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  1. Thanks for this, I have been slacking and need to update this with all the data from sanctum. I will get to it tomorrow since I have the day off, happy new years folks!
  2. You are leaving out a few things. Those mini's you posted are plastic, not pewter. AKA, they cost significantly less to make. Also, those are promo pics, not pics of the models in hand so we don't really know for sure what they will actually look like for real. I find it very hard to believe they are being painted and modeled to the quality the pics suggest, in that volume, for that price. Your post implies they are "converted", as in models made of parts from multiple other models. Unless he got them all free from some box he found in a basement he is probably making next to no money, and if he did get them free he is basically charging purely for the paint job.
  3. So I am just going to interject again for a moment because I see too many posts from people who don't seem to know anything about miniatures, or pre painted miniatures. Fact 1: There is no such thing as a "well painted" pre painted miniature. If you want someone else to paint your mini's for you, and you want it to be good, you need to buy them unpainted, find someone who does it for money, know they will likely charge you as much as the mini's cost to do it, and have them do it for you. I myself used to do it a long time ago for 5-10 dollars a mini depending on detail wanted/size of the miniature. My price was considered cheap. Fact 2: Good miniatures that are made of quality pewter, and contain strong well defined detail, are expensive. You also need good quality miniatures to ever achieve a good paint job, so in the defense of the terrible painting... these aren't good quality minis so they aren't going to look great painted no matter what. They also appear to be made of fairly low quality pewter. They did cost 25 dollars, I know cause I bought them. I expected them to be bad but figured it wasn't that expensive and wanted to risk it. At 25 it definitely could have been better though. So end game? The miniature paint job is fine considering, anyone who knows jack about miniatures will tell you what you got is what you would have expected if you did research. If you want to complain, do so about the quality of the miniatures themselves because they are poor quality. Why did this happen? Mostly I imagine it is because the companies that can make a fine quality detailed mini like Reaper or Games Workshop simply don't want to work with companies like Obsidian, or to do so they want too much money/to produce in a volume Obsidian can't bring to the table. In my opinion the only real mistake Obsidian made was bringing this to the table at all before they confirmed who would be making the minis and the quality they would represent. It is one thing to make a large 10 inch Od Nua statue. Lots of people can make large things in decent detail. Doing it on something 1 inch tall or less? Lot harder. Next time Obsidian just don't offer this, assuming there is a next time.
  4. Why did a thread that hasn't seen a post in 4 months get bumped? In fact, it hadn't seen a post in 4 months the first time it was bumped? Even more quizzacle, why was it bumped by someone with 0 posts who had nothing to say for themselves and simply quoted someone else? Sometimes I wish Obsidian Forum Mods ran thread clean ups to prevent this stuff.
  5. Oh. File hacking is notoriously unreliable. I won't mind if it turns out to be accurate, but I won't count my eggs until I see something official.
  6. Nope you are correct, but I think a couple things are worth mentioning. 1: She is easily the most popular sidekick. 2: She is already in the game as a sidekick and all her combat barks are already done. She would need to be added to the reputation system, maybe given a few more quest interjections, given some personal conversations beyond what she has on recruitment, and a personal quest. The rest is complete. That's a lot to do yeah, but it isn't the entire work load either. That said I am curious what leak is getting baited here? I heard Konstanten was actually the sidekick getting a little love in the next expansion? Considering the name of the third expansion I will be shocked if Fessina doesn't get some involvement there as well.
  7. Well this one got necro'd, but at least it was only three months or so old. I just want to say the video linked above is complete trash. I have plenty of posts on this forum decrying why I think the story of deadfire was weak, and I think it was. That said, when a guy has to go to a wikipedia page to get a summary of the games plot, talks about needing to read Cartesian philosophy to understand it (.... really?), and can't pronounce Dyrwood correctly. Well I strongly suspect he never actually played it, or if he did, did not get very far into the game before quitting.
