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  1. Oh you can't import from Divinity 1? no i mean u cant import/export ur char to ur friend's game and vice versa
  2. dont think its gon happen at this point but i do agree, if bg iwd and nwn can do it all those years ago why cant these game claiming to be the spiritual successor of bg do it now. even Divinity's lack of multiplayer import export bugs me to no end.
  3. i played the main campaign when it first came out. the ending was ....a little open ended for me. i been waiting to replay it when all the dlc to comes out. so is forgotten sanctum the last of the dlc aka the end of the main story line for poe2?
  4. planing to do a fighter play through. can someone tell me for sure what did they change/nerf for fighter?
  5. half assed ie co-op is all im asking for. anecdotally speaking i can make 4 ppl buy the game that are not even thinking about getting it now if it had somekind half ass co-op. i didt play divinty 2 but it sure solid well
  6. 1 "Game has budget" having coop = more players = more money hence more of single player experience. 2 dont like coop? dont play coop. 3 was iwd 1&2 nwn 1&2, bg 1&2 all too mainstream for you? because you know they all had coop right? and poe was inspired by those horrible lamestream games.
  7. just look at how many ppl are buying and playing that ugly neverwinter nights enhanced edition. should be easy money
  8. yeah im also kinda disappointed they didt get to work on fallout 76
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