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  1. It seem many people like the attribution system of POE 1, which is a surprise for me. POE borrow a lot of stuff from DND but change the attribution system of it. In my opinion, the change is bad, but to each of their own.
  2. POE II looks better and has many improved UI. After about 50 hours of playing, I became quite frustrated by the game mechanic design. The more I learn about it, the more I hate it. 1 Obsidian still uses the POE I attribution system. A “Mighty wizard” is one who can carry a lot and use physical weapons as deadly as a warrior. I am not talking about multi class. I am talking about pure wizard. Here is an example from multi class. My bar/wiz should enter frenzy, so he can cast spells faster. Frenzy help you cast spell more quickly. Monk’s Swift Furry, which has an icon of fists, still valid e
  3. Very informative and accurate according to my own research. I did something like your post for POE 1 and I come out with some Rule of Thumb for POE 1 too. My ration and thinking are much the same as yours. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/92293-a-dps-spreadsheet-calculatorwip/ Sabres +10% damage => ~3might or ~6% net damage. What a blast. You are absolutely right and the result is just so easy to miss. I take it that you take the chance to crit, hit, graze and miss into consideration when calculating net damage. Normally, only 60% damage will go through the deflection. BTW
  4. Correct me if I am wrong. 1 Merciless Gaze give 15% of Hits converted to Crits. 2 We can safely assume that the player has 50% chance of Hits for each attack, since the player’s accuracy won’t get too far from the enemy’s defense in most case. 3 In a critical hit, we get 25% more damage and 50% more penetration. Let’s just put the penetration topic aside, and then the damage increase is 15%×50%×25%=1.875% additive DPS increase, on average. In contrast, one point of Might would give me 3%×50% (Hit) + 3%×20%×50%(Graze) = 1.8% additive DPS increase on average. When calculating DPS, I
  5. I hope there would be a MM or Wrath of Righteous expansion, which are said to be better developed than RoRL. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy RoRL, but since it is the first edition of P:ACG, it is reasonable fro having much room for improvement.
  6. It seems like you don't yet own the Pathfinder Adventures game on Steam. Don't worry, whenever you get the game the above-mentioned items will be available to you!
  7. I have update the spreadsheet to include all the speed buff from Maxquest and also update the spreadsheet so it can calculate dual wielding DPS.
  8. Actually, it is no impossible to simulate that situation. I remember seeing a Tyranny spreadsheet which can simulate the situation in which you open your attack with a sunder followed by 9 auto attack. And the spreadsheet will give the simulation run for 100 times and get the average result. I must admit I lack that kind of skill, although I know it is not too hard to achieve with the help of VBA.
  9. Yes. I do point that out that Critical Hit Modification will affect the effect of accuracy in PS2 of the section 3.1. 1% is an approximation indeed, but it is easy to get the adjusted result with the actual Critical Hit Damage Bonus, since it is additive. For me, narrowing down the rang into 15<your accuracy-enemy's defense<50 and figuring out this rule and the relation of it with critical hit modification give me an easy and practical way to assess the importance of accuracy. It give me an easier time because I can know for sure how the the accuracy bonus can be co
  10. Thanks for Maxquest's answer, I found out one of my error in the spreadsheet in regard of calculating attack time. The spreadsheet is updated and I added several new section to the original post.
  11. Hi MaxQuest. I am using your calculator, but when it come to penetrating shot coupled with other speed bonus the result is always different from what I compute myself. For Example: When using a speed enchant hunter bow with penetrating shot modal on, the calculator show the recover frame is 50f, assuming the character is naked and has a Dex of 10. From the original post, I think the color of RangedAttackSpeedMult is blue, so I think it should be calculated as below Blue_Coef = 1.2*0.8-1=-0.04 Speed_Coef = Blue_Coef + Red_Coef = -0.04 - 0.5 = -0.54 Recover Fram = 30*(1-2*Speed_Coef)/Rec
  12. I have finish White March II and reach level 16 and the only thing left for me to complete is the Act III.I have dumped 100 hours into this game and I am currently taking a break, so I think maybe I should give something back to the community. Here is the download link for the DPS Spreadsheet Calculator: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_gwdYqK9oOlMjdmS2JaUDhOdkU/view?usp=sharing 1 Important Notes 1.1 The attack time of this spreadsheet is based on: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/86684-mechanics-the-big-attack-speed-conundrum/?p=1808217 I take 0.2 second for idle time in calcula
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