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  1. Shame that so many enemies are immune to quite a lot of the druid spells. Sounds like good fun, have to try it at some point.
  2. I'm honestly very confused about what point you are trying to make. I replied to a comment about going to Dunnage first and then going back to Sandswept, saying that isn't necessary and you can get all the traps giving xp by just respeccing in maje. The comment you replied to never claimed anyone should go to Sandswept, it was just to clarify you can easily go to Sandswept right after maje, never said you have to go there at all. Also the poster I replied to never asked about Eothas/Ultimate in the first place, so unless I'm totally missing the point here this entire "discussion
  3. Depends on the class. In my Ultimate run I went to Fire Dragon after Hasongo and reached level 16 in Neketaka without doing any fighting. If you play a class that can cheese the fire dragon that's by far the fastest route with least ingame days spent. That being said the question wasn't even about Eothas challenge here.
  4. Interesting, guess as i said in other thread I'll test it with dex immunity then, unless you already did that too. edit: just tested it and you are 100% correct, Dex immunity prevents "frozen.
  5. Wow all these years and I always thought paralyze was a mind affliction because in PoE 1 it mainly targeted will, lol. That being said why do you think Grave Calling isn't exactly the same as reforge the flesh? Have you tested it putting dex immune slippers on a companion and then crit them with Grave Calling? I'll do that a bit later... edit: just tested it and you are 100% correct, Dex immunity prevents "frozen.
  6. You keep referring to "freeze" which really confuses me, there is no affliction/condition called freeze in poe, the only thing Grave Calling has is a freezing lash, which does freeze damage. The upgrade straight up states it's a paralyze: Grave Bound When Frosted Edge has 10 stacks, Paralyze target for 3.0 sec on Crit
  7. It's not what he's resistant to, he is straight up immune to Mind afflictions. But as you said from the Rakhan field boots example unique item effects often, if not always are coded differently. Try being immune to the paralyze from https://pillarsofeternity.fandom.com/wiki/Reforge_the_Flesh There is boots for immunity and also some abilites from classes, nothing will work. (except the good ole save and reload cheese ofc :P)
  8. Ye ranger is different because you proc the wave way more often. I procced it about 4x (one self proc) in a FS fight (pretty high defenses) but the wave itself did no noticeable damage.
  9. It doesn't seem impressive. Weapon has no initial aoe and the proc doesn't even seem to do dmg?
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