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  1. -nods- Indeed. When I start playing, my characters run crazy fast for a couple of seconds. It suddenly stops and they return to a more normal pace. But now I have this creeping feeling that they're walking more slowly for a few seconds after combat has stopped. I can't tell for certain, because it's such a subtle difference. I can't really tell whether I'm just seeing things, or if they really are moving at a slower pace. I'm playing in turn-based mode atm (normal speed). Has started since today.
  2. The devs are aware of the issue and are looking into fixing it. (There are other posts on the same issues - Whispers as well as Citzal's Lance - a few pages down!)
  3. Another 'interesting' part of this bug: whichever power I use, its accuracy bonus becomes permanent, i.e. after having used Flames of Devotion, I gain a permanent +10 to accuracy. 'Luckily', it seems I am no longer the only one suffering from this bug. I suppose we'll have to await a fix.
  4. Aye, I am indeed using a mod specifically pertaining to the Whispers of the Endless Paths, namely this one. I uninstalled the mod straight away, but that doesn't change anything. I can't currently tell if the mod has anything to do with it. I did read the post on Citzal's Lance. The symptoms that poster is describing are a copy of what's happening in my game. I am not able to compare other characters or other powers in my game: I usually delete all my savegames when I start over again. I like clean slates. Edit: I am using two other mods: one slows down experience gain, the other expands the available character options, such as hair, beards, faces, etc. I haven't tried to disable those. Will give that a try as well. Didn't think they could have anything to do with it though. In answer to this question: I am not using a custom A.I. All my toons are set to auto-attack.
  5. I'm kind of glad to see you mention this. Gives me some hope. I was afraid I'd either have to get rid of my upgraded Whispers, or start over again (in case the mod had bugged out). Actually, whichever it is, I can't very well use the sword now. If I'm not paying the utmost attention to what's happening, my character simply uses up all his resource points. Hrm.
  6. Hey there, thanks for your fast response. Here's a link to my latest quicksave. I hope it offers new insight. Groet!
  7. Hey all, Happily playing PoEII, slowly making my way to the Forgotten Sanctum. Just had the following bug occurring, which I am certain I haven't seen prior to the latest patch: my Whispers of the Endless Paths no longer has any recovery time as soon as I use an ability (i.c. Mule Kick or Flames of Devotion). Once I use either, my character starts using the same ability over and over, until it has run out. There is no recovery between attacks. I use the ability, my character attacks about 7 times (which is how many power points I have), then stops and resumes a normal attack routine. I haven't been able to replicate the bug on my NPC's (Edèr, Ydwin, Xoti), nor have I been able to replicate the bug with other weapons (for instance other greatswords, pollaxes, longswords, etc.). I had a mod installed for Whispers (the one which increases the sword's regular damage, without changing the AoE-damage). I de-installed it; it made no difference, apart from the sword's damage returning to normal. I have attached an output log. I'm curious to learn if this is a game bug, or due to the mod I had installed. Thanks in advance. Cheers. output_log.txt
  8. Hey everyone, I just noticed the weapon enchantments I had placed on my 'The Hours of St. Rumbalt' - a 'superb' enchantment and 'durgan steel enhanced' - are no longer on the weapon. It was only after I had crafted Abydon's Hammer (and the sword got automatically de-equipped) that I hovered over the sword and saw both enchantments were gone. Now, the durgansteel enhanced I can recreate, but the superb enchant I can't. I'd have to load up a savegame from several hours earlier ('bout seven hours) to actually find both enchantments still on the weapon. I really don't want to go back that far. I'm a bit bummed, and annoyed. I -friggin' finally - got this far into the game (having started over about a million times) only to have this happen! But then again [stoic]: I'll live. I am mainly posting about this, to see if it's a known bug and if it's being looked at. I really did not notice (nor should I have, to be honest) that both enchantments had vanished. I cannot say how or when it actually did happen, but if I were to hazzard a guess, I'd say it could have something to do with the hearings in Cad Nua (after which, my weapon keeps being de-equipped). But truth be told, I have -no- real basis for this suspicion. I suppose I could re-durganize my weapon and make it legendary. I'm pretty sure one can only do that extremely late in the game, seeing as how I need an ingredient called 'Kraken Eyes', or somesuch. Anyhow, thanks for reading.
  9. I managed to fix it. I overlooked some Windows 10-thingie. Everything works now. Yay. Thanks for answering.
  10. Hello everyone, I dislike having to create a new post about this, but I am running out of options. All advice is welcome. Since installing The White March pt. 2 yesterday evening (together with the as of yet uninstalled patch 3.0), all my sound has mysteriously disappeared. I can run the game, everything works, just without any sound. Here's a list of things I tried: I have - restarted the game numerous times; - played around with the sound settings; - updated my sound drivers; - browsed the forums and the internet in general for a solution; - reinstalled the entire game (including both White Marches and the latest patches); - deleted all my old saves (I wanted to start anew anyhow); - started a new game in the hopes my sound would enjoy a fresh start; - told my sound to stop playing about and get to work; I fear I might have overlooked something small, something silly, something that'll make me slap my head and go 'doh!''. Help, you see, is welcome! Thank you for reading and for any advice you can give me. S.
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