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  1. Thanks for this, I have been slacking and need to update this with all the data from sanctum. I will get to it tomorrow since I have the day off, happy new years folks!
  2. You are leaving out a few things. Those mini's you posted are plastic, not pewter. AKA, they cost significantly less to make. Also, those are promo pics, not pics of the models in hand so we don't really know for sure what they will actually look like for real. I find it very hard to believe they are being painted and modeled to the quality the pics suggest, in that volume, for that price. Your post implies they are "converted", as in models made of parts from multiple other models. Unless he got them all free from some box he found in a basement he is probably making next to no
  3. So I am just going to interject again for a moment because I see too many posts from people who don't seem to know anything about miniatures, or pre painted miniatures. Fact 1: There is no such thing as a "well painted" pre painted miniature. If you want someone else to paint your mini's for you, and you want it to be good, you need to buy them unpainted, find someone who does it for money, know they will likely charge you as much as the mini's cost to do it, and have them do it for you. I myself used to do it a long time ago for 5-10 dollars a mini depending on detail wanted/size of the m
  4. Why did a thread that hasn't seen a post in 4 months get bumped? In fact, it hadn't seen a post in 4 months the first time it was bumped? Even more quizzacle, why was it bumped by someone with 0 posts who had nothing to say for themselves and simply quoted someone else? Sometimes I wish Obsidian Forum Mods ran thread clean ups to prevent this stuff.
  5. Oh. File hacking is notoriously unreliable. I won't mind if it turns out to be accurate, but I won't count my eggs until I see something official.
  6. Nope you are correct, but I think a couple things are worth mentioning. 1: She is easily the most popular sidekick. 2: She is already in the game as a sidekick and all her combat barks are already done. She would need to be added to the reputation system, maybe given a few more quest interjections, given some personal conversations beyond what she has on recruitment, and a personal quest. The rest is complete. That's a lot to do yeah, but it isn't the entire work load either. That said I am curious what leak is getting baited here? I heard Konstanten was actually the sidekick get
  7. Well this one got necro'd, but at least it was only three months or so old. I just want to say the video linked above is complete trash. I have plenty of posts on this forum decrying why I think the story of deadfire was weak, and I think it was. That said, when a guy has to go to a wikipedia page to get a summary of the games plot, talks about needing to read Cartesian philosophy to understand it (.... really?), and can't pronounce Dyrwood correctly. Well I strongly suspect he never actually played it, or if he did, did not get very far into the game before quitting.
  8. Hahahahahahahaha I got you with that click bait title didn't I!!!!! Okay seriously, I did just receive my physical rewards today at long last and wanted to weigh in. First off it should be stated I basically got all physical goods thanks to my backer level, and I also got the vast majority of goods for Eternity 1. It is worth stating that I was not super happy with the first games goods, the cloth map (first version anyway) stank, the mouse pad was not good, etc etc. So I am looking at this from a few ways. Is it a step up from Eternity 1? Did the fix the mistakes of the first games
  9. If you are using actual miniature paint, and doing thin coats like you should, it really doesn't take all that long to dry.
  10. Well there are people out there who will paint minis on commission, I used to do it a long time ago. It is very pricey though.
  11. They look like crappy pre painted mini's done in a hurry by factory worker X. Which is exactly what you get every time you buy a pre painted mini. People who aren't really into the miniatures hobby vastly underestimate how much work goes into a well painted mini. Most mini's of that size, even when painted by long term very expert painters who have done it 1k+ times, take around 2-3 hours to do right.
  12. In addition to Andrea's comments, they were upfront about their being no physical edition this time and clearly stated the "physical" boxes would just come with a steam key. If you were surprised by that you did not do your research. Everything else basically sounds as expected other than the statue? Guess I will found out when I see my rewards on that front.
  13. Considering there are posts by sawyer himself on the subject, yeah. It isn't worth the effort though. I just wish people would complain about the things that effect everyone's game and are legit.
  14. Actually I was being kind. It is probably less than 5% of total players who actually play on PotD. As mentioned by another poster, only .07% (that's less that one percent), beat Pillars of Eternity on PotD difficulty.
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