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  1. Casita's Legacy still worthwhile? How about Cadhu? Any other gear I should put on my tank?
  2. Well I don't want my healer's focus to be spent worrying about my tank. I want her to keep the squishier party members alive. How should I deal damage, considering I'll need deflection? My old build is somewhat hamstrung by the new patch.
  3. Well, I don't want my healer to be having to focus on healing my tank. 12-14 eHP per 3 seconds should be enough for him, and my healer can focus on the squishies. What's the best way to deal some damage? Would this build be solo viable?
  4. Using "Her Courage" Chant on Brisk Recitation and Exalted Endurance Should give your character 12 HP/3 sec even while minimizing might. Questions: How much Deflection would I need to make this a viable Main Tank; How to get that much? (Still Cadhu Scalth + Casita's Legacy)? How can I still deal SOME damage? Summons (pump some dex)? Offensive Invocations (7 Nights) with Intelligence? Any help welcome.
  5. My crew was on the edge of mutiny, thanks man. BTW, I love your hometown! When I lived in Fayetteville I would visit there any time I had a 4 day weekend:)
  6. I keep losing morale (really having a hard time understanding this ship management thing) due to someone working with an injury. However, none of my crew is injured (says "0"). Is it a bug? Am I misinterpreting the interface?
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