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  1. I really like the little blue Orlan, but I don’t know how to build him properly, what is a powerful build for him based on the new 1.1 patch?
  2. I dont want a fighter multi class since I already have two fighters in my party, so maybe paladin and monk would be better.
  3. Wanna a create a melee dps character, don't want be too squishy, but can still do good damage, no fighter or paladin multi class, any suggestion?
  4. what is your favorite/most fun ranged dps class/not a caster you have played so far? I want to set up MC as a ranged dps because I am planning my party build as follow: Eder-pure fighter as main tank pallegina-paladin/chanter as offtank and debuffer Xoti-pure priest as healer Aloth-pure wizard as dps/cc which class you guys think would be best for my MC as ranged dps or maybe melee dps if it suit my party better.
  5. will the bug that the loss of abilities of main character from reroll be fixed in the near future?
  6. which subclass would you recommend for rogue, or no subclass?I didn't pick a subclass for Rogue because I'm pretty much just using it for Escape (and other abilities that let you GTFO when things get ugly) Dirty Fighting and Sneak Attack. If you want to backstab from stealth, pick Assassin. If you want to tank and take damage to deal damage, pick Streetfighter. If you want to tank and take less damage but also deal less damage, pick Trickster. could you share your stat for this build?
  7. I am planning to build a ranged character with Cipher/Rogue, which subclass I should choose for these two class? or is there any other class can be pair with cipher to build a character with cc and some range dps?
  8. yes, i also love to see a paladin with a greatsword, dont know which build for this style.
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