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  1. are there any class or item abilities that gives an ability like flurry from kotor, Where we can dual wield and just pray to rng for multiple hits each turn?
  2. Not sure if I understood the question, but Maia's A.I. also doesn't activate any abilities for me. The same as the other companions (and Watcher). yup thats what I meant, Maia not using her abilities or her pet on any of the conditions
  3. have we checked the maia and her ranger spells + pet abilities?
  4. plenty of ai problems still to be solved I'm afraid. I'm struggling to have a ranger that attacks at all if there is no enemy within approx 6+ metres. They just stand there with cogwheels
  5. Wouldnt expect it so soon, there are multiple AI issues going on currently
  6. The bug I am reporting has nothing to do with whether or not AI is toggled... In fact I have found several more bugs in the AI, Serafen never casts frenzy, and always uses tenuous grasp even though its not in any of his script packages!
  7. Spell wise - per Rest mechanics were defined as a way to control the top tier spells and abilities. It prevented repetitive and over-liberal use of these spells which would wreck combat balance and weaken the game's experience. In my my eyes there are two comparable scenarios: A) the fight does not need the most powerful abilities to succeed (insignificant fights largely) and, B) the fight requires usage of powerful abilities to succeed. In A, the per rest mechanic is irrelevant. In B however, the way of recovering ability 'charges', was to camp somewhere or return home, before doubl
  8. I've been testing consistently with all other AI off and the command: spawnPrefabatMouse cre_dummy This creates a minion you can fight who does minimal damage. Would be nice to see if we can get a dev response on this in terms of whether this is reproducible for them.
  9. Bump, I have a bug where maia's pets abilities are not able to be scripted. Things like takedown are not selectable on the popdown list even with conditionals starting with only 'animal companion is:'. Is this a known bug ? edit: the default ranger AI also does not cause the pet to use any abilities, even with all conditionals present. I would note that my scaling is turned on, will test with it off and update. Update: Ok there is definitely some sort of interaction between difficulty scaling and maia's ranger AI issue here. With it on, she will not use any offensive scripts as
  10. Trying to make a custom script for Maia, but cant seem to add takedown or any of its branches to the AI. The abilities are not there on the drop down list, even though she has them learned. Have tried with various variables. Anyone know the solution?
  11. anyone know what ship triumphs do. I cant see any visual change when its toggled either way
  12. if I have a singular of spell set containing 3 spells, the condition being 'always true', and a cooldown of '15 seconds', does that mean every 15 seconds it will cast spell number 1, or will it rotate down to number 2, then 3, every 15 seconds? Im trying to figure out if I should have 3 different sets of single spells with overlapping cooldowns, or if I can have all 3 spells in a single set and they rotate downwards.
  13. bump, no one encountered this? POTD is too hard since combat is a blur.
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