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Found 2 results

  1. So... I love her! Is there *any* chance that she can still be fleshed out to a full companion in a DLC? I would happily pay. My love for Aloth as a character was the primary reason I dropped +$200 on the kickstarter!
  2. I wanted to see what others think of companions and their possible usefulness in a vacuum, so we're disregarding composition and just assuming that the character "fits" in a party, role-wise. I'll post about the characters and variations that I actually tried, the list is incomplete, but feel free to share your own opinions and thoughts. The thoughts on them are based on their performance on PotD difficulty. Eder - He's a great choice either as a fighter or a riposte swashbuckler. I haven't tried him as a pure rogue. Personality is likable, like who gets annoyed by eder? His armor is great for a tank role and later on you can switch it out because he's not gonna be the one dropping in a fight. 9/10 Xoti - Stat wise you'd want her to be a priest and nothing else. Dual class she just has too much stuff on her hands in order to cast it all and single monk, stats are kinda bad for it. Starting gear is nice and offers good bonuses from the get-go. 7/10 Aloth - Great, flexible mage that can be molded in most roles, his scepter hits multiple targets so working on his auto attacks can also be an avenue with buff spells. Haven't tried his multis as late mage spells are just too juicy to pass on, but similar to Eder he has the tools to make a riposte rogue work. 8/10 Serafen - I tried to make this guy work as all of his roles. His stats are all over the place and just don't offer much in terms of accuracy or damage contribution in a fight. He can't hit his cipher abilities, he can't hit or tank as a barbarian, and the witch inbetween is probably the worst of the three. 4/10. Pallegina - Unlike Serafen all of her subclasses and pure paladin are great. Pure paladin is something to consider if you want to be a generalist support/offtank, but the crusaider (paladin/fighter) or herald (paladin/chanter) offer specialization. Crusader puts eder to shame in terms of defenses, and herald allows you to summon and support based on your party needs. Probably the most flexible companion, and for that, 9/10 Maia - Great stats for a ranger and one of the best companions you'd want if you don't want to micro manage her, just leave her shooting and she'll be fine in a fight. Problem is, the ranger kit doesn't have much to offer other than 2 bodies for one party slot. I haven't tried her variations so I can't comment on those. 7/10 Takehu - This narcissistic godlike can fil many roles as his choices are druid, chanter or both multiclassed. Since he's a marine godlike, he has a specific spell per power level that is foe only, but gives up some spells from each class for it. All in all, he loses out on the summoning stuff from chanter so I'd say his druid is better, and multi is a bit too wide for two arcane classes. As a druid you get chill fog that doesn't affect allies so.. I guess that alone is worthy of 8/10. Sidekicks: Ydwin - This is what a good Serafen might have looked like stat wise. Even if you don't micro her, you can set mindblades to autocast and watch her annihilate waves of enemies. Her default is Mindstalker (rogue/cipher multi), but her stats are adequate for both single classes, though a ranged role is advised. 9/10 Fassina, Rekke, Konstanten: Haven't tried yet.
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