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  1. Sounds like a suicide Stag that doesn't want to die. Reminds me of Kenny from Southpark, lol. Last time I played multiclassed priest with anything that could summon, I noticed that it does not matter if you extend the summon duration. They will still disappear after some time, that's what I have experienced. My initial idea was, when Mega Bosses were released, to create immortal summons fighting for you. Unfortunatelly didn't work out. Or did they change something about that ? Last time I played around with summons is probably couple of months ago.
  2. That is really interesting indeed. I noticed a similar behaviour when using summonend weapons. In my case I used once on my multiclassed wizard Nannasin's Cobra Strike and Rot Skulls. If you cast Rot Skulls first and then Cobra you will have both summoned weapons in each hand. Simply means, double DoT on your target for more DPS. ____ I really forgot to mention something IMPORTANT about my Priest/Rogue Ultimate Run. Wit of Deaths Herald (upgraded ability that gives you Brilliant) can be cast out of combat, therefore it's effect also last after combat ends !!! You can, and I did so in my run ofc, cycle it between each fight without the need to rest everytime. That's why I mentioned that I only need to rest like 15 times. If you prolong the buff long enough you can easily jump into the next fight without resting, for example the arena fights in SSS or in the Forgotten Sanctum. Enjoy. As always. #IdoNotHideStrats Tenray
  3. Well I did some testing on bosses before going the Ultimate Run and Priest/Rogue with buffs and Hands from Woedica just deals insane damage which makes alot fights easier. You can crit for 200+ with each hand. It's absurd. SC priest does work aswell, no doubt. It just does less damage.
  4. I posted the strategy here alreay. I called it "new hippster strat". - Blunderbluss + Belt of Magrans Chosen - Shoot Vela in some safe corner and summon the Fire Blight of her - Heal yourself and wait for the Fire Blight to trigger Brilliant
  5. As Wotcha said, doing right choices for all god conversations. As for combat: - start fight safe if you want with traps OR immobilize + withdraw and invis - cast Wit of Deaths Herald on Vela => you get Brilliant - start buffing as usual Needs however resting because all Watcher abilities are per rest only.
  6. I really don't know =( I played as Woedica/Streetfighter. Primarily because of the streetfighter bonus you get while being on 1 health all the time.For some encounters I used Belt of Magrans Chosen to flank myself in order to deal more damage against a single target enemy for example Dorudugan. I picked up Woedica because as a rogue we got access to invis anyways AND the Spritual Weapon from Woedica is insane. The Hands dealing additional raw damage. Smoke Veil is totally fine. I never upgraded it. With a a couple of points in INT it lasts for 10 seconds which is enough for my playstyle, you can however reroll if you are higer lvl and pick up Shadowing Beyond, which I would recommend if you feel safer with it because it's duration is alot higher. But it's really not that needed. And yes you are right about Scordeo's. If you get double streetfighter buff you really do not need Scordeos. However I went for the saferoute and picked it up for the mega bosses. I did some testing however and you can beat all megabosses without scordoes except Hauani O Whe (ooze). Since we do not have any access to CC we just have to burst as much as we can, which streetfighter is really good at. You can go for Priest of Wael and get Gaze of the Adragan, but the Spiritual Weapon is so bad. Shroud of the Phantasm was actually only used ONCE in this run at Jadaferlas. After Jadaferlas you can get the upgraded version of your watcher ability and trigger Brilliant. From this point I decided to make a rest-run. My first Ultimate Run ended with an ingame time of 71 days, so I got alot of time left. I did plan to rest 15 times for my new run in order to kill everything which is in total 5 days and 8 hours that you need to invest for resting. At this point you will notice that I still have time left and it should be manageable. You might ask yourself but how about protecting your Brilliant buff from being dispelled. That is also the reason I picked up Rogue. I skilled Slippery Mind which gives you immunity to mind afflictions while you are near death, which we are permamently. So there is no need for Captains Banquet or Waels Wind. In fact I picked up Shark Soup a couple of times which makes you immune to EVERYTHING combined with Slippery Mind. Quite funny. Enjoy. Tenray
  7. Hello guys, I just finished Ultimate Run No.2. My personal goal was sub 10 hours and I managed to do it in 9:45 and I think it can be done even faster. This time I played as Priest/Rogue, was alot of fun. However I am thinking about uploading or not because as I already told you my internet connection is really bad and I actually have not any motivation to do so. The reason for this is my first Ultimate run. Some people were pm-ing me about my first run and were asking when I am getting the approval and all I can say is: I don't know. I haven't got any kind of answer/response from Obsidian so far. I did send a reminder and got no reponse and I even send a mail from a different domain, because I thought there might be something wrong with my email account. I have no clue if I got even disqualified or if they are still watching my videos. I cannot answer you these questions, I am sorry. Nevertheless I have nothing to hide and like to share ideas and strategies and you can ask me whatever you want about running it as Priest/Rogue. I try to commnicate as well as I can and would happy to help you out if you try to beat the Ultimate as priest/rogue aswell. For now I am really exhausted and I am not quite sure if I keep working on SC monk because some fights are really luck dependant, especially the arena fights. Probably I need a break from PoE2.
