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  1. I did, in fact, truly LOL at this. and by the way, thank you for all your work here. Between builds, answering questions, as well as calling b.s. if you have to. ive wasted at least 24 hours between the creation/reroll/inventory screens just frozen in the vast sea of decisions; you’ve helped make my life easier; I appreciate you helping make that easier. well, slightly
  2. I really thought you guys were being dramatic at first; I went back to do this quest and I found out you guys were actually underrating the problem. The reckless brigandine is something special. It looks like something Magic Johnson’s kid wore the second time he ever went to a gay bar.
  3. Can confirm on the SoulBlade. I played cipher on PoE1; so I’d catch myself casting a spell occasionally and ask myself and my dog”WTF am I doing here, besides smoking heroin?” Wasting time effort and money (well Focus) for a lesser return. Why would I try to cast amplified silent scream when I could just cast 1 20 focus spell(Frightened foes? Secret Foes? The one that immediately applies flanked to a huuuuuge AoE) and then basically turn the highest Threat enemy into sushi. The animation on Soul Annihilation is insanely satisfying.. anyway, came here just to see ideas of a SC monk build. I’d love to get a concrete build though for 5.0. tbh, I’ve been in character creation for 2 days trying to decide between SC wizard, SC monk, or some other multi class
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