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  1. It takes a lot of time and balancing, almost every encounter in Deadfire would need to be redesigned to allow for spellcasters having access to all potential spells. This is in addition to Deadfire already needing to fix broken or weak options and make PotD more difficult. That removes all but 6 grimoires from the game, which means that they would have to design many new spells to make a reason to use grimoires in the first place. Limited in what way? Giving them all their spells would be equivalent to over doubling the amount of ability points they have available to them if they didn't get pa
  2. It doesn't take a lot of brainpower to come up with solutions to these problems. 1. Grimoires can change function. For example, put only unique spells (like Nannasin's Cobra Strike) in them. Wizards now have have a meaningful choice when it comes to grimoire selection, as it determines which unique spell(s) they gain access to. 2. Limit the number of passives that can be chosen by Druid/Wizard/Priest so that their options fall in line with other classes. Problems solved. Let's give single-class casters access to their entire spell trees, like they deserve.
  3. Single-class characters shouldn't suffer the same restrictions and limitations as multiclass characters. Single-class druids, wizards and priests should not have to choose which spells they get upon levelup. They should gain access to all spells (just like in Pillars 1). The "limited spell selections" penalty should apply to multiclass characters only. This makes the best sense both mechanically and lorewise. Single-class characters should be allowed to truly master their chosen class, since they forfeit the advantages of multiclassing. And it's not like permitting this will ruin
  4. Yeah, that's pretty lame. Obsidian is going through this dumb design phase where fun bonuses have to be accompanied by fun-killing penalties. Because LOL, THAT'S BALANCE! /facepalm
  5. 1. Make pet enter stealth 2. Send pet to edge of map far away from battle 3. Kill enemies 4. Let pet join you again
  6. I want to see a Sci-Fi spinoff that takes place thousands of years in the future...a time when electromagnetic technology is sophisticated enough to rival magic powerwise. I want to see an "Arcanum style" conflict between the magic of the old world and the technology of the new world. In Eora. They could call it Pillars of Infinity.
  7. Yes, it's friendly-fire capable. It will hurt your allies. But it's still totally worth buying.
  8. These are the only places Adra Ban can be found, according to the deadfire wiki: Flooded Cave (Ofecchia Channel) Engwithan Titan (Poko Kohara Ruins) Xakoras' Tomb (Poko Kohara Ruins, Engwithan Waystation Level Two) Collapsed Coal Mine (7° 49' S 57° 16' E - left of Motare o Kozi) Vailian Embassy, Luca's room, hidden stash (seen with 17 perception, might be less required) [x1] Engwith ruins on Maje island, hidden burial room of the architect, unlocked with a medalion [x2] Old City, Neketaka, Ondra's Temple, room with giant worm [x1]
  9. I don't think Deadfire is a bad game. I've had a lot of fun playing it. But I do think it's a bad sequel. There are a number of glaring problems. It fails to deliver a proper in-game transition between the end of Pillars 1 and the beginning of Pillars 2. It stupidly discards progression continuity between the two games, without any kind of serious or logically consistent explanation. (Why is the Watcher reverted to level 1? "Because...uhhh...his soul was drained by Eothas...!" Why were Eder, Aloth, and Pallegina reverted to level 1? "Because...uh...um...gee, we didn't expect anyone
  10. Done right, sex can add a lot to story and drama. The problem with sex in Pillars 2 is that it's presented rather artlessly and vulgarly. It's like the writers were trying to prove a point ("We're not afraid to talk about ****ING!") rather than add depth and intrigue to romances.
  11. It may be common but that doesn't make it good. An example of good is the progression continuity between Baldur's Gate 1 and Baldur's Gate 2.
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