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  1. I'm guessing cos the same base damage would apply to multiple targets. But that would make the mortar guy good against groups, single target dps would still be kinda meh compared to what I proposed I think.. at least in theory.
  2. Based on your backstab tweaks, wouldn't a dex assassin with fast, dual wielding weapons be perfect for backstabs with vanishing strikes for example?
  3. When you say mortars you mean hand mortar and fire in the hole I assume? Where can I get more details about the build? Also, you can get PL 9 with multiclassing now?
  4. A few versions ago I wanted to make a glass cannon stealth annihilator build. So I made an assassin/soulblade with the intention of dishing out huge damage from stealth in an AoE. Unfortunately, the build was broken as the sword bugged out while trying to execute people - there was no aoe with soul annihilation for example, and attacks from stealth reset your attack but the initial strike didn't proc sneak/backstab miltis. Im just wondering if its fixed now, or if you guys have some other variations if it isnt.
  5. I have no mods and the sword is buggy as hell with soul annihilation. Have 0 recovery, AoE doesn't seem to be happening, lower base damage than a normal GS for some reason.. I was hoping to have a stable game once all the expansions have landed, but it seems like obsidian just doesn't want to give me that.
  6. I mean assassin isn't exactly weak post backstab, he can still deal a great deal of damage. I really want to combo him with berzerker now but the frenzy damage to self makes it impossible to combine with stealth
  7. What do you guys think changed with the last patch? Assassin - nerfed, paladin - (and bleakwalker on top) - nerfed, soulblade - annihilated. I'm starting to think maybe pure assassin is just the way to go now.
  8. I am not sure what other weapons are bugged like this but the rapier Rannig's Wrath is - the weapon loses its existing enchants (melee accuracy, action speed) if you start adding the other special enchants like flanking bonus or penetration on crit. Original: After upgrade: I checked on my stats and the modifier is literally gone because my character screen doesn't report getting the buff from the flurry any more. This is not the case with other weapons that I've tried - they retain their special properties and have the enchanted ones added on top instead of being replaced by them.
  9. I'm looking at rapiers for example, and I can't understand how has it come to pass that these things exist in their current state? Their base damage is horrendous, and their penetration/accuracy bonuses don't even come close to making up for it. I look at swords, 2 damage types, about 40-50% more damage, at the cost of, what? 1 penetration and 5 accuracy? I realize some weapons are more niche than others and not everything can be a power gamer choice, but come on, there's like half of the arsenal in deadfire that's just wasted space because their stats are so bad.
  10. Interesting find. I did try out the +Fire keyword but it didn't bring that much damage to be honest. At least looking at the combat log. Are you sure that this beats double sabre or sword? I mean, the alpha damage probably does, but the recovery must be a pain in comparison.
  11. This is maybe a minor issue, but still a waste of navigation/UI space. When you gain a new power level and you select no spells in it, the UI still jams in a spell tier in your action bar with no spells in it:
  12. I don't think you need toughness that much tbh. I'm finding that most of the time the cycle of stealth/burst > re-stealth leaves very little room for enemies to actually focus you down.
  13. I wouldn't say combat is dull, but it certainly requires less thinking and less resource management than before, when you would lose max hp over time, depending on your success. Rest is unlike in PoE1 a no brainer and an easy reset on any kind of miss-step you've ever done, which are in turn harder to make - even if PotD was a demanding mode. I offer a solution for it - In PotD - no resting in non-taverns unless you clear the entire area of enemies. Furthermore, resting incurs a cooldown period and you can't rest in wilderness again unless a fixed amount of time has passed. These things do not require any major modifications to the game in order to be implemented. This means that you only get 1, 2 rests at best during adventures, which severely hampers your ability to shrug off injuries. If we add a GOOD PotD difficulty, this should, IMO, enhance player experience as people will need to optimize their rests when everyone is exhausted or risk losing out on potential value, or worse, having to call it quits and going back to town in order to heal.
  14. You are right that anyone can do the things you basically need a rogue for in most other games, D&D and otherwise. I think that restricting skills to classes might be a step in the right direction when it comes to that issue. Mechanics for example should be reserved to rogues, ciphers and rangers.
  15. Alright 1. you are advocating FOR having 4-5 abilities that basically do the same thing? That's not wasted space or potential in your mind? 2. While you certainly are free to hate on the class roles in other games, what I suggested is nothing like the swiss army knife you are implying. With my suggestions, they would still have no aoe, no healing. Just my thoughts
  16. I would first like to say that the stealth revamp and the vision cone in deadfire is miles ahead of what we had in PoE1. The system helps a lot in making rogues and sneaking more immersive, and backstabbing is an actual thing now unlike in the previous game where it was basically an afterthought. That said, I think rogues here have another problem - too many similar skills. Hobbling strike, Blinding strike, Strike the Bell, Finishing Blow, Withering Blow, Sap, Gambit and Vanishing Strike. That's 8 attack abilities not counting the various upgrades for most of them. I'm pretty sure most players don't need them, and some are pretty much wasted space by the time you get to them (why would you ever use sap). You might say how it gives rogues options, but not really, most of these work pretty much the same and are boring in effect, with the exception of finishing blow and vanishing strike. Gambit single-handedly trivializes any kind of choice once you unlock it. But if you nerf gambit then you're just forced to use a combination of the other strikes. If you ask me, we should drastically reduce the damage of some of the strikes (strike the bell, sap, withering blow for example) give them some sort of utilitary role, or replace them completely. Sap could stun the target but do 10% damage. Put in rogue-specific poisons that are more effective, cheap or can be used per-encounter like poison that lowers stats, armor, defenses or fighting capabilities of stricken targets. Put in skills that promote gun/sword combos. For example a Ranged or Melee attack that does not have recovery as long as you used the opposite weapon before it. I'm pretty sure I'm late to the party when it comes to these suggestions, but maybe for a bigger patch or expansion there's hope.
  17. Oh I'm looking into personalities as well, for example Teheku is at least, initially, really aggravating, obnoxious and egocentric which is immensely annoying to me, on the other hand, Eder is very likeable, sort of like a smart minsc. It's too bad the amount of joinable characters is low compared to the old stuff like BG2. If I recall there were at least 15 of them. All with full stories - sure, they weren't 100% voiced, but having to pick between 7 full compainons to make a party of 5 really feels restricted, the 4 sidekicks are alright but, you know, before pulling the BG1 > BG2 and PoE1 > PoE2 analogy people need to think about stuff like this.
  18. I would avoid 2 arcane classes as they will have very little skill points and spread themselves thin. But that's just my opinion.
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