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  1. I'm guessing cos the same base damage would apply to multiple targets. But that would make the mortar guy good against groups, single target dps would still be kinda meh compared to what I proposed I think.. at least in theory.
  2. Based on your backstab tweaks, wouldn't a dex assassin with fast, dual wielding weapons be perfect for backstabs with vanishing strikes for example?
  3. When you say mortars you mean hand mortar and fire in the hole I assume? Where can I get more details about the build? Also, you can get PL 9 with multiclassing now?
  4. A few versions ago I wanted to make a glass cannon stealth annihilator build. So I made an assassin/soulblade with the intention of dishing out huge damage from stealth in an AoE. Unfortunately, the build was broken as the sword bugged out while trying to execute people - there was no aoe with soul annihilation for example, and attacks from stealth reset your attack but the initial strike didn't proc sneak/backstab miltis. Im just wondering if its fixed now, or if you guys have some other variations if it isnt.
  5. I have no mods and the sword is buggy as hell with soul annihilation. Have 0 recovery, AoE doesn't seem to be happening, lower base damage than a normal GS for some reason.. I was hoping to have a stable game once all the expansions have landed, but it seems like obsidian just doesn't want to give me that.
  6. I mean assassin isn't exactly weak post backstab, he can still deal a great deal of damage. I really want to combo him with berzerker now but the frenzy damage to self makes it impossible to combine with stealth
  7. What do you guys think changed with the last patch? Assassin - nerfed, paladin - (and bleakwalker on top) - nerfed, soulblade - annihilated. I'm starting to think maybe pure assassin is just the way to go now.
  8. I am not sure what other weapons are bugged like this but the rapier Rannig's Wrath is - the weapon loses its existing enchants (melee accuracy, action speed) if you start adding the other special enchants like flanking bonus or penetration on crit. Original: After upgrade: I checked on my stats and the modifier is literally gone because my character screen doesn't report getting the buff from the flurry any more. This is not the case with other weapons that I've tried - they retain their special properties and have the enchanted ones added on top instead of being replaced by them.
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