
  7. Yes you have to take the first one before you can get the upgrade. Skeleton's are not that good, they do fulfill some purposes for certain niche builds, but I personally don't pick them up.
  8. I wouldn't say it's required but especially megabosses and some of the dlc enemies are a pain without it on potd.
  9. You missed that in custom history (I did too first time I made one). After selecting an option you get like little tabs of further options, gift for the machine for example is in Heritage Hill, and there is another for Effigis.
  10. Well, you know my opinion from our conversation on youtube. I don't like putting points in res, my current chanter has 3 base res but because of a lot of passive buffs still a 17. I would personally put in perception instead, her revenge swept ... is one of the most op skills in the entire game, while summons are situationally awesome but not something you can amke use of every fight.
  11. The way Poe difficulty works I would play either veteran or potd, all the other difficulties make little sense and are to similar.
  12. The problem with potion (and bdd) they are combat only, at first I thought that makes it only tedious, but I just realized you can't even switch Deltro's in combat. For the initial shock damage Essence Interrupter only works if it doesn't kill, my level 1 toons got instantly destroyed by it, haha. Initial shock can be done via scrolls tho, no need to do it with the hired help, a main char with maxed arcana applies an insane lash. I haven't tried Dampener yet, I will tho because I feel like it has some hidden potential (might be wrong), Arcane cleanse works, but it "only" removes
  13. Yeah, tbf I overdid the lash quite a bit and in a real playthrough would never go that far for lack of resources. You'd definitely use sawbones and adra potions before starting to sacrifice hirelings, because you have to create them anew every time (I tried export but once a hireling is dead "recruit" gets greyed out), that's another reason why I only took level 1 hirelings. Getting to a realistic lash is really fast tho, 700% took almost no resources and is already insanely op if you use it with stuff like freezing pillar or chanter invocations.
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