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  1. I don’t agree with that. Time travel opens up possibilities both in terms of stories and settings, décors. Many examples (cf Assassin’s Creed, Doctor Who etc.) show that it is a great concept if it is well done.
  2. Hi every one, First post here, but I'm a huge fan of PoE and I live in France (so sorry for the bad english language sometimes). So my question is: what would you like to improve in the existing games for a PoE 3 ? Because I mean this game has to exist ! I mean more than ever (especially in this periode) we need something that connect the magic to the soul of the players. We want to dream, and live wonderfull adventures. And Microsoft is clever enough to know that this game Pillars of Eternity is THE game who deserves to reach a large audience ! And the people who work on it are really talented, and also the richness of this game is in his details. So for myself: I love everything in that game: mecanics, strategy, graphics, characters, colors (especially in Deadfire), diplomaty, stories, the attention to details ... What I would like to see in a 3 would be: - Less loading times who break the path of the game and are too frustrating. And they also break the impression that we are in an open world. - To have the possibility to zoom on characters and beautifull settings (landscapes..) to admire and feel more connected to them. If not it's a little bit frustrating. - Please keep the isometric view (or 3D only for few scenes. A full game in 3D makes me sick) and because this is the "essence" (DNA) of the game. - More beautifull stories (with gods), and why not travel in times ? Like mousketeer times... It would be wonderful if the Pillars or the gods could regenarate you in another body and another time for example. Isn't it a wonderfull idea ? ;)) ) (I'm a scriptwriter by the way ^^) - I love the pirates and the islands in PoE2 but I wasn't convinced with the naval battles. It's more for a paper and a pen. In a game we need to see more things maybe. But I like to see ships and battles on it. So in the next Pillars of Eternity 3 you could be who you want to be and travel in another places and another times... And you ?
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