  8. After playing so much multiclassed priest/wizard and overbuffing yourself into oblivion you reach a point where you do not even see any new buffs because the number of buffs reaches the bottom of your screen. My suggestions: - "scroll-able" active buffs that you can look at while fighting, I am sick of opening character summary to look at ALL my current effects. I simply have too many of them - OR, probably the easier solution, being able to manually display specific buffs/effects
  9. I did send it to theultimate@obsidian.net as posted here. I do not even have twitter. You know what ? I'll do another run. A faster one. They'll get a better one. Quitting on my SC monk for now. I have a job to do.
  10. Well not that long ago, I did my submit on the 2nd August. You are right, of course ... watching all those clips does take a while and it is probably not the most enjoyable work you can do. A typical task for some interns =P I mean, if there is something really wrong about my run, I would probably just try again. I am a maniac, I am so obsessed with this Ultimate challenge and if they reject my run, I'll do another one. I got still this weekend to manage another run before I have to work alot again. But not getting any kind of response after a week is a little disappointing.
  11. @Boeroer Thanks to you! I used it in my Ultimate run and it saved me primarily real time instead of waiting for the normal regen. You posted this idea a while ago. I am not sure if it is a "game breaking" bug or not, but unfortunatelly I haven't got an answer yet from Obsidian if my run is actually ok or not. Still waiting. Anyways I shared my run with you because I do not fear competition and like to share ideas and strategies. With a Brilliant+BDD character it is quite safe but I am currently playing SC monk and it is so super weird. Enemy AI just doing random stuff, it is really annoying. ____ Just noticed I forgot to share the hidden dirty strat to get rid of Vela for the arena fights!!! Read carefully!!! - Equip Bounding Boots - Jump onto the spectator platform - save => load => Vela gets teleported to the spectator platform - jump back into the arena - CYA VELA DO NOT DISTURB ME WHILE FIGHTING, TY !!! Enjoy.
  12. Hello again and sorry for the late answer, was busy today doing alot stuff in my garden =D But ye, I was talking about the 20hp on kill from the pets you get, I did try it now several times and I am certain it does not grant you the 20hp on kill. Furthermore, I think that in general Resonant Touch does not grant you on kill effects in general. That's what I was trying to say. I did not check it on other on kill effects like Grave Calling or something like that, so I cannot say it for certain. For hp on kill from the pets its definitely not working. As Boeroer said, it's probably that Resonant Touch is "not connected" to your character properly.
  13. Not quite sure if this is fixed already by one of your patches since I am playing for the Ultimate and obviously not using any mods or the community patch. I am playing SC monk right now and noticed that killing with Resonant Touch does not grant you the 20hp back on kill. Maybe it's also not working with other on kill effects, haven't checked that yet. But health on kill is definitely not working for me with resonant touch.
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