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  1. Dear friends, I've been browsing reddit and the forums etc trying to find a definitive answer to this question: I watched some vids of people massacring powerful fights using food buffs like captain's banquet etc. Pretty insane and I can't wait to try it. However, I cut my teeth on older games where resting 'was to be avoided' because of random encounters, quests expiring. Hell I remember playing Quest for Glory IV and Katrina wouldn't even show up at night and you'd break the entire game as Mage if you didn't get outside on the right night. I definitely don't want to debate the merits of the system (plenty of threads around there). Rather, what I'd like to ask is: Are there currently any penalties for resting, beyond the cost of the expensive food? I did experience the Valera and Bardetto quest where if they are planning the heist, and you wait too long, the heist goes ahead and you could potentially be shut out of the peaceful resolution outcome. In your experience, are there many quests like this in Deadfire? Or am I ok, whenever I find a hard fight (I'm trying it harder difficulty than I usually do) to buff up if I feel like I need it? I don't want to rest after every fight to clear injuries, and I don't want to abuse the summon trinkets (though I may use this to make ship combat quicker), but I do want to know simply if there are penalties I of which I should be aware if I buff up before fights?
  2. Dear friends! A sincere thank you to those who have replied, and in so much detail. What I'm reading is the following: MC: Assassin/BW or Assassin/Wizard(or Bloodmage) are both solid damage dealers that sound like I'd enjoy playing them. Learn behaviour editor and definitely use consumables instead of hoarding (my God this is hard! - I'm such a packrat) Serafen appears to be getting no love at all -thus, the tribe has spoken, he is the weakest link, and he's been sent to Siberia on permanent assignment MC needs to max rep with every companion. Can I do this with Eder, Aloth and Pallegina as the heart of the party? I originally scrubbed Teheku (I think) because he doesn't get on with Pallegina. Is max rep possible? I adore harmony in my group... Teheku is getting a lot of love - he or Xoti may be on the shortlist. Given my party combo and my MC being one of two comps above (most likely), who do you think wins out? Teheku seems quite powerful for heals and foe-only cc but I'm guessing Xoti's priest spells will be pretty powerful too? Aloth as blasting wizard is apparently irritating - are there other viable builds for him? He's a must in my party... @MaxQuest: A particular thank you to you for an alarmingly informative post that I've had to read twelve times with a separate wiki page to try to make sense of. I thank you kind sir. Please accept 1x hug. As to your question: I didn't know 'not' running them as default subclasses/classes was an option! I think, to be safe, and to make my planning a little less complicated for the first time, let's say yes. As I didn't know it was an option not to do so, I think it makes sense for my first perfect playthrough to work within the realms of 'standard'. Maybe next time I'll switch it up! *** Given all the information so far, I now have follow-up questions that, again, I will trade hugs and spare puppies for any insights: Can I get max rep with my companions if I run Eder, Aloth, Pallegina and either Xoti/Teheku? Will it work? Are there any build recommendations for companions (even those I've linked) that are OK to use with current patches? Not having played at all, I'm completely in the dark on what changes the patches have brought. I've tried to read through it, but without context, it's hard to make sense of what ability changes will impact builds, if that makes sense. Does anyone have any advice on skill allocation? I've seen history is needed on someone for the giftbearer's something or other, and Arcana is apparently better than bombs or something? I assume the person with highest perception needs mechanics? Are there any massively important stat skill checks that I should definitely be aware of that I need to build around? A soulblade weapon not used in my party is unimportant, but if there's some gamebreaking thing I'm going to miss because I've got 13 RES instead of 14 or something any forewarning would be amaaazing! Does this revised party combo make sense: Eder - Swashbuckler, Pallegina - Herald, Xoti/Teheku - Heals, debuffs, buff, kind of mid-line support, Aloth - Bloodmage or some kind of dps variant (evoker etc), MC: Assassin combo with Paladin or Assassin with mage (if this case, then Aloth may go cc focused mage build)? Again - anyone willing to help guide me through builds would be nominated by me as person of the Year, 2018! Thank you again, most kindly and sincerely, for any and all help. You're all amazingly kind and thoughtful and I appreciate the time you're spending in helping me plan. I'm already getting giddily excited about starting up! Hopefully this weekend
  3. Dear geniuses of Deadfire, your help would be dearly appreciated! Help me Oboerer-Kenobi; you're my only hope! Preamble and objective: If you read the whole post, yours will be the earth, the cupcakes, and the love of all puppies. I will also be enormously grateful and give hugs. I absolutely loved PoE and I'm ridiculously excited about finally getting into Deadfire. However, I work an 85 hour week so time is a big restriction for me and it generally means I only get to play games (sometimes) years after they're out. It also means I can't really experiment on a first playthrough. I'm a school teacher and so I try to do a lot of research first when I play an RPG (lots of fun in itself) to try to allow me to play, as far as possible, a perfect playthrough for my first run. I used the advice on this forum for PoE and I also did something similar for Divinity 2 and it made such an enormous difference to my play experience. In both cases, I had a perfect party (for me) set up, with build guides, equipment lists, secondary skills, etc, and through planning those, I learned so much about the game mechanics it made it infinitely more enjoyable. I want to do the same here! Please bear in mind, if you are kind enough to reply with help, I've never played the game yet, and I've only watched videos. Time has not allowed much else. It may be that I've misunderstood or failed to understand very basic concepts. If so, I do apologise. Please, in the spirit of Christmas, forgive me, and help me to learn. The Problem: 1. Many people often say "Anything works, just try it and have fun" and similar well-intentioned advice. Sadly, it doesn't help because