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  1. I mean there used to be a bug where Potd applied to the player in certain situations and it definitely was a buff then. I only play Potd so I wouldn't know how draining wall works on lower difficulties but honestly never considered this possibility, when I gave the advice about walls.
  2. Trust me it still works on any enemy, at first I thought it got changed as well, it's just if you have a single enemy without buffs it might seem like you're not gaining anything, that's why I mentioned ways to make the wall tick more often. edit: see following posts, maybe this is only the case on PotD.
  3. One of the easier overlooked spells is Wall of Draining. You can prolong any buff wit it, including broken item buffs like Mind over Matter or Potion of the Final Stand. It works on any enemy including those who don't even have buffs to steal. And there is some cheesy ways to get additional duration out of it like using Pull of Eora to make the enmey having to cross the wall again and again to get to you, or simply making them walk towards you ON the wall.
  4. Hm I guess the wiki is wrong then, no I haven't watched any of those videos I will look them up. edit: Yeah just looked it up and Gigantic isn't actually stun resistant, seems weird to me if Rogue can't stun it.
  5. Well I was planning on using melee for Oozes and then just Mule kick (maybe with Wotep). Can the monk really stun? First form of the ooze is might resistant, second form is different however and should be stunnable for any class (and stunning first form doesn't matter anyway since there is no merge yet) edit: I just looked it up and even the Gigantic Black ooze is might resistant so it should not be possible to stun it and I'm not aware of a higher tier might affliction than stun
  6. I did not know this whatsoever (weapons not degrading with abilities) but often wondered why they'd never degrade over a long fight and then sometimes they degrade immediately after a fight starts. Legit makes me wanna play the Ultimate again. tbf I've tested a lot recently and both Rogues and Tacticians are high on my fun list since we all already know that priest mcs are op and no one else needs to prove it.
  7. Priest/Tactician can stack Unbending heals with Salvation of Time they will heal for several 1000s per tick eventually, and ofc you could also just indefinitely prolong Barring Death's Door. Maybe not as stylish as stacking deflection (tho Skaen with +50 from Escape can reach some nice numbers too) but much more effective.
  8. Yes Kalakoth's, the 1 pen easily gets countered by Ring of the Marksman. The Aoe might not be the biggest but it does 100% damage as if hitting main target, so focus build is insanely fast. The main problem with a mc Cipher/wizard is the lack of actual good ways to spend focus solo (tbf if you used Lance you could just go Soulblade, but that's boring), but with PL 8/9 maybe that would be different. (Never actually tested cipher pl 8/9 once since release lol)
  9. Let's be real it would be hard to find a class combo that wouldn't be op with multiclass and P8/9 abilities, using a priest should just be straight up forbidden. If I played with that mod I would try and find a useful cipher combo that doesn't include priest, prolly wizard for those blights which are prolly by far the highest focus building ability ingame?
  10. It's both cc and hazards which don't break invis, also summoning doesn't and most buffs, which only works with Arkemyr's tho. Rogue's shadowing beyond is also quite unique in not breaking on certain dot effects like gouging, tho obviously you have to gouge first and then go invis or the attack would break it. I haven't extensively tested Rogue tho, so there might be a lot more hidden potential, never tested Smoke Veil at all either. (Funny enough priest's shadowing beyond even tho same name, breaks on almost any action including self buffs)
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