  8. Hahahahahahahaha I got you with that click bait title didn't I!!!!! Okay seriously, I did just receive my physical rewards today at long last and wanted to weigh in. First off it should be stated I basically got all physical goods thanks to my backer level, and I also got the vast majority of goods for Eternity 1. It is worth stating that I was not super happy with the first games goods, the cloth map (first version anyway) stank, the mouse pad was not good, etc etc. So I am looking at this from a few ways. Is it a step up from Eternity 1? Did the fix the mistakes of the first games physical rewards? What is the overall quality of the actual items? Why am I making this post at all? Simply because someone else posted what I feel is an extremely biased review of the goods based on a lack of knowledge and unreasonable expectations. Two things I don't suffer from, at least when it comes to Eternity. So first the physical box? Guess what? They nailed this with Eternity 1, and they did it again. If you know the Eternity 1 box it is the exact same thing just with a slightly different/darker color scheme. There is no physical disc, this is something I expected going in. If you needed an actual disc as opposed to a really nice sturdy card with a download code prepare to be sad. But what about the individual items inside? Eternity 1's mouse pad and cloth map both sucked like I previously mentioned, they don't this time. Gone are the bad printing methods and washed out colors. If anything this time the colors are a little too strong. The mouse pad especially is way better, it even has knitted edges on the pad to protect the sides, and is a little larger than a normal sized mouse pad. There is no reasonable complaint to be made with either of these two items. How about the guidebook? Yes, it is the same guide book dark horse released, why this is news to anyone is odd. So you can get this book on it's own if you want without any previous backing or nonsense. It is just as high quality as Eternity 1's guidebook, and well worth it. These books are basically must have if you ever want to even think about using that Aora RPG setting. It does seem a little shorter than Eternity 1's book though, I could just be wrong. The plushie you ask? Well, it is a really nicely made and sized plushie. Not much else to say. It does not feel, or look "cheap", it is not some crappy beanie baby, but it is still a plushie. If you know what an actual plushie is well, it is one of those and made to a nice quality, colors are really strong too. Extras, the box also came with a nice cosmo the space pig pin which is a nice size (maybe 1.5 - 2 inch diameter), strong colors, and it is well made I suppose. I will never actually use it but that isn't really the point is it? There is also a nice "museum paper" print of the Neketaka map which is cool, well printed, and would work great in a frame for some desk art. It isn't huge, but it isn't tiny either. Lastly there is a Deadfire Explorer's League iron on patch, in case you like iron on patches. For those who don't know this is an obsidian thing, they always have a game patch for each game they make (both literally and figuratively....) and this is just following that tradition. The quality is fine and if you have something you think can take a patch I imagine it works great. What about the mini's? Well I know how to paint a mini so I ordered them unpainted. Happy to say they are pewter not some cheap plastic. Not happy to say they are mostly crap. The swords are too thin and prone to bending, the faces are poorly sculpted and have low quality details/very prone to extra metal, and in general the detail of the models is just low. So yeah, hope you didn't order the mini's this is one place Obsidian did drop the ball, and I suggest next time they not bother, or contract it to a legit company like Games Workshop or Reaper. What about the big dog though? The "cheap plastic statue with a hole in it"? Uh yeah.... first it is not made of plastic, it is blatantly a cast resin, second it has some issues like a few places the fit of the molds was off a bit and the excess was not trimmed perfectly cleanly, there is a small hole in the bottom, but this is common for this type of resin cast, and yes the paint job is only "not bad/slightly above average" not great. That said, it is heavy, there is no way in holy hell a "light breeze" is going to blow it over, it is also big, I have not measured it but it is 10 inches tall and 6 inches diameter at the base. Lastly.... it is very cool and less cheaply made than many other video game collectibles I own like Alduin from Skyrim (who is plastic by the way). The only limited edition collectible from a box set I own that I think is better is probably Darth Malgus from the original The Old Republic collectors edition. So to my three questions at first... TLDR version.... Is it a step up from Eternity 1's physical goods? No question the answer is yes, in all cases but the mini's the bar got raised or was at least met.Did they fix the mistakes of the original games Physical rewards? Yes, nuff said.What is the overall quality? For video game collectors box rewards the quality is quite good. I have seen better, but that is the exception not the rule, and most of the time a video game box set will come out way worse than what this did. I will try to get some pics and post them later via a edit.
