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  1. Here are some pictures of how mine came. http://i.imgur.com/0lcxxPn.jpg http://i.imgur.com/s0QCPpe.jpg http://i.imgur.com/dDKf0g8.jpg
  2. It depends on the tier that a backer selected. For the $65 tier for example, it comes with a physical version of the game, and part of its tier on Kickstarter was to also come with a digital copy. Since we delayed delivery of the final discs, we gave all physical folks an extra Hero key so they could play on release. A number of people had already decided to give their extra key to a friend when they backed the game, so we wanted to make sure they themselves could play too on launch. If for some reason you don't see an extra key on your account and think you should, please contact us at support@obsidian.net and we'll be happy to help! Thanks, Darren So everyone who hasn't read that update is an idiot? I had to ASK to get my extra key which is bogus. Why did they not just do it automatically? I am very pleased with getting an extra key but I believe they could have handled this better. I don't always follow the updates and I never got an email saying the shipment was going to be delayed over a month.
  3. I messaged support and they said that as soon as 1.04 is finalized they will start printing discs; still no general date though. They also added an extra digital copy to my products page, probably for the hassle.
  4. Did you get the CE or just the normal box? Looking at your backer badge, I suspect it's the normal edition? Darren mentioned the normal editions won't ship until the discs have been printed with the 1.04 patch. He also mentions that folks with tiers that include a physical copy should have gotten an extra digital copy so that we wouldn't need to wait to play. I certainly haven't received such a copy. On the other hand it will certainly save my husband and me money to adopt Obsidian's view that all we need for access to their games is a single GOG copy. In the past we've each purchased our own copies, but clearly it would be foolish to continue to do so. I remember the kickstarter $65 tier saying you got a physical and a digital copy; this was before any of this delay nonsense took place. So am I getting two digital copies?
  5. That would be great if you could find it. This is my tier and I would actually prefer to wait till I get everything.
  6. Yeah, still nothing. I had emailed Obisidian support and they said I should have already gotten it or will soon.
  7. Do we have to sign up on Paradox's website to get an email? I still have no email from Obsidion or Paradox. I think it's rather silly that we have no idea when our stuff will come... I expected it to be here the 26th or a few days after. I remember them saying something about how they want us to be able to open our boxes and admire the contents and rewards while we're starting the game.
  8. Hi, I entered the contest to hopefully get a copy for a friend since I have already backed the kickstarter. If this is a problem please let me know.
  9. I heard that they shipped prior to today and the order page just wasn't updated.
  10. Hi everyone. Sorry if this has been answered already but I cannot seem to find the answer. When will our physical goods be arriving? I know the CD will come late but what about the box? Thanks, Me
  11. I'm guessing it will be between 80 and 85. It seems like a game that won't have universal praise but will be great for those interested in these types of games.
  12. I voted #2 for a few reasons. I won't be playing right when it is released anyway since I will have other games/school to keep me occupied. Also, I didn't plan on opening my physical box since most of the rewards were going to be digital with the box having just the DVD and printed manual. I was going to enjoy the game by using the digital copy, enjoy the rewards digitally, and keep the box sealed on my shelf. So I'm somewhat disappointed that this wasn't figured out beforehand and from the poll it seems that I will be getting an open box and a DVD later.
  13. I loved Mass Effect 3 and didn't really mind the ending too much. I don't know why I'm in here, I haven't beaten PST and haven't touched BG1/2. Working on PST though!
  14. Excellent. A solid, palpable 'C', verging on C+ if you hadn't used such an obvious forum name. Keep at it, young padowan, It's a name I made about 6 years ago, I'm 21 now. But you're very clever. If people don't like the idea of multiplayer, that's totally fine. It's an idea I thought would be fun and while I have read a lot of the updates on P:E, I haven't read about the "multiplayer takes away from single player" articles. If I have more free time, I'll be sure to check them out.
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