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  1. Don't forget, Sasha's Singing Scimitar, give everyone a +2% (stacking) Action Speed increase per Phrase. You can run a great Chanter without using Invocations.
  2. With the food and gear (Banquet, Shimmering? Scale [shield has enchant to imm:Gaze]) that gives you immunity, its not terrible, if prepared. Theres also been talk of blinding your own party to get around it, but I haven't tested that yet.
  3. Saying theres no points to any builds, because there are bugs in the game is pretty silly. Sure, you can ignore any sort of build, and just exploit the bugs, until they're patched. Doesn't really seem like a smart idea long term.
  4. Any attack on a large 'scale' attack like this would be a balancing nightmare, with triggered effects. Thats why they removed attacks off it in the first place. If anything Charge + X damage, or additional effects, like Disoriented, for an upgrade.
  5. True, I'm tired of all my characters being green. I'll think of a good solution and add to the OP. Because the game has 0 replayability due to being trivial AF atm? All of my characters are built using the most powerful / broken races and classes available. Game is too easy make it not. Or maybe stop trying to use the 'best' races and classes?
  6. Cipher Ranger is another valid option, Ascendant / Ghostheart if you're into Subclasses. You can use all the 'target ally' stuff on your pet, which you can summon into wherever you need him, Ranger also has a lot of handy +Accuracy, which can make alot of the Cipher 'hard to land' spells stick even in PotD. And the Leap + Fire (0 recovery) is great for getting out of messy situations.
  7. Yup, its a bit more obvious now, with more 'DLC content' in the icon, bottom left at the load screen. Mousing over it, I get... Free DLC *Greyed out* Critical Role Everything you need.... *Checkmark to the left, Colored title, white text* Rum Runners Pack New consumable.... *Greyed out* Beard and Hair Pack New beard and hair... *Checkmark to the left, Colored title, white text* Beard and Hair Pack New beard and hair... ******* In game, I know I have the Energetic pose, and more drinks, so I'd assume Rum Runners and Beard & Hair are working fine, al
  8. Heartbeat is only melee, but Long Pain seems to really has some identity crisis going on. If it were somehow flagged to work with everything that is melee, and everything that is ranged, it would be a great ability / build idea... and then it would get nerfed.
  9. Tutolios Palm, small buckler / shield, that you can attack with, and gives + unarmed damage (and wounds on hit) from Nekata blacksmith (I think?) is handy. Monk feels great as a Multi, helping to provide offense to existing abilities, and a lot of good defense buffs. I've found lately that building them with lower Might, High Per and Int really helps out. With a decent Int you can get some really big durations on Monk abilities (Blade turning is amazing). Although everyone shies away from it, the Con/ Armor side instead of Int / Fire is really not bad, esp. if you are dying a lot early
  10. If someone has a lottery ticket and they check their numbers while watching a news show, and find out they have all but one of the winning numbers, and are going to win $100,000 they'll be Happy. Maybe sad for a second that they didn't have that last number, but that will be forgotten quickly. If they watched that show, and due to a mistake on the announcement, believed they had all the numbers, winning $10,000,000 and later find out that there was a mistake, and they only get $100,000 they will be pissed off. Maybe one day they'll get over it, but they'll be grumpy for quite a while, a
  11. a) Becuase this isn't Poe1. b) As Boer said, if there is no name showing up, they are peons, and not worth knowing. Its even more streamlined than 1, because in a room full of random villagers + 1 person you see 1 persons name with tab, compared to 'Commoner' *5 'Peasant' *6 'Relvant NPC'. Much less clutter.
  12. I recall someone talking about AI scripting, targeting Mages, will aim at basically anyone... Anyone try different classes in tavern fight club, to see what counts as 'spells'... I'd assume (pvp wise) that anything that follows the 'caster' logic of 2 Level 1 Spells, 2 Level 2 Spells, etc... instead of Resource pools (Guile / Zeal) would be suceptible to it. If it affects Resource style powers, then Corpsey might be worth using despite its clunkiness.
  13. I'm honestly not sure if Dark is trying to just troll everyone by completely contrary, or if he was just trying to complain that PoE2 Wizards didn't match his version of a Wizard. I can buy that in some systems if little Timmy says 'I wanna do magical stuff' that he might have to go to Wizard school, putting in years of work, and finally being able to light a candle with a flame from his finger. Sure, seems reasonable. Probably not an experience anyone is going to want to play through... In that world, a Barbarian with 'magical' abilities wouldn't make sense. Other systems have Wiza
  14. Oop, me too.... was thinking Heartbeat Drumming... First character I ran through was a Hel / Berz, thought that the Heartbeat was from Barbarian side, since monk is about Swift Flurry for extra attacks... Upon looking it up again, its Monk, and from Melee only. As for them working with Long Pain / Instruments I would think (haven't tested) that these function like Ranged, not Melee weapons... Should be an easy test though, use Barbaric Smash, at range with one of these, if Carnage triggers then they are eligible. I might check that. Well, that was Educational. -Smash is 'Weapon
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