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  1. Beefed up sponges come by the dozen. So you can't take them at low lvl without exploiting engagement break and other small cheese. You only have to worry about Port Maje though. After that you could easily reach lvl 12 just by sailing through the whole map. Then you'll get all your skills to make the build work. You can even get to lvl 18 just by doing bounties before taking on any additional quests after Port Maje. All this is up to the player.
  2. It's not cartoony enough and new gen suffers from extreme case of ADD and short attention span so they don't like reading nor anything that resembles a challenge in the slightiest way. THE END.
  3. Llengrath's martial masteries is the best if you're gonna multiclass into melee wizard and vaporous if you multiclass into another caster build. Instead of the cheesy immortal injury build you could just use the legit way through spirit shield, invisibility and summons. There are so many ways to get concentration and stats in this game that cheese shouldn't be needed. It's even easier if you play turn based mode which is likely what everyone does on Console.
  4. D:OS2 is pretty much only one thing in the highest difficulty: One shot everything on the first turn and only 2 stats matter. It's the cheesiest and most broken game i've ever played. Even my dog can beat it blindfolded in honor. Truly a RPG made for the new gen of whiners, game urinalists and casuals. It didn't help that it was as cartoony as it could get. Now i'm kind of worried about what they are gonna do with BG3.
  5. I personally think this one particular mod is a godsend because all the hidden forced rest crap is exceedingly annoying and makes no sense whatsoever from a gameplay perspective. But now i'll have to play with the classic game party because i can't rest anymore and already got amira's blessing with that particular party. So it means i'm gonna have to rush to get palegina and the rest before reaching the lvl that triggers that particular encounter through traveling on the next run just because devs went full retard on the design choices. It's as bad as the quest timer on Pathfinder: Kingmaker. A game that is much bigger and involves much more micro than PoE. Been having much more fun with caster builds than any busted melee on this game.
  6. Any first time player or anyone who hasn't beat the game yet would find this insanely annoying. Some neketaka events can't be avoided either, so if you miss them you also miss the bonus/unique gear forever. You can't travel through discricts without triggering them by a certain point. They should've made them random while traveling and not completely scripted. That would also make more sense. They did boat events a lot better since they can be avoided forever just by saving before traveling a certain amount of distance, saving and then reloading. So you could get them with any party of your choice since some affect character disposition and rep. And i'm sure you could beat the game blindfolded by now Boeroer but you miss my point.
  7. Can't believe there's so much hidden and scripted crap that forces rest and deletes all bonuses in this game. I mean in a full challenge run no one cares but on normal potd upscaled it is annoying as all hell since forces players to do stuff in specific order and some of those can't even be avoided. It doesn't even make sense on some stuff like reparing weapons ( should only take/advance time ) when you're still at the npc's face. It's just bad design. The whole point of no rest should be playing without or limited empowers.
  8. More like Obsidian going full social justice. Certainly not a good sign. Tyranny would've been a pretty good game if it didn't feel like playing a rushed demo. Reminds me a lot of Tides of Numerera and other scams. I wonder how long this "wokeness" trend agenda infecting every piece of entertainment will last.
  9. I saw the turn based implementation as completely pointless since it didn't came with multiplayer like Divinity 2. There was no point in making an already broken game even easier. Why not try and make all abilities useful so you could make lots of different combinations instead of nerfing every single thing or trying to force you to play in a specific way/style? This way you could solo with every single class starting from level 1. Yeah i know some people may be backers or fanboys or supporters so your disposition is understandable, but the game still has lots of bugs and the so called balancing was poorly handled. Elemental and other spells that don't have any kind of cc or bypass doing laughable damage on upscaled sponges is not good game balancing because they only proc once. Even with high penetration there is no point to use them against a mass of sponges unless you just want to intentionally handicap and torture yourself. You're not supposed to be forced to get insane gear, buffs and food to make them kinda damaging, the scaling is god awful with a lot of abilities. So yeah, in the highest difficulty lots of abilities are pretty much useless and damage over time along with fully disabling debuffs become the only viable stacks from the beginning of the game. The point is making everything useful from lvl 1 to endgame not requiring busted gear, lvl 20, a million buffs or a multiclass abomination. This is the very same reason why specific class combinations are INSANELY MORE broken/unbalaced than others. I never see the point of nerfing in a single player game. This is not a mmorpg where you try to keep players coming back, if anything that's why mods exist. So i'd say a bugless and completely balanced game would be far more important and the first priority for game developers. Intentionally handicapping already weak classes and abilities doesn't sound like balancing to me. Whoever said Wizards are useless is insane, there are like a million FREE spell combinations and utility they can get thanks to grimoires even if half of them are weak in comparison to other VERY limited caster classes like Druid or Priest and they have actual direct high damage spells starting from lvl 1. I certainly don't get this game design where you have to get past certain level to actually start playing some classes ( this never happened with divinity ) which is why the exp progression rate is ridiculous. You can already get to level 11 just by doing port maje and exploring the whole map without beraths blessing. I wish they could have given druids more useful summon spells ( Blights are complete **** ) instead of LOTS of crappy area damage boring looking spells and weak disables if all im ever going to use is corrode, raw, stun/paralyze and storm. They certainly missed out on implementing lots of potentially interesting animal summons ( IT'S A FREAKING DRUID FFS ) that come with specific debuff attacks or support/aura abilities. Can't believe chanters have a lot of better ones, not to mention summon spawns are extremely limited in comparison to a busted enemy army of magical sponges starting from lvl 1 and you call that balance? LOL. Instead of nerfing make all the weak abilities decent. There are a lot.
  10. Exactly, no one has confirmed what procs the glitch. I also found out that quests and unique npc dialogue randomly become bugged after reloads, map load and autosaves so it's better to always save before engaging in any quest dialogue and entering maps. This is one of the glitchiest and buggiest crpgs i've ever played along with pathfinder. I guess it really is a "Unity Engine" thing. Also, not sure how nerfing everything or making items and abilities useless is more useful than fixing all the bugs. If they ever bother to patch this again i think they should get their priorities straight.
  11. All they do is save time, not make the game easier since you can get lots of gold just by sinking lots of merchant or crookspur ships then once the crew is high lvl pure boarding. So they are good for the most part. Only the bonus points make it a little easier for solo. I say clear one game with full party and all blessings ( except world map and infamous if you don't have the achievement, just sacrifice the fighter class crew at lvl 1 mutiny ) on potd upscaled to have fun then restart and do a solo run with a multiclass abomination of a char, no blessings and full challenges on for a real challenge. The only fun crew members are the casters, ciphers, priests, chanters, rangers and druids. All melee ( fighter, barbarian, rogue, paladin and monk ) are a massive borefest to watch, maybe the paladin is the only interesting one with the support skills. and it's always about rushing and ganging up to the face like the boring enemy mobs do to you. The monsters also good for flavor, only the vithrack is really dangerous on the highest level and the ogre is possibly the tankiest. So i'd say fill your junk abomination with a truckload of high level wizards, druids, rangers and monsters for lots of creatures and area fireworks lol. Having the monsters is always funny anyway, the imp is probably the weakest with little damage and no abilities but he is a master navigator. You can also take the godlikes for flavor.
  12. What are the specific conditions to trigger the luminous adra potion and hylea's bounty stack glitch? Can't seem to proc it with an Ancient Druid on upscaled POTD no matter what i try. It's always supressed. Oh yeah, btw i saw that guy who posted screenshots didn't have Berath's skill blessing so it may only stack twice.
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