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  1. For this multiclass, when using the hand mortar or other aoe weapons: -Does he gain focus for each hit (same if not aoe but multiple hits, like frostseeker)? -Does rogue abilities like blinding strike apply like an aoe (blinding all targets hit) Also what would be suggested as subclasses if i plan to use only (or mostly) ranged weapons. Am i gimping myself if i go ranged instead of melee (for POTD) Tks!
  2. Quick question about disintegrate: if your target is destroyed with this ability, does it eliminate the loot as well?
  3. I dont know all the spell names by hearth but the lvl 1 and 3 ones that boost perception (an hit chance) are almost mandatory for early game, especially on POTD. I've also found that the heals from the druid companion alone are not enough. The one at 0.5 cast time is needed just as much as the +hit buff. I wouldnt make a PC priest (i find them boring) but if you dont, you really need Xoti in your party (or an hired generic priest). I would rate priest higher than they are on the current list.
  4. IMO if playing on veteran/potd you want perception as your highest stat. You certainly dont want to dump it. As a tank dumpting constitution is another bad advice. You would be perfectly fine with might at 10 and lower int. Dex is really good because it allows you to use your "oh crap" abilities when you really need them (ie faster). Those stats looks like something Nerd Commando would suggest. I strongly advice taking his built with a grain of salt. Even if he looks like he knows what hes talking about in his video, Ive found they are not always that effective. I went with 10/10/14/17/10/17 and it works quite well.
  5. Do you guys know where i can make a mod suggestion/request? I know you can get extra engagement through gear but IMO if both fighters and Barbs get acces to it through abilities/skills, so should paladins. Otherwise it limits the gear choices a bit to much. Im lvl 9 and ive yet to find any good/rare spear. Plenty of swords though.
  6. Only thing preventing me from playing a paladin is the lack of extra engagement. I want to add a bonus to a paladin ability. My two options: - Paladin defensive aura . Is there a way to add the bonus only for the Paladin (since the auras normally affects companions) - Faith and conviction. A fixed bonus would work but is there a way to add one that would vary with dispositions (benevolent, diplomatic, etc) like the other bonuses work? Maybe from 1 base to 3 at max bonus. I dont really know how to mod but if its not to complicated i dont have a problem editing files with Wordpad. tks!
  7. I can't do that. It says that it can't be changed. I reported this. It was possible for a very short time but they probably corrected it with an update. I know since i was on POTD and im stuck on veteran now.
  8. I dont mind that, i would just like to be able to switch between ridiculous and veteran when i get tired of reloading multiple time for all fights.
  9. Ive heard someone say they removed the restrictions of paladins sub classes regarding general attitude (diplomatic, honest, cruel, etc). I could not find any confirmation. True?
  10. It's finally a challenge, and this is great. There are five difficulty levels, the highest one should definitely err on the side of too difficult, and vice versa for story mode. If they make POTD too difficult for me, I'll happily play Veteran knowing that the option is out there. I gree with you but currently the game seems to be going from cakewalk (veteran) to frustratingly hard. Id like to have something in between )
  11. I wrote yesterday that i was able to change the difficulty lvl of an existing game from POTD to veteran. I went back to the game and this feature was gone. Now im stuck on veteran and i need to start a new game if i want POTD. I dont understand why that feature had to be removed. All players who posted said that it was a welcome change. Now that POTD is getting a lot more challenging, some players would like to be able to switch difficulty when things get frustrating.
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