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  1. I regret choosing GoG now... Looks like it's a hearthstone weekend again.
  2. I'm sad that we can't bash in locks, or at least attempt to, but I'm still having a great time with the game.
  3. Get Pillars, I wasn't crazy about BGII back in the day but man Pillars scratches my rpg itch just right.
  4. Yeah I really disliked the low range some wizard spells have, but then I learned to abuse the engage system a bit and can walk up to the enemy with little worry.
  5. They use rods/scepters/wands to auto attack. They get a "per encounter" AoE Damage/Stun blast that is quite nice too, so after each battle you get 2 more uses from it. 45 bucks is a lot to spend on a game you are unsure about though, maybe check out some gameplay footage of battles? I've gotta say though the wizard spells seem very powerful, plus you can find scrolls that help you out.
  6. Wait what? I haven't even been to Dyrford yet, don't you have to travel through Defiance Bay to get to it? Also I'm level 4, about 12 hours of gameplay....haven't been this addicted to a game in a while!
  7. So, I'm new to GoG. Does anyone with experience know how game updates are handled? I don't want to miss out on important patches. EDIT- Nevermind. I just have to log on gog, they will have an account notification for any game updates. Can't figure out how to delete this thread or I would.
  8. Not sure if my post above was properly edited but I added this: "Your posts made me not want to post any more bugs." I post all this info and you just say "it's already posted" Fine. I won't report any more bugs.
  9. Yeah, that didn't list a single issue I listed.
  10. Is there an up to date list of known issues somewhere? The one I read didn't point these out.
  11. Not sure if these are all bugs, but I know at least the first one is: 1. When in the game menu if you go to options and click Game, Graphics, or Sound, the text on the menu selections disappears. It flashes briefly before disappearing. 2. Alt Tabbing does not work when this game is in fullscreen mode. 3. Moving the mouse to the edge of the screen in a multi-monitor setup will cause the mouse to continue to the next screen. 4. There is no way to clear key bindings. 5. You can assign the same key to multiple actions.
  12. Yep, it's annoying as hell. I haven't dug into the game deep yet though so I assumed it was an option I am missing or something. If it's not it should be.
  13. I'm happy this beta is buggy, I can directly contribute to fixing it with good feedback. This is how a beta test is supposed to work, and I especially appreciate their spoiler free and here are a bunch of ability points to spend approach. This thread is stating the obvious but it's important to give feedback, what is obvious to us may not be obvious to devs who are working with an entrenched perspective.
  14. I'll have a more detailed first impression thread over the next couple days when I can really sink my teeth into this game but I will say: Backgrounds look gorgeous, animation blends well. Character models look unfinished, or lack polish, basically they don't look like they inhabit the same space as the background. I love the feel of the interface.
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