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  1. My email from paradox says that they are shipping my addon order estimated to arrive on the 15th (Europe). No news on the actual big box of everything.
  2. Hello there. I noticed that unfortunately this game suffers from a problem that while it may seem minor can get kind of annoying for those of us with multiple monitors. When you move the mouse between screens it does not get stuck on the edge of the current screen. This means that instead of scrolling the game world to the side you get a tiny nudge and then you are moving your map in your other screen outside the game. For those of us who are used to screen edge scrolling this quirk makes this particular feature more or less unusable (luckily we can fall back on scrolling the map with the
  3. I would preferr if you did not introduced new stretch goals but instead used any additional funds on what seems like the best way to spend those resources at the time. If you feel like the game needs more QA, do more QA. If the game needs more polish, do more polish and if you think there is an opportunity to add new areas, go for it.
  4. The last years of BiS were truely sad, I still remember the day we all realized that Jefferson was cancelled...
  5. I play super defensive (which is why I have not lost a character yet) but I would'nt do any major analysis of the builds/gear on my non barb characters since I haven't really spent any real time in inferno with them (just dumping them gear I found on my barb)
  6. I was sure I had read it somewhere, but now that I try to go back and source it I can't find it anywhere. I might have just dreamt it up.
  7. I played over 100 hours in inferno before the patch where they started changing drop rates and had 0 lvl 60+ legendary drops. Picking it up again a few days ago I have found 10 or more in less than 10 hours of play. Part of it is an overall increase in legendary drop rate but it is also that they have made grouping better with improved magic find from more party members.
  8. There are plans for crafting low level legendaries. Its mostly useless and you dont tend to see them often because most people dont level more than 1 character to 60
  9. This is completely 100% not true at all. That you need to use the AH to play D3 is a myth and this includes hardcore. I have been playing self found hardcore since the first week of Diablo 3 (admittedly with a pretty big break inbetween now and then) and I have 4 living lvl 60s (barb, monk, wiz and dh). Most of them leveled to 60 in patches long gone when the game was significantly harder than it is now. My main is a paragon level 22 (most of the time was spent playing before paragon levels were introduced) barb that I play in mlvl 2. Looking at my gear its pretty bad by normal standard
  10. Unlikely, the console has no AH so they can keep the droprate higher on the consoles. Obviously this sucks a bit for those of us playing self found.
  11. Yeah, that was my problem with it too - well, outside of the original insane difficulty, which I hear they've totally gimped now. And the loot, which has at least improved at this point. But mostly that there was no appeal to creating new characters/starting over like in the previous games. Seemed made to have one of each character and when done with that, just sit around waiting for new content. Like an MMO. Edit: Can't really blame them for that tho - it's sorta how a lot arpg's go now. eg, BL2 is kinda the same way. There is an easy solution to the problem of not having to create
  12. I think the delayed fullfillment site is slightly worrying because at least to me it creates doubt of the PE project management. Remember when they said it would be done well before the end of the year (last year). We are rapidly closing in on a 12 month delay essentially with no information on why. Several high profile kickstarters have gone seriously over budget. Both Broken Age (double fine adventure) and Wasteland 2 have had to double their kickstarter budgets. Are PE facing the same problems? Are things taking much longer than expected and this is why the fullfillment site has been
  13. Did you notice the box says "live snakes handle with care"?
  14. I haven't beaten the game yet but man, Ziniaks dramatic readings on the Classical music channel are amazing.
  15. I am always dissapointed in games where I can only bring along a small portion of potential party members (i am looking at you Mass Effect and Dragon Age). So having a smaller number high quality NPCs sounds fantastic to me.
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