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  1. Action: Blinding Strike Conditions 1) Target: Has [NOT] Affliction - Perception 2) Self: Has Summoned Weapon (to make sure my weapon is on/prioritized before this) 3) Target: In Melee Range 4) Self: Has Inspiration (Again, to make sure my buff is on/prioritized before this) Despite this, my character uses Blinding Strike back to back. Conditions 2-4 are basically always true, but Condition 1 should stop Blinding Strike from being used again if I have "Target: Has [NOT] Affliction - Perception" In short, I just want my character to use Blinding Strike every time my Target is no l
  2. I use Stealth as my main stat, but I want to level Sleight of Hand as well. When should I be deviating from Stealth to increase it? I don't want to invest too late, in fear of missing out on why I want SoH in the first place, but I also don't want to invest too much to early and nerf my Stealth. Also, is there an optimal max SoH? (with or w/o temp increase items) Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated!
  3. I want to play to a Bow + Bear Companion DPS Ranger. I like the idea of being a "stealthy" sniper using Bear to setup Sneak Attacks, but does Rogue(Assassin) offer enough value to offset going Pure Ranger? Difficulty is only Veteran, but I want to make sure its at least viable. Also, does the Hit to Crit from Sharpshooter offer enough value to compensate for the Recovery Time loss? I plan on maxing Dex, if that helps. Scout would be Assassin/Sharpshooter or Assassin/[NS]Ranger Ranger would by Sharpshooter or No Subclass Any thoughts? Thanks guys!
  4. Can Mage Slayer be made viable for killing high priory casters, or is just melting them down with dps classes just as good if not better really. Any thoughts?
  5. What is up with these? I got one of these when I started as a wizard. It had two abilities per level, and one was one I had learned at creation? Should I start over and choose another ability cause this book gives it to me? Can I just not take any ability leveling up thats in this book? Can I find others? Is it customizable? Help!
  6. I am running a Pure Assassin with these stats Might 18 Con 7 Dex 20 Per 18 Int 5 Resolve 10 Should I be duel wielding to max DPS? And if yes or no, what weapon(s) should I be using?
  7. This seems good, but I want to ask... Is my Perception overkill? Is my Resolve/Constitution too crippling low for Veteran? If yes, and then no, should I add some more Int? Any suggestions/help from more experienced players would be great. Thanks! Build Assassin/Sharpshooter w/ Bear Pet Might: 18 (Maxed) Constitution: 7 Dexterity: 19 (Maxed) Perception: 20 (Maxed + Culture) Intellect: 11 Resolve: 3 (Minimum) Hunters Bow War Bow
  8. Would a Riptose (counter attack when missed) build be viable on Eder? I don't know his attribute distribution, proficiencies, or sub classes if I make him Rogue or Swashbuckler. I know he uses Sabre(?)/Medium Shield over Dagger/Small Shield (which would be better I think) If I was to do this on the Watcher, I would just put Resolve up to 20, grab a Dagger and Small shield, and go Rogue/Fighter or Rogue/(Stalker)... Watcher seems viable, so I was just curious if anyone had enough enough experience/info on Eder to help me know if a Riposte build would just realistically not work wit
  9. I really like the concept of being a Mage Slayer. Casters bring great utility/damage to a fight, and I want to be the one to shut that down. Leaping to a blackline caster and ruining his/her/its day sounds like a lot of fun. However... Is the Mage Slayer really any better at this then just melting a caster down with Berseker... Or just any high dps character in general? Dead is a better disruption after-all. There is no information on how effective " spell disruption" is in the ability description. (Stacking, %chance, etc.) Is Mage Slayer just a meme, or does the Mage Slayer really per
  10. I thought it would be cool to play a run where you fight side by side with your pet, instead of it being your Tank or w/e. I'd watch, go for it!
  11. Hello! I am new to the PoE attribute system, and I looking to run a sort of Shield Tank slash Healer/Utility combo using Fighter and Paladin. Damage is not a priority, survival and utility is. Can I dump stat Dex? What would be a good distribution for a build like this? I read a tip that you should keep these stats in increments of 5. Any thoughts on attributes, including a recommend build, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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