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This build will work on any Swashbuckler but works perfectly with Eder.  This build is pretty self sufficient and makes good use of the AI. 


The core of this build is gaining as many Engagements as possible, keep them all Flanked with Persistent Distraction, and then stack as much bonus Flanking and Engagement bonuses as possible.


You can decide between Mob Stance and Guardian Stance and probably have enough points for both.  Most of your extra skill points will go to Fighter skills and you will mostly be using the Rogue Passives.


While you can use a Shield, where the build can get really fun is dual wielding Stalker's Patience (Bonus Damage against Flanked based on Stealth) and Kapana Taga (Bonus Damage per Engaged Target). 


These two weapons both can give +4 Engagement when using the Spear Modal.  Add Persistent Distraction to that are you are already at +5.  Guardian Stance gets you to +8. At some point you will max out the number of enemies that are on the screen at any one time.


For armor you have a number of good choices like Reckless Brigandine which improves action speed for each target engaged.


Combat is pretty simple, Charge at the biggest group of Mobs and they get knocked down if they try to run away.  If you want to get even more powerful set Mob Stance before Charging and then switch to Guardian after the first kill.  It would be nice if you could have the AI swap between stances based on Numbers engaged.


Anyone have any thoughts on fun additional items?  Having a Wizard drop a Pull of Eora is always good fun.

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Ranigs wrath (or how its called) also has +25 bonus against flank when you upgrade it and the last word + vs engaged....rusts stilletto is also nice vs flanked

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Why does the reckless brigandine look so ****ty


No kidding. A bunch of the armor styles just look horrible.

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OP, I love this build, and I'm using it myself for Eder. Would you be willing to put it into the format that is needed to have it on the Builds thread? I'd like to see it there.


By the way, another weapon that works really well with this build is The Last Word. Between that weapon and the two you mentioned, you can have one all-pierce weapon set (Stalker's Patience and The Last Word) and one all-crush weapon set (Kapana Tanga and The Last Word), or you can go with the mixed set you recommended. Gives some extra versatility.


The ring that gives you deflection per enemy that engages you is also good on this build.

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