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  1. Just to add to my previous post... No recovery bug with WotEP and FoD still occurs. Whatever "fixed" it for me wasn't permanent, and as other posters have reported, this bug seems to affect most AOE melee weapons when melee abilities are used.
  2. Tried Unity Console, doesn't seem to work properly with 4.0.1. I guess I'll be rolling 20s then...
  3. Nope, the flail doesn't appear in the loot window or in my inventory/stash after selecting "loot all". I could just use "GiveItem" command to get the flail since this might get fixed in one months' time or not at all. The relevant loot tables could be corrupted in my save files. I know that using cheats will disable steam achievements (don't care), but will it also disable the ability to gain those Berathian Blessing points? In my first playthrough I had to use console commands to fix bugs like missing BotEP parts etc. I also used a crude hack to prevent in game achievements from getting disabled just in case, but that probably won't work anymore. Does Cheat Engine or Unity Console work with Deadfire 4.01?
  4. Hi, Endre's Flog of Obedience is missing from the game as of the latest version from Steam. Katrenn dropped that thing in my first playthrough (also stated in the wiki), but now in my second playthrough I killed her and the constructs three times in a row and there was no flail to be found. She only drops her grimoire, her head and some random stuff (I pick pocketed the map piece earlier). Has the flail been moved to some other location or is this a bug? Any workarounds if it's bugged? I got the ring from the Imp and the amulet from Lady Epero without problems. I haven't tried killing Torkar yet in my current playthrough. Wiki says that he should drop a decent belt (The Maker's Own Power), but I have no recollection of ever seeing that belt during my first playthrough back when the game was released. Maybe I missed it because of a similar bug... I remember that I pick pocketed his map piece before killing him as I did now with Katrenn. Can stealing break inventories/drops for NPCs?
  5. Yep, my situation is similar. I have some really old saves that work, but there's no way I go through 20+ hours again. I have a feeling that this might not be as simple to fix as one would think. Apparently the first 200Mb "patch" was released by accident yesterday and it messed up the game files. I really hope our broken saves will be compatible if/when they release the hotfix (...after Christmas).
  6. This was posted on Steam forums 17h ago by BMacintosh: "To clarify, it is absolutely safe to play the game right now. You'll only have a problem if you played the game during a specific 2-hour window of time this morning. If you did that, the game won't allow you to load your saved games from that period. You will be able to load them again when this fix is deployed."
  7. I've tried to unequip all my items and summon the spirit lance - same thing bug occured. could you elaborate? The thing is that I'm not really sure what made the bug go away. I'm only assuming that unequpping/re-equipping the sword fixed this. I didn't change AI behavior or anything like that, since I like controlling the party manually. Maybe the bug is slightly different for you because the spirit lance is a spell... Then again, it functions like a weapon so idk... Maybe the bug is somehow situational. Can't do any testing now, the latest patch introduced a missing DLC bug so my recent saves are broken.
  8. I'm suddenly unable to use my recent saves due to "Missing DLC" message (LAXH and LAXI). This problem appeared after the game crashed when exiting that beach location next to Tikawara. After the crash Steam started downloading 1.3Gb update for Deadfire. When the download finished and I got back into the game I noticed that my saves had been rendered useless. I can see all DLCs listed in the main menu though, and I also tried to verify game files through Steam. Are those saves now broken for good?
  9. Hi, I just found myself with some free time and decided continue my second playthrough that I abandoned in September (last save 30th of Sept). A bunch of updates have been released since then and it seems one of those broke some abilities. Now my main character can spam flames of devotion without any recovery time when using whispers of endless paths. It's kind of hilarious really, but it also breaks the combat. Can this be fixed somehow? I wonder if the patches broke anything else on my old save... I hope that I don't have to start over as I'd like to get started with the DLC content soon.
  10. Hi, It seems that my inquisitor has lost a 4th level cipher ability called Silent Scream from the action bar (rendering it unusable) but it's still listed on the character sheet. Any way to fix this manually or am I just missing something obvious here? I have absolutely no idea how or when this has happened. I remember using Silent Scream in fight when I played yesterday and noticed that it's missing just now. It's also missing in all my older saves where it should be available. I have not used the (broken) respec functionality. The only mods/edits/commands I have used are as follows: -Achievement enabler mod for Beraths Blessings -Fixed missing Blade of Endless Paths parts bug (due to broken history editor) using a console command (cheat) to add the parts to my stash -Fixed broken family feud quest (forced heist after peaceful resolution) by making very minor edits to "03_cv_atello.conversationbundle" and "03_cv_martino.conversationbundle" To Obsidian I would like to say that there definitely is a great crpg here somewhere, but it's buried under hilarious amount of systems bugs, messed up flags and broken quests/triggers.
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