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  1. Hey guys, I noticed that when upgrading Aloth's Leather Armor from Known Causality to Causally Fixed, you actually drop from +10 defenses to +5 defenses with the addition of higher slash and pierce armor rating. It looked to me like this upgrade would bring a total of +15 defenses and the improved armor rating, but actually results in lower defense against transmutation, evocation, and illusions. What's the deal? I get that pierce and slash armor rating is probably stronger, but why not just have the first enchant provide lower defenses and have the following one add extra armor rating? It just unintuitive and feels ****ty to pay to lose the defenses you already invested in. Anyway, totally not a big deal, but something I noticed that feels like an oversight. Have a great day.
  2. Hopping on this thread with another issue concerning Oidhreacht. I'm on the current beta build (2.00.0706) and my Oidhreacht has "forgotten" its Draining property. It had it when I picked up the stiletto from the Spider Queen, but after loading a save the property was gone. I haven't touched enchantments, so I don't think I could have overwrote it or something. It just disappeared. http://i.imgur.com/GRxZRei.jpg Edit: Just checked my Gaun's Share and the draining property is missing from that as well. Maybe it's a bug with the property itself rather than with the items.
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