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  1. Interesting. It's been a year, but I think I recruited the post-Maje companions (and sidekicks) as soon as I could in my first playthrough. That would've probably been level 6-7ish for most of them. That would've given them more time to 'fall behind' in levels. I'll delay picking them up until at least level 10 in this run. PotD, though, and some ship boarding combat is hard without extra helpers! I'm worried about my ship crew dying during large boarding fights.
  2. Just out of curiousity, what level do you all usually recruit Tekehu, Maia and Pallegina at?
  3. Do you guys think that quickly completing quests that don't require combat will be a staple of any Ultimate run? There's a list in this thread, not sure if it's a complete list but it looks pretty good: Could be a good way to level up fast, early in the game.
  4. Great post, thanks for keeping it updated. I look forward to a POE2 v5.0 revision. Question: how do you think this would work with alternate subclasses, such as Blood Mage, base wizard, or Kind Wayfarer? edit: Also, wow I just noticed CON and RES are at minimum values, I'm surprised that's viable in PotD! Anyone have variants of this build that they prefer? How would other people tweak the original post's build?
  5. So when eventually the console port is released, how will patches be handled? If a non-game-breaking bug is fixed for the console version, will that fix be ported to the PC version and a new bugfix release version issued? Or will console/PC gradually diverge?
  6. If you begin The Ultimate in 5.0, the following quest is in your journal: https://imgur.com/a/1oWEc1k That's 15, yes 15 big bad bosses that you must defeat in combat. They can be clicked for some more, very brief details. There are specific warnings on many of them not to take alternate resolutions to their encounter. So, uh, who has a build that can do them all within the time restrictions required by Magran's Fires?
  7. First of all, GREAT patch and I'm looking forward to a new playthrough! I love this game and its continued support! To anyone who sees a bug in 5.0.0, I think you will need to report the issue as new and not rely on old reports. We may never know why the old reports went unsolved. HOW TO REPORT A BUG: first, go here: https://forums.obsidian.net/forum/130-pillars-of-eternity-ii-deadfire-technical-support-spoiler-warning/ and read this: Make a new post in the tech support forum. Include all the details you can to reproduce the bug, and all details about your system! OS version, dxdiag output (hardware details), driver versions, POE2 purchase version (Steam vs. GoG, etc.) and so on. Try to reproduce the bug in a fresh 5.0 game with a minimal number of steps. Include the step-by-step way to reproduce the bug as simply as possible. Include a video, or screenshots, if you can. Include your SAVE GAMES before and after bug (use google drive, dropbox, or similar). Include crash logs and POE2 output logs. Basically, unless they see a new report that is easy to reproduce, your bug is not gonna get fixed. So we have to help the devs. This may be our last chance before console release to report bugs, so report them all! That said, has anyone noticed NEW bugs ("regressions") in RTwP mode with 5.0.0?
  8. If you don't clear it, can you come back later and clear it without missing anything?
  9. This thread is really interesting from the point of view of getting XP before recruiting additional companions/sidekicks, since they join you at your level, but then fall behind if not in the active party. Recruit them after you're a higher level, so that you don't have to micromanage roster swaps to level out XP as much! Anyone have lists similar to this thread or anything that was missed?
  10. hah, nice reply. Yes, there is some game content still available (and all 3 DLCs) and it is a right-before-endgame-area save (which I also beat the game with). I'm not actually continuing this game; it was really a question for a future playthrough. Then it struck me, if I wanted to level up those lagging sidekicks, I wasn't sure of a quick and easy way to do it. To anyone reading this, don't worry about it too much, I think that it is likely all your characters will turn out just fine. In my playthrough #2 I am just going to delay on recruiting a few npcs until I've done a bunch of non-combat quests after arriving at Neketaka.
  11. In the infinite generic ship combat actions, you can rank up your captain skills and your crew's skills, but your party characters do not gain traditional XP for class level ups.
  12. Guess I'll carefully plan things out for playthrough #2. If I delay having a companion join my party, like, not asking pallegina or konstantin to join until I'm level 17, what level will they be when they do join? Also level 17? If so, that seems like a way you could essentially get "free xp" for them. Is it possible to "miss out" or "lose" any companions/sidekicks by delaying their joining (apart from very endgame after siding with a faction, of course)?
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