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  1. Finally found my orlan portrait again. If anyone else wishes to use it here it was, made with Dex's aid
  2. I've had a previously requested portrait, can't find my request in my user page though. It was already fulfulled but now I have a new PC, and need to download the files again. Can someone please help be find it? It was for a female orlan cipher/rogue.
  3. which subclass would you recommend for rogue, or no subclass? It wasn't as much a 'build' just what I already naturally picked in PoE1 as my main character, but Hearth Orlan as race would give you the racial Minor Threat ability which is nice as a rogue. I suggest to decide either on basic rogue or Assassin on rogue-side, especially as a ranged fighter HP doesn't need to worry you as much, while my own Cipher/Rogue main char is ranged with Cipher abilities then going into melee with two daggers. If you like a more 'piratey' feel perhaps use sabers/pistols instead, and if you want a no
  4. a club with slash/bludgeon damage type or, in the game the player char is asked how he wishes to wield it and appears in inventory as either sword or club
  5. Eh, didn't visit this page in ages, seems like most comments are missing and it looks like I just talked to myself o_O

  6. I believe they are in the Roaming section but forgot the specific place
  7. Not impossible that an expansion will see further subclasses/deity options added
  8. Actually not a bad idea to do. In PoE1 we can already eat other souls or manipulate others, why shouldn't a cipher be able to do it to itself? That would be like how in Shadowrun/Cyberpunk people intentionally cut out/off body pieces to replace them with cybernetics to improve various skills. A cipher could alternate or steal memories for its own use and benefit, make the soul immune to some things like being frightened, or immune to manipultion by anyone else (charm effects and such) edit: also, obviously recall knowledge from past lives to increase skill levels or (re)learn abilities, m
  9. Unbroken is a great multiclass option, to be honest I believe some subclasses are designed with clear multiclassing combo choices in mind
  10. A galleon is majestic and large, I played a lot of ship related games like the Port Royale series (avoid PR3 like hellfire) and would always pick a slow, but majestic galleon which can carry a lot more loot and crew over any other ship, any time, except if you offer a fantasy option of a flying ship or airship (I mean either fantasy magically flying ship, or actual airship)
  11. I am one of those who don't care much for being 'Optimal' and go for fun things, like with my multiclass characters. I truly enjoy the Cipher/Rogue but I had such a mixed background for her in mind already during PoE1, in fact I restarted once from Rogue to make her a Cipher primary who has that lesser backstab ability after the expansion got released. Not to mention roleplay and flavor-wise it was also a good decision as I later got to know to play as a female orlan ex-slave (deadfire galley) cipher got a lot more background/class related unique dialogue options than most other combinations (
  12. It isn't just 'cause of lore', other than that what really matters for a company, the commercial, business side of the choices were right as well. It just happens that this time the lore and market opportunity overlap.
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