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  1. Check again and you will be happy to know that they are included in the soundtrack. Note, that the soundtrack is huge (it would fill 2 CDs) and I believe they are near the end of it. Plus, they are also on youtube....not that I've played them while working or anything....
  2. That's it for me. Same thing as OP when I was in stealth when I rang it, when I reloaded and rang the bell without stealth it all worked.
  3. Finally got my physical copy of PoE today. Yay! Good! Was in a soft envelope (some bubble padding on the inside of the envelope). Uhh....maybe good? Box was partially crushed/collaped from shipping in that. Not good! Yeah, I'm sure we get plenty of physical reward topics, and yeah, I sent out a message through my account, so this isn't just a whine-fest. But what I do want to know from all the physical copy backers is: -What was the box delivered in (envelope, box, etc.)? -What was the physical condition of box (mint, minor damage, partially collapsed/crushed, badly damaged)?
  4. Well, if we are going to speculate and add rumors, it seems possible to me (based on nothing, but let's not let that get in the way) that he must be leaving to replace one of the head honcho guys who was in charge of DnD who left recently. I mean, why would he leave to go to another computer game company? Going to a big company like Bethesda or Bioware would give him less freedom and control over things. Going to a smaller company like inXile would be (at best) a lateral move. He is leaving a company where he has more creative leeway and one in which he has an ownership stake in, so wherev
  5. I am also amazed at the age of BG. I swear I remember like yesterday starting it up and seeing the Nietzche quote and hearing the music. I pre-ordered it, so I got the "Volo's guide to the Sword Coast" as a bonus, so I read through that between classes to get me all psyched about it. Granted, it wasn't the best game in the world when compared to what has come out since then, but at the time it was absolutely amazing. Things like that just stick with you, so it doesn't surprise me that I did better on that than the BG2 one (I wasn't even going to touch the Planescape factions one (I only kn
  6. I wonder how many people would get Eldoth and Skie, since they were late in the game and were lesser options than others you already had. Safana is another one that probably most people didn't have. Let's look at the stats: Most missed: Eldoth (21.4% correct) Alora (21.4%) Shar-Teel (28%) Skie/Safana/Kagain (35.7%) It's only been taken 13 times, but 21% of the people got it all right (should I admit that I did?), which is saying something for a 12 year old game. Of course I played that game so many times..... There are some 'extra' answers on it too that show up as bonuses,
  7. Beware that if you put steam on your computer, I'm not sure you can actually ever take it fully off without a complete reformat. Also, it'll be collecting data about your computer and other unspecified things (you have to agree to that to install it).
  8. I was saddened to hear about the Bioware boards going down, not because I go there (I haven't for ages) or because I was one of the first 250 people to sign up for an account back in the day, but mainly it was due to nostalgia of how many hours I was there back in the olden days. But luckily this is the internet and you can find anything you want in terms of nostalgia, and when you combine that with online quizzes you have a winner. Sporcle is a quiz site (and it is quite awesome) with user made quizzes, and they have some CRPG and gaming related quizzes on them (though not as many as geo
  9. While, all in all, Lionheart is a very disappointing game, Barcelona is an awesome place. So, play it until you leave Barcelona and you won't feel cheated for buying Lionheart. I actually disagree: Barcelona is an average place that looks like it could have been awesome if they put some time into it. It just appears awesome when compared to the rest of the game. Do not, under any condition, get Lionheart. It, along with PoR:RoMD, taught me the valuable lesson of waiting for reviews first. Heck, if someone gave you Lionheart, I wouldn't even take it off their hands. Life is to
  10. Very well played, good sir! (and hoping the literary allusion is just a literary illusion)
  11. Well, they just sold me on it. Of course I'll try to wait for a stability and patch-needingness report, and then I'll have to actually have time. Oh yeah, and it'll have to be good (obviously).
  12. Just played a little bit and here are my spoil free impressions: -I was weak and bought it before hearing about bugs and gameplay like I promised myself I would do after PoRRoMD and Lionheart. Bad consumer! -The digital download on Atari is great because you don't have to be online besides the first activation and you don't need the disk in the drive. Finally! -Yes, the GAME PAUSED text has to die for reasons above. Please take it out or make it translucent or take it out. -When I changed scroll speed in the options at first, it dumped me into the new camera mode (like above with the
  13. Now I haven't played Wasteland in a good...well...hmmm...15 years at least? But today for no apparent reason, I just remembered that if you get a high enough intelligence (or whatever it was), you had the option of picking the skill of "Toaster repair" or something like that. I mean, you needed a REALLY high intelligence for it. I never beat Wasteland (mostly because it was a friend's and we played it over his house), but I do remember that skill. So, the question is: Did you ever get to use that Toaster Repair, or was it just one big joke? Help!
  14. Is it because he saw the previews of 4e? OR..... Don't we have to wait until he gets to -10 hit points? OR..... Did he drop any good loot? OR..... etc. etc. etc.
  15. Di, it probably would be best just to ignore from here on out, for your own sake and sanity. You can bang your head against a wall only so many times before something dents, and it ain't gonna be the wall. I would also add something about feeding trolls, but is it trolling if someone truly believes it? I wonder, though, where they got the numbers for pirating from? It might be buried in this thread, but I am not going to read through much of the self-deceptive justification for stealing to find it. It seems that these numbers are wayyyyyy too high for the US, but I'm basing this off of
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