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  1. Hi there, I have yet to play the expansion nor play on the highest difficulty, so thought it would be a good idea to make a new character and do both :D . I'm into using the games npc's as I love the extra conversations with the pc and the conversations they have between themselves. I'd ideally like to use the npc's that I have not yet used extensively to see what they add/experience the conversations etc, these are: Hiravias Sagani Pallegina Zahua Devil of Caroc I'm also interested in playing a somewhat selfish and aggressive character this time round as my last character was very di
  2. Hi there, Hit level 8 with Kana and I get no class specific talents to choose, i'm using him as an off tank, with a two handed great sword and a rifle for ranged when needed. Just wondering what others have taken for him? I'm thinking potentially cautious attack to boost his deflection? I know its not ideal off tanking with a two hander but I wanted characters with different weapon styles on my first playthrough. Thanks
  3. I already took the 'No pain' spelland the screaming one. Reasoning being that the pain spell allowed kana to soak up more hits when off tanking and whilst the other provided cc. Is it worth getting mental binding over Mind Lance?
  4. Hi there, So its my first playthrough and I got grieving mother fairly late, she didn't have mental binding. I didn't even really know about it until now and i've just got level 8. Is it worth grabbing it and dismissing a higher lvl 8 spell etc? Using her to mainly do cc for my rogue/additional dps. She's using a buffed blunderbuss back row as it just logically seems the best for focus... Thanks
  5. Hi there, I've just completed this quest and found it pretty enjoyable. I killed the Lord as he was manipulative/a fairly nasty piece of work. I'm wondering how others chose to end this and if there are any consequences with our choices? Thanks
  6. So for kana, it's beneficial to get the drakes over the wisps and then potentially just wait for the ogres or dragon? In the mean time just get the cc or aoe invocations?
  7. Hi there, So i'm using Kana and, as you well know, he starts off with the skeleton summon. Due to his fairly high intelligence which grants duration and aoe boost and the fact that chanters can only use one summon spell at a time, is it worth investing progressively in summons as we level him up? I'm sure a willo wisp is more durable than skeletons but I feel that by taking the willowisp it will soon become obselete/less useful as I further level up and I unlock a more powerful creature/creatures. How are others using him? Wouldn't it be better to stick to his invocations that paralyze etc
  8. Is this supposed to be trolling as if not, I kind of agree with mahe4 and the other guys here. I can't really see any need to have such a system in a game like this? It wouldn't work nicely with the flow and design of pillars combat and structure/any of the older games similar to this. For example you could set Durance to heal ppl who are below 25% health, then he uses it right when the battle is about to be over. Boom you've just lost a spell for your next encounter. Greater tactics comes from being able to think on your feet with a full understanding of the combat/spells/abilities/creature
  9. Hi there, On my next couple of play throughs i'm interested in building the 8 standard companions in the most optimum ways to get the most out of them. I agree some do not have the most ideal stats for their classes but i'm interested in how people would build them/approach this. If you have a build etc for how to get the most out of them, I think it would be great to share this Thanks
  10. Hi there, I was just wondering if someone could point me in the direction of the healing hand gloves? I think I have missed them. I'm wanting both sets to help with my tanks Thanks
  11. Hi there, I've had a look around on the forums and there doesn't seem be be any real answers to this question. I like to take my time doing quests etc but I'd much prefer it if when first encountering a companion we/I can choose their abilities and level them up myself. Reason being, that I/we can choose abilities and talents that slot nicely into our party compositions. Am i missing something with a optional tab, like in some previous games etc or did obsidian choose to not put this within the game to enhance the role playing aspect etc? I guess it does make sense, you take longer to find
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