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  1. Just to update this, I never received any fix or further follow-up. I have similar, though not as significant, issues with Pathfinder Kingmaker and interface screens. I thought it was something unique to me and I wasn't going to push it, but I've seen others post about similar issues, and one of my friends actually just told me has the exact same issues with PoE II, so it can't be something specific to only me. Some official response would be nice, even if it boils down to you're SOL bu y a new graphics card.
  2. I previously played PoE II with no major issues well into the game. I returned to experiment with the turn based patch. Since that patch, I am now experiencing the same issue experienced by many others previously, where I cannot even successfully make it through character creation before the interface locks up. The mouse cursor remains mobile, sound continues to play, and it sounds like interface items can be manipulated, but the graphical display remains incurably frozen. Attached hereto are my dxdiag and output logs. No save game is available for obvious reasons. I have tried reducing g
  3. Don't think it's a bug though - I mean it damages per the value displayed correctly and one would assume it is using the value the dev's intended it to use. Maybe a balance issue - don't know where those go.
  4. Yeah that's why I wanted to use it lol. Who doesn't want to use a lightsaber? Think I'll give Sage a try instead though - I've found single-class Wizard to be a little underwhelming and am looking for a restart.
  5. This looks really neat - I like that you can effectively respec as you go on as well to shift from spell-focused to melee-focused or a balance of whatever you want. Think I'll try this out.
  6. Has anyone actually used this? I saw it and thought it screamed Jedi (i.e., Psyblade Devoted specializing in Sabers) but when I actually tested it out, it seems pretty terrible. The only benefit it seems to have is that deals raw damage, which is nice, and is slightly faster than normal (3 second recovery time as opposed to 4). On the down side, it's damage seems way too low to be viable as anything more than a niche weapon for certain enemies with extremely high damage resistance, and the only enchantments it offers are the standard ->Legendary branch. To compare, a fully Legendary An
  7. Hey thanks - I appreciate your input. That's very helpful - also good to know the indicators are bugged. I think it just is a little extra confusing because, unlike PoE I, the map and therefore the encounters aren't as linear. I'm glad to hear that I don't need to be starting over, and should just be looking for content that is closer to my level range.
  8. So I'm playing on PotD with upwards level scaling only for all content, which I realize is pretty much the hardest way to play the game. Things were going fine, but around level 8 I'm having a great deal of difficulty, and I don't know if it's because I'm taking on content I shouldn't be, or if I'm just not doing well. I've tried three different fights that have all completely obliterated me - fight at Ruins of Amira's Roost, fight at Steel Preacher, and some Ogre guy at Dunnage's docks. Is there some way for me to tell what levels the opponents are? They all seem to have super high resistance
  9. Well, the fight against Raedric was super fun - died once, but the second time I managed to take him down with only two party members left standing, and my main (a wizard) totally out of spells and abilities. PotD really makes you use those consumables - had to use potions and scrolls for the first time ever.
  10. From my understanding AI is probably one of the hardest things to do and definitely one of the most time consuming. A game like Europa Universalis IV (which is more complex obviously) has been developing it's AI, in various components, for 10+ years. FWIW it will probably be much better in PoE 2 since most of the core systems, and thus AI, should be recyclable.
  11. If you're dying constantly against them, you're doing something wrong. PotD will throw enemies like that at you a lot -- something that'll either hit so hard you die, or be so hard to hit they'll wear you down. You have to figure out how to neutralise their attacks and get past their defences. Once you do, they become pretty easy really. So study them a bit and figure out the right tactics to beat them. You will need to be doing that a quite a bit in PotD. (Or it could be you're just underleveled. Going there with just you, Edér, and Aloth at level 3 is not going to be easy whatever yo
  12. I'm glad I'm not - I've died like 10 times in the Temple of Eothas alone lol! But I would never play ironman on PotD anyway.
  13. Been pretty fun so far, except for the Temple of Eothas...****ing Shadows. Man I hate those things. It's not even that they teleport (which is cheesy but you can manage) it's that they're just damn hard to hit and you don't have many options this early in the game (as opposed to say, when you fight a lighthouse full of them later). At least my main wizard has eldritch aim, but my low-resting mantra pretty much has to go out the window for this dungeon.
  14. Alright, I think I'll try taking on PotD with regular experience gain then.
  15. I played this when it first came out and thought it was ok but generally mediocre and lost interest about halfway through second Act. I have some time now and am interested in picking it back up; although I know all the patches and expansion will not have fixed some of the design choices I disliked, I enjoyed the original product well enough that I think with all the subsequent work done I may enjoy the current game enough to finish (and I don't have time to wait for White March Pt. 2). I am planning on playing through with a half custom, half NPC party (Pallegina, Eder, and Hiravias, as those
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