  9. If you are using actual miniature paint, and doing thin coats like you should, it really doesn't take all that long to dry.
  10. Well there are people out there who will paint minis on commission, I used to do it a long time ago. It is very pricey though.
  11. They look like crappy pre painted mini's done in a hurry by factory worker X. Which is exactly what you get every time you buy a pre painted mini. People who aren't really into the miniatures hobby vastly underestimate how much work goes into a well painted mini. Most mini's of that size, even when painted by long term very expert painters who have done it 1k+ times, take around 2-3 hours to do right.
  12. In addition to Andrea's comments, they were upfront about their being no physical edition this time and clearly stated the "physical" boxes would just come with a steam key. If you were surprised by that you did not do your research. Everything else basically sounds as expected other than the statue? Guess I will found out when I see my rewards on that front.
  13. Considering there are posts by sawyer himself on the subject, yeah. It isn't worth the effort though. I just wish people would complain about the things that effect everyone's game and are legit.
  14. Actually I was being kind. It is probably less than 5% of total players who actually play on PotD. As mentioned by another poster, only .07% (that's less that one percent), beat Pillars of Eternity on PotD difficulty.
  15. It seemed similar at first, and it is easy to see the comparison. It isn't really "that style" but it is sorta close. Either way like I said, Original Sin is a great co-op game. It is a terrible single player game.
  16. Long story short, will the 10% or less who actually play POTD say yes to this? Yes. Will the other 90% of players care? No. There is a very real line of diminishing returns when it comes to balancing "challenge modes" in single player story driven RPG's.
  17. While I can't agree with Boeroer on Umberto Eco, I definitely agree with both of you on Prachett. I just can't take those stories seriously, and they aren't really funny enough to be good comedy to me. I would say you are spot on about Original Sin as well, chapter one was actually pretty good. Everything after that? Not so much. I have already decided that when they make Original Sin 3 (sooner or later) it is a hard pass for me, because all the biggest problems in the first game are still there in the second. Weak story, blandish world past chapter 1, full time non stop silly and gags, yet I am supposed to take the world and it's events seriously? As a multiplayer game it is fine, because you have a buddy or two. As a single player game, it's a flop as far as I care.
  18. I just bring a paladin, have them learn the punch in face to fix em up talent, then send the paladin to punch them in the face.
  19. PoE is more wizard centric than any IE game ever was. Developer(s) found one mechanic to rule them all (similar to cooldowns in other modern RPGs) that is good enough at applying spell effects, and used it to apply all other effects in the game, by using same resource mechanic for everyone too. That level of uniformity is not terrible for pnp games where you need to play fast and all you can do is roll dice, but in a computer game that means that yes, classes mechanically behave the same. Uh right. You actually played Eternity at some point? You realize it is perfectly viable to beat it with no wizard at all? Good luck beating BG2 on any real difficulty level without a wizard. But Eternity, way more wizard focused. Yeah.
  20. Uh as an update, like I said in the earlier post, Jason Seow was going to make official watercolor versions himself. They are now available on his site. If you want "unofficial" you can still use these, but I have looked at his and they match the in game watercolor style pretty much perfectly. The edits in this thread are good, but they are not consistent with the official in game water colors. He also drastically improved one of his older portraits, looks much better now.
  21. No law against being completely, logically, and factually wrong. I agree though, auto correct is terrible. factually wrong? :D alright please enlighten me then. I am not sure if you've played an Epic shadowdancer in BG2 but the Things you can pull off with the clone HLA there is Nothing that Comes close in deadfire. It Pretty much turns the class into a caster. You can do double timestops and stuff like that. You just claimed one class, not only class, but one subclass, from BG2 had more combat options and techniques than every class in Deadfire combined, including all the multiclass, and subclass variants. Yes. your opinion is factually wrong.
  22. Don't go looking for the old portrait threads man, if this one edit gets you that excited you would get a heart attack going through those. And yeah, concur Boeroeerrrooereooerer. I did a number of custom portrait edits myself, complete with water color versions. Each one has to be handled a little differently, even if they are based on actual Eternity portraits.
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