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  1. Hey, I'm playing a mage, who's right using a certain unique soulbound 1-handed sword that talks. However, when I equip a shiled in my offhand, I get -10 accuracy, even though the shield only says it gives -2 or -4 (don't remember which). And I don't see anything on the sword saying it should not be wielded with a shield! What gives?
  2. I'm gonna try to simply get into range and then board, via the battle-system. I wasn't aware I could do that, and it sounds like it give a lot less damage and injuries that way. Thanks for all the answers.
  3. I'm level 12, and have yet to learn the ship-to-ship combat system. I usually avoid other ships, and when confronted just board directyl. However it costs so much to do so, in terms of repair and injury, so I'm thinking maybe the ship combat is a better way. My question: I'm unsure if I need to invest in a bigger ship, or if it's enough to simple upgrade my own? I have 50.000 money, and some of the ships cost all of that. Will my own small ship do just fine, or is it expected to get a bigger one at some point?
  4. Thank you for all the replies - I'm running with a cipher now, instead of Aloth. Seems pretty solid.
  5. I'm debating wether to use a mage or a cypher as my 5th member of my party. I don't have that much experience with cyphers, at the moment I have 2 i can chose from, and 1 mage - mages seem less overpowered than PoE1, because of the spell-system change, so maybe it's as good with a cypher? I'm not sure how to even use a cypher, really - melee and medium armor, ranged and light armor?
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