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  1. Since its duo, a thing to consider is relative ease (as soon as level 8) to obtain immunity to being flanked, and being flanked is not nice. From here synergy with such immunity could be explored. In particular, Fighter subclass Tactician. DW with bombs could thus be Swashbuckler, Trickster/Tactician for example, while 2H Brute, Berserker/Tactician. There are, irrc, two 1H weapons granting immunity to being flanked and one armor. Armor for the Brute and one of the 1H weapons, tho not fire, for Swashbuckler. the role of bombs would be crucial as it would allow for afflicting flanked condition o
  2. Raven Darkholme decided not to engage in ship combat opting for surrender when inevitable. I have not tested it myself, but I think they should be doable against low-level captains/weak ships with proper equipment. The question remains if its worth to bother with them at all. No kidding, as we saw what happened yesterday on the stream when one underestimates own let's say humanity --- It was nice to see Boeroer, among others, dropping by yesterday and chipping in with bits of own experience, own meta-knowledge. I can't speak for Vic but I enjoyed this aspect, cooperati
  3. lol and I thought I was arrogant wow edit: speaking of which, I better stop saying stuff in chat or you might be disqualified because of it
  4. Indeed, level 16 is for the said classes, no idea about others, essential. Reaching it without a timer can be done without much issues in my experience. Come to tonight's stream and we can talk about this while watching VictorCreed to boldly go where no one has gone before He usually starts at 17:00 CET.
  5. You are a brave, and very stubborn, man vic But that is what is needed. Just in case, my previous post was not meant to discount or discredit the Ultimate in any way. To me, it's an inhuman challenge and whoever completes it, first, should be flown to Obsidian office and given standing ovations there, seriously.
  6. I suspect failing the run to be quite frustrating due to the fact that to level up, which involves mostly completing routine (read boring) tasks, to the appropriate level to be able to beat enemies like the fire dragon who is on a timer, can take around 4 hours minimum, I guess, and the challenge basically begins after this time. So its 4 hours of let's say unproductive game-time which has little to do with the challenge itself. Then again, what frustrating is and whatnot is a matter of opinion. To fail a couple of times would be to me too frustrating and that is why I don't even dream o
  7. Watching theorycrafting and testing Raven Darkholme/Victor Creed on Twitch I wonder, not planning to go for the challenge, does Vela follow once combat starts or does she wander around the spot she was in when combat started? Seemed to me its the latter and if so it could probably be used to protect her, taking combat away from her, in certain cases.
  8. https://news.softpedia.com/news/obsitian-to-show-more-the-outer-worlds-gameplay-at-pax-east-525448.shtml https://www.twitch.tv/Pax2
  9. Well, since there is no truth to be found, it could not go anywhere else. There is no such a thing as "good" design and "bad" design. There is only design some people like while others don't.
  10. turn to port fire or hold fire if hold prepare to jibe hold fire prepare to jibe hold fire lvl 8 sinking lvl 19 https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/107530-principi-lose-reputation-fast/?p=2127692 with cannons found in shipwrecks and with the BB sails and hull tho it was not necessary for this fight. Sometimes enemy tries to board, in which case targeting sails or crew might be preferable to targetting hull. --- edit: it took 7 rounds which I believe is faster than boarding. Tho the loot is not as good.
  11. A Team John "Hannibal" Smith - Tactician/Priest of Wael no questions. Templeton "Face(man)" Peck - Debonaire. I smell a priest here too but let's keep him pure. H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdock - Berserker, right? Now multi him to Warlock offers itself but no, Nalpazca. and Mr. T - I'd give him some PER to complement his Mechanics, but keep him as pure Fighter, Blackjacket?
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