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  1. So which one makes more sense on a troubadour and why? You can buff ancient memory further with the +50% healing buff; but i think if you activate the troubadour modal you get less healing? but more damage shield?
  2. i think she could be tied into the first dlc because the story is also about animancy and venutring into the beyond, thats kinda her thing
  3. i like that to be honest, that you can steal and find ways to get stuff etc.... i thought that is entertaining figuring out during the first playtrhough and most people won't do more than one anyway...and the other can get stuff as well through the console so who cares
  4. i played a goldpact knight and couldn't take intimidate options often due to that, i think 80% of the intimidate options are aggressive
  5. yeah there are i think 3 or 4 of these scripted events (usually the icon is a coral reef) where you can hunt whales which give you quite a bit of that meat....
  6. The other spear stalkers patience also seems very solid....rusts poognard WAS very good....a lpt of enemies have piercing resistance tough
  7. my thought was that the whole story was slightly pointless if you think about it....you don't really have ANY effect on the main story... I think it might have been a more interesting storyline when the story basically started when the story of deadfire ended - all is in chaos and you need to play through the game to either restore the old order or create a new one without you know who...but maybe we'll see that in POE3
  8. the console command is setsubclass - character - class - subclass; it overrides existing subclasses and you get the effects on the next level up - for example i turned eder into a unbroken streetfighter example in my game setsubclass companion_eder(clone) fighter fighter_unbroken (subclasses are usually named class_subclass) if you cant find the character name use "findcharacter" if you cant find the class/subclass name use "findgamedata" just wanted to let anyone know who's interested it works without issues (of course using the console disables achievements)
  9. Most players wouldn't have 200-210 deflection so that extra +5 looks weak to them. If you balance most items around total stacking and power builds these items will all look unattractive to 99% of players.+10. The armor itself gives +5 right from the start and can go up to +10 with enough skill points. +10 is a great value for an armor. 200 was an extreme example. Every tank would profit from +10 to deflection from something that's not a cape, weapon, a shield or a ring. I don't think that this item is only useful for 1% of builds. It's useful for every build that has decent deflection - so
  10. not looking at "named characters" i think ancient fampyr are quite hard
  11. Most notably their only regular attack ability, barbaric blow. you also miss out on the carnage bonus tough
  12. What? You mean "Carnage doesn't work ranged", right? lol yes ranged i mean....would be awesome tough
  13. instead of setting a hard cap i like the idea of diminishing returns...which makes lorewise more sense than a hard cap...for example until you hit +XX deflection its 1:1 than 1:0.5 than 1:0.25 etc. etc.... i think that makes more sense, still allows a niche build but at the same time a jack of all trades
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