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  1. Whatever. This is my last post here. I'm done with Obsidian, especially now that the best of it's creative force is gone (Avellone) Tata now!
  2. Throne of Bhaal was an expansion.Mask of the Betrayer was an expansion. See, I've played games too! Disclaimer: I'm completely fine with White March being like TotSC and not ToB. An expansion adds new areas. A sequel continues the adventure. Not sure what point you are trying to make..... That's pretty much just an arbitrary distinction. While Throne of Bhaal and Mask of the Betrayer do continue the adventure, they're not sequels - they aren't Baldur's Gate 3 or Neverwinter Nights 3, they're still (or were still) advertised, listed and sold as expansions because that's
  3. Well when it's game that sucks as badly as PoE, it's easy to wrap your head around
  4. 99 of the 100 expansions ever released take place AFTER the main story. Thank you for your brownnosing comment
  5. Exactly, PoE is not one of those games worth playing twice. Unlike BG2 which I must have completed 7 times since it was released.
  6. Make it everything like BG2/Planescape and nothing like Icewind Dale. And drop all the "There is no good or evil" philosophical gobly **** horsecrap and bring back high fantasy.
  7. If the answer is "You must start a new game or load a savegame before entering the final dungeon" then thank you for saving me money.
  8. No the game itself does a great job of breaking the game in this giant, "we love evil" angst fest that is Pillars of Eternity, a game that is only 1/100th of the game Baldur's Gate 2 was
  9. Sounds like this game was made exactly for your type of roleplaying. Me, I'm just gonna hope somebody else knows how to give us a true BG2 like spiritual successor.
  10. You can when GOOD RPG designers make games. And besides, your comment was a self indulgent strawman argument that has nothing to do with anything here. He's not asking to be part of both, just have a warning that a faction lock is about to happen. Learn to read k?
  11. I oneshotted her on my very first playthrough on path of the damned. Why is it always the ignorant who whine the most? Why is it always the pathetic liars who boast about their lies the loudest. I'll do you one better, I was loading up my savegame and Lillith knew I was coming so she killed herself rather than fight me, that's how baaaaaaaaaad I am
  12. ...Yes, and? I mean, seriously, their budget wasn't unlimited and they had to release it at some point in order to recoup costs so that they had money to further patch it. As long as they kept it cooking for as long as financially possible before they did release, that's all they really could do. Brown noser. Cant EDIT: let's just leave the licking out of it. <.<
  13. I am totally done with you. No wonder Avellone left your fecal company.
  14. What a bunch of pathetic, incompetent losers. Obsidian you suck, and I will never ever give you a cent again. How dare you make a physical copy of the game and then block us from getting the patches? Jerkoffs, all of you.
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