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  1. Hello boys and girls! I was working on a run as single class monk but I did quit at some point. Main reason however was that I was really exhausted after the first two ultimate playthroughs and that I have to work a lot atm, so I don't think I will try again any near in the future. The mega bosses are actually the "easiest" part or let's say the ones that give less of a headache. You will encounter the real problems when facing too many mobs at once. That is and will always be the problem. The Biggest headache for me personally are all of the arena fights in SSS, it is an abs
  2. First of all hello guys and wishing you great holidays. I got some spare time now aswell and wanted to get the news about PoE2 Ultimate runs! First of all congratz @thelee Wishing you the best aswell! Dedication and patience were you friends =D How is the rest of you doing ? Anyone else working on a ultimate run ? ---- @Enoch you can disjoint Arcane Dampener if you use Shadowing Beyond.
  3. Getting ready for Pillars of Eternity 3 - The Ultimate! *Already stretching* =D Will be cool if there will be some kind of Ultimate achievement for the new Baldurs Gate game aswell.
  4. Yes I actually got the letter this week on monday. Instantly opened when I came back from work =D Was really happy. But as I said I am working again and so I have alot less time to communicate and forgot to mention it here on the forums. I have posted it on the discord server aswell. So is anyone else here trying to beat it ?! Don't you dare giving up guys! I believe in you!
  5. Surely, I am overexaggerating at some point and you are right all RPGs are using cliches, but why do you think some are getting rated very high and others get completely forgotten. It's about presentation! I give you an example of how I look at this things: Let's talk about The Elder Scrolls and the Dark Brotherhood. This is a vampire theme, super stereotypical, nothing really innovative there. BUT I haven't met a single person yet that would have denied this questline being amazing/entertaining. So after this questline was well received in the the Oblivion game, what have they done
  6. Are you using any mods ? I do remember this happened to me a couple times shortly after release when my steam client wasn't connected to the cloud. Thought this was fixed. Never happened to me again.
  7. On some of my characters I actually didn't invest points in DEX, great to know that you only need 14. Can be easily adapted, ty. But you still need Athletics 8, so you have to respecc probably anyways like me except you really do want invest in athletics. You get +2 from the Adra Potion, +2 Burglar's Gloves, +2 Ngati's Girdle (which I usually sell, because it gets you alot money early) + X (nothing comes to my mind now). You cannot use Unguent of Animalism because it's an interaction on the world map. So you still need to invest 2 points for athletics while leveling. B
  8. PoE2 is a great. I had alot fun playing it. I don't think the pirate theme is bad at all, but it is just a little too stereotypical imo: everywhere are pirates, everyone is drunk and also talking like that and OFC there is somewhere a kraken hiding and a Davy Jones ship that is not being owned by Davy Jones, he got replaced by a female skeleton thingy called Lucia Rivan. I really felt SOMETIMES like playing a Pirates of the Carribbean game. It's just a little too much. On the contrast however, PoE2 offers great combat, multiclassing, alot of really unique items, turn-based mode, cool
  9. You should not judge too early about a build. Most builds are not working before they get some of their core abilities. Playing TCS will almost always be something like: "avoid every fight possible and collect exp until lvl x", simply because there is no other way. Doing tactical plays like pulling mobs into a corner or fighting in a narrow corridor is neccessary when you play solo. There is no build that starts on lvl 1 and can just run in brain afk mode and facetank everything, especially not on PotD. I really do get your point! You want to play it as you feel without thinking too much
  10. It definitely works with 5.0, it is still great. However, the actual question is how far do you want to take this build ... - Do you just want to finish the game TCS mode and get the achievement ? Then sure. The game can be completed without taking a single fight, so. - Do you want to play casually ? Means discovering, doing random bounties and exploring the whole Deadfire ? Then I would say doing everything of this as TCS is possible to a certain extent. Most likely you will fail at the mega bosses, but they are an own category ... For everything else in the game you are good to go,
  11. I am very sure you can finish the quest without killing the boss. You just have to sneak very close to the top left corner to get the quest log updated. You do NOT have to kill the boss. I have done it several times this way.
  12. Oh wow. You are right picking up the Cap is great. I do remember that you really are out of money after buying sandals + magrans belt while doing my route. You do meet Thaenic a 2nd time however and you could buy the Cap. Very nice idea, honestly! BUT I would not change Cap for Revkus for: - The Battle Royal fight. Simply because you do not want to maximize damage, but actually just want to survive it while not getting interrupted on SoT and BDD. - Belranga fight. Belranga can spawn with Bullish which means that her attacks will interrupt, same applies to ALL of the spiders she
  13. I am pretty sure I tried all of the writs against hauani and nothing seemed to work against the merge. I think the merge skill of hauani has a completely different "tag", that cannot be suppressed by any abilities unless you actually CC or interrupt him. I have tried this ofc before running it as priest of Woedica, especially for Hauani, because this boss is for many class combinations the "run-killer". I picked Woedica really only for the spiritual weapon. As already mentioned priest of Wael is also fine because you get Gaze of the Adragan, which will be useful for many more encounters
  14. Wizard is great and a lot of fun. But if you want to beat really EVERYTHING SOLO I do agree with Boeroer. SC monk is great, but pls don't try to trial of iron. If you are free to quicksave and load as many times as you want, SC monk is fine. If you do not play trial of iron, I would recommend Helwalker. You can leave might at 10 and fill out others stats because you get up to 10 might from your wounds as helwalker. You will do enough damage with 10 might, trust me. If you want more consistency and want to be more tanky, you can go Nalpazca. It doesn't sound convincing on the fi
  15. Hello boys and girls, I am happy to present you my 2nd Ultimate run played as a Zealot (Streetfighter/Woedica). Since I have already shared some information about my run regarding skill choices, pathing etc. I decided not writing a novel here and just link you my playlist. The only important thing I have to mention: All clips are unedited except for part 4. The reason for this is simply that my game bugged out, sadly it does happen regularly on the bridge in SSS, and I needed a workaround for this bug. At this interaction I was forced to Alt+4 / terminate the window and start again.
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