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  1. Fighters and other melee/ranged combat classes are always about how you build them and how you deploy them. A lot of the stuff in this thread is neat and cool, but you also don't want to bog down the game with an insane number of rules and minutiae. This isn't D&D anymore in other words. Attacks of opportunity, the ability to use defensive actions like counters, parries, etc all good. The discussion about chain or combo moves is a nice idea. Maybe something like a Hamstring attack that does lower damage but makes the enemy "vulnerable" to a power attack that auto crits or some s
  2. Why not allow it? Morrowind is still my favorite Elder Scrolls game precisely because it let you do what you wanted, even if it meant you made the game un-winnable. It would warn you when you did that though.... Give the player the freedom to do almost anything really, just be ready to slam the consequences on them for it. PS: Tale, nice avatar. One of the best console RPG's ever made.
  3. While it is a cool idea in practice this should be avoided if it can't be done in actual seamless 3d. Only needing to design the areas from one universal perspective also gives the devs more time to make well rounded and interesting maps, not to mention on making them look as good as possible. Then there is the modding factor, if map creation becomes possible it would be a bit of a pain to do it from multiple angles.
  4. Heck no! This is a world of magic and such and my bog of holding weighs the same wether it has 1 gold coin in it or 1 million gold coins in it. Money having weight is just one of those annoying things that just get's in the way of fun. Long story short, inventory weight management mechanics doesn't add any "entertainment" to the package for the vast majority of players. If it doesn't make the game more enjoyable to the majority of players there is no real reason to include it. Limiting inventory space is cool, just this isn't the way to do it.
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