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  1. If you kill him, yes, not sure where you get it if you ahve to rescue Aeldys tho, but that's kinda risky I guess.
  2. Oh also sorry for double post, almost forgot, since I haven't played in a while: With Bloodmage you can extend Arkemyr's Departure ith Draining Walls/SoT and you can cast any non damaging spells while Invis, including summons/CC like Slicken.
  3. Just don't damage Sigilmaster until you destroyed at least the cleansing pillar (preferably all pillars), slicken and draining wall her and as Waski said go invis (then go out of sight and either cast an aoe like freezing pillar or just send summons).
  4. Enjoying the new Kingmaker DLC too much atm, but I'll get back to the Ultimate once I feel like I had a proper break. I restarted 3 or 4 times, having to do Neketaka all over again breaks my spirit at some point. (No actual skill involved but way too repetitive)
  5. Nice post @Jayd. I'm slightly confused (excuse the pun) about the issue with the Berserker tho. You use Captain's banquet to minimise the will penalty for Fury Shaper, why not use it for Berserker?(It does make you immune to confuse after all) Before I started my Chanter/Skaen for the ultimate I tried shifter/skaen as well btw. The early game for Shifter is by far the best early game for any class on the ultimate except for tactician, which arguably is because of a bug tho, since the shifts are not affected by Woedica's challenge. The reason i went with chanter in the end, was getting brilliant lategame isn't amazing with the druid, since he has no way of recovering spells in Woedica's (except resting) so doing self damage has to be done with Rakhan's outside of combat and neither shifter nor priest has regen outside of combat so one has to heal with drugs/consumables, but maybe the early game power of the shifter should still make up for it, since so far I always died before level 16. And late game the shifter/priest is as powerful as any priest multiclass and has the added benefit of not needing Deltro's Cage for returning/relentless storm. Sadly one can't really abuse shifts with SoT since casting while shifted is not possible, but that would make the shifter the most op class of all so i guess it's ok (tbf fully buffed up with sot scordeo's and boarform one should destroy any enemies during the duration)
  6. While that is true it's not that hard to get brilliant. Most people won't play on the Ultimate, so triggering it out of combat is super easy with both ability and hp regen out of combat. And even with Woedica's challenge the tactician priest can activate it super easy. (And pretty much all priest multiclasses can get thru the cloak for some it is just way too tedious and maybe even dependent on consumables, but once again most people straight up don't play the Ultimate and the only reason the Ultimate is worth mentioning is because it requires you to play the best class and it quite quickly became clear priest is required, while some single classes MAY be better, ther eis no better mc)
  7. I do not think there is a stronger multiclass option than the priest atm, because of SoT. Single class is a very different story and obviously party play is very different from solo. My point is: I can only agree with @Boeroer Priests are the opposite of weak, they are just super limited and straightforward, use the wrong spells and they may seem weak.
  8. Yes, I later changed my route and do it that way now, besides the xp it also saves you travelling time.
  9. You guys are silly. The ultimate quest is not on a critical path and does not have a deadline. If it did you could extend the Ukaizo deadline by killing megabosses/finishing dlcs, but you can't. (Also the Ultimate doesn't have the eothas icon in the questlog.) The original question was if the quest was on a critical path, so I assumed @Zoso der Goldene knows about Eothas timers and was a little surprised by his question about crafting scrolls. Please keep in mind that the critical path quest have 3 timer resets the very first one only gives you 3 days ish to get to the dig(ck) site, so it's not like Ukaizo is the only timer and the Ultimate "implicitly inherits" (sorry for murdering your quotes and the english language :P) this one, the quest simply doesn't have a timer and is not on a critical path, which doesn't change the fact that you have to beat the game in give or take 90 ingame days.
  10. How does it matter if the Ultimate has a deadline or no, when your deadline for Ukaizo will still run out? Not having completed the Ultimate quest and ending the deadline will result in failure of the Ultimate, obviously you can't go back to the bosses after beating the game.
  11. Josh said today bugs are Obsidians responsibility and won't disqualify you. The whole "spirit of the challenge" seems to be mostly insurance against people trying to exploit every loophole possible.
  12. We don't even know if bugs disqualify for certain, "not in the spirit of the challenge" is actually quite vague. I forgot to ask Josh when he was in my stream the other day but if he ever comes there again I will ask for sure about the unintentional bugs. As to getting rid of the item buffs, can't you rest to lose them? Have you tried reequipping and unequipping again?
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