I cannot commit that kind of time to it. I find it frustrating, and it's not what I consider fun. I love preparing and learning and seeing a whole plan come together. Maybe I was inspired by the A-Team. 2. There have been some pretty huge (it sounds like) changes since the game first launched so much of my research I fear is out of date. 3. I want to squeeze in as much into one playthrough as I can, within certain parameters. I also want to carry over my party from PoE with my world choices. I regretted some of them, but I was pretty well-prepared for PoE and I think I can live with the world I've shaped. I want to give it a try anyway! Where you come in: Dear friends of Deadfire, this is where I'd love your help. I want to set up my party before I start the game. This is where I'm at currently: (I want to keep some story companions from PoE because I think my first playthrough should include their quests etc. If time allows I may do a second playthrough with my own party or even try a solo game on PotD or so, but who knows what the future holds. For now, I'm going to try to finish one playthrough first before 2020.) The Party (which must include Eder, Pallegina, Aloth) - I've struggled to find a lot of variety in builds for the companions. I guess because they're locked into a lot of things so the options are fewer. Here's what I've got so far. Eder - Swashbuckler (Fighter/Rogue) I found some guides for Eder, including https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1398100119 this one by Lost Sinner. Seems to build him as a striker with crowd control and some off-tanking. I had Eder as main tank in PoE but his rogue multiclass (appears from reading) to give him some more dps so why not? I also have a build like The Undying Titan from the sticky, link: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/103525-single-class-fighter-build-the-undying-titan/ which seems more tanky. Pallegina - Herald (Paladin/Chanter) I've struggled to find different builds for Pallegina specifically, and I've no idea which ones are optimal given patches etc. Generally what I read seems to indicate that Heralds become unkillable. This is great, because Pallegina got hit in the face a lot in PoE with me, so giving her a break seems fair and lovely. I also tailored my entire ending around saving her butt in the questline, so she's important to me. I found Tuono e Fulmine which appears to be a kind of dps build for her, here: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/102541-companion-build-tuono-e-fulmine/ Aloth - Pure Wizard From what I've read so far (and this appears to have been before Bloodmage) many people advocated running wizards as pure to access the higher level spells which apparently kick ass. I've read posts recently about how good bloodmage is and I don't know if this invalidates the previous point or not. Some builds I found for Aloth include a combusting wizard: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/104388-build-guide-combusting-wizard/ An Aloth specific DPS wizard from YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxINtkty2Rs Serafen - Barbarian/Cipher I had an open slot in my party pool at this point. I remembered that Grieving Mother kicked serious ass in PoE so I thought I'd run a companion who could Cipher. Barbarian also looked cool in the fextralife build here: https://youtu.be/ODM6w34wQRI (I realise that witch king is not the same as Brute, but it looked cool anyway) I found a build for Serafen then: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1399216139 Player Character: I struggled a LOT with this choice, and I'm not 100% decided yet. In PoE I played a rogue that I built exactly from a speedrun of a solo run. It had 3 CON for eg. so was super squishy, but holy mother of God could it dish out a beating. And I finished the game destroying most things and I didn't even know about food buff stacking or potions or anything. Once I figured out how to manage it and micro the style, I had so much fun with it. I love being overpowered so this worked out beautifully. Knowing this, I found two builds that 'seem' to be doing more or less the same thing, in combining paladin with assassin. Builds here: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/101274-class-build-bleak-huntress-holy-slayer-ranged-sniper-assassin-build/ and here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_IJ9-7nJug Both look super fun and fill the void of big cheese dps in my group, but I've also seen some comments in videos saying the build got nerfed so I'm lost now. My party hits most of the buttons I want in terms of class, though there is no monk, druid, ranger, or priest. I didn't use them in PoE so I think I can live without them, but if someone has a compelling case for any of them for MC then I'd love to here it. My ultimate wishlist: Dear friends, what I would dearly love your help with is: designing this party to be my ultimate playthrough. I'd love Eder and Pallegina to be front line, dps/tank/off-tank (dps is nice as is heals but whatever), with Serafen (or a different companion if Serafen is a bad match) and Aloth focussed on dps and debuffing. My MC I'd quite like to play as a cheesie big hitter, or some silly broken-OP mechanic like the sniper build for example for just pure unadulterated fun. There are many fextralife builds and ones from this community which look cool, but I'd need someone with more experience than me to recommend what would work particularly well given my party etc. Where do I have wholes? Which part of the game am I completely missing out on that changed your life? These builds may be old, or not play the companions to their best. Are there new builds that account for new patches and changes? I've so many questions and I would dearly, dearly love your help. I've no idea if the builds I've linked are viable, nor how to balance out active and passive skills to get a good maximising of dialogue and game skillchecks. I also read a post which talked about companions not getting along so I've no idea if this combination could/would work. If you've made it this far, you're a saint, a scholar, and a true gentleperson; Santa shines down on you - he also promises loads of presents next year. You're all wonderful and, where possible, I cannot wait to hear if you have any advice or feedback for me on how to make this party work.
  4. Confirmed: As of 1.05, this patch DOES NOT fix this bug retroactively. I have a save after killing Azo, and when I go upstairs, the room still attacks. Only change it seems to have made is now most of the NPCs on the bottom floor are dead. Patch DID NOT fix the issue retroactively.
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