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  1. Got some questions on what would solo wizard POTD experience would look like today. Do you stack deflection on wizard early or not? Do you just sneak around to level 12-13 only doing non-combat quests. Does it have to be bloodmage? Does it involve any brilliance mechanics and how to you get them?
  2. Thanks for reply guys, really appreciate all the answers. Have been sitting there for hours, trying to decide and come up with builds. I went with Paladin/Bloodmage. Was a tough choice whether to take Paladin or Fighter together with bloodmage. But i have other variants lined up, for next run after this. Considering between Rogue/Cypher and Paladin/Chanter next.
  3. Not using broken stuff like vanish loop or brilliance item. Blood mage is on the menu though. Fighter/Mage Fighter/Cypher Rogue/Mage Rogue/Cypher Paladin/Mage Paladin/Cypher Fighter/Chanter (this i would probably find boring if it revolves around summons) Paladin/Chanter (this i would probably find boring if it revolves around summons) Which of these do you think has the most potential for solo run, upscale, POTD? I am not tryharding the run, i will use party if i can't do certain encounters. i wont use any loops or broken stuff. Which of these capable of doing solo the easiest, if any? And can you elaborate which subclasses and items you would use.
  4. "No sneak attack build", what I mean by that is no attacks from stealth, so if you wouldn't do it, would bringing rogue or rogue multi-class would still be worth it? or shadowdancer for that matter. It can still be rogue, if it does more regular/skill attack damage, but I wont be using attacks from invisibility at all, so I was wondering what the best next build would be, rogue included, although I guess that would gimp it.
  5. hey guys, I was wondering if you could give any tips for those 2 questions. 1. Best melee dps build. I would like it not to be a sneak attack build or scordeo combo build, and the build should use weapons. 2.best 2h hander build. Same applies, not a sneak attack build and I would like it to be at least somewhat frontline. What interests me is class/multiclass, key skills and weapons. Of course, you can elaborate more if you wish, including armor and other things.
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