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  1. I found partial answer to my split stack question above. Although I found no way to split stacks directly to sizes of choice, I did find out that you can create stacks of 5 by dragging any stack to quick-slot in inventory since those slots are limited to 5 items....so if you have a stack of 14 minor heal potions, drag it to quick slot and you end up with stacks of 5 and 9.
  2. Well, you can edit AI scripts as much as you like. For further clarification, if you just don't want them to cast spells that can damage other party members, take those spells out of the list of abilities available for the AI to cast. Click the little x button off to one side (L or R, can't remember which) for each ability you don't want them to ever cast, and there you go. I'll go back and have another go at it...when I tried to edit it earlier, I could change from active to passive, but when I tried to edit the spell list, it would show all the spells but I was unable to de-select anything. By the way, one item that missed my original list of questions: How do you split stack in inventory? I have a stack of about a dozen healing potions I want to divide up among my party, but I don't see how to split them. In other games you usually click or drag the stack using a key combination (shift-click, shift drag, cntrl-click, cntrl drag, alt-click or alt mouse drag, but none of those allow me to split stack into 2 smaller stacks...is that an option in PoE2?
  3. Thanks for the feedback. A couple of updates. -- I did find one of the alternate upgrade options today for legendary. 2 Kraken eyes. One of my items now shows "Superb" twice in enhancement list, once with recipe using adra ban, and 2nd using recipe that only uses 2 kraken eyes. -- The menagerie is now working.. The trick (bug?) is that it seems the pets need to be in main stash shared between players...The pets in an individual player inventory dont show up on ship, and I had all my pets filling watcher's inventory for convenient switching (since there is no pet-only tab in the main stash view). I have a new secondary game goal to acquire all pets to see if I can fill the ships hold (need to do something with coin until find more adra ban). Wish-list: 1. a pet with party-wide +1 penetration (if there is one, I havent found it yet) 2. A key-ring to hold all my keys separate from main stash. 3. passive friend-or-foe skill for wizards to avoid AE'ing party members (or AI option to block AI from using spells that can damage party members). 4. Better lighting in dungeons (or long-life wizard spell for increased lighting so I dont have to swap out weapons for torches).
  4. I've been playing PoE2 for about a week now and am up to lvl 11, but have some questions that I did not find answered, plus some comments. 1. Adra Ban - there is not enough.. I have fully upgraded Junk ship and am swimming in coin, but cannot upgrade most of my weapons to legendary due to no Adra ban -- This is especially annoying for my dual-wielding chars as they have 2 weapon sets each with 2 weapons, mostly all stuck at superb...I also have a couple of weapons that need one adra ban to even use Superb enchantment. I found a couple in a colossus, and don't know where I got the 3rd...have not found on any vendors. Thus in many cases I'm forced to stick unique weapons back in stash and work with non-unique legendary weapons for the extra penetration. 2. How do you use Menagerie? I cannot find any info/screenshots of it so I think my ship did not upgrade properly even though it said it did. Originally I dragged the upgrade over to slot with drag/drop and I got prompt and clicked yes, but then it un-stuck from box... Later, while on ship, I read you had to click and drop rather than drag...so I did that and the upgrade stuck, but when I move around ship I don't see menagerie. At front of ship, below deck, is a tiny tiny area that has tiny fence, a few pillows, and some hay..is that it? I cannot interact with it... I cant click it and found no other interface that lets me move pets from inventory to that little pen. How do you use menagerie? Or is mine broken? I'm drowning in pets. 3. Captains cabin upgraded? I was on the junk below decks already when I went to ship mgmt. and re-applied the captain upgrade, but saw no change in quarters...just a few things up against wall (bookshelf then map table, then bed , then small eating table...Is that the upgrade? Or is my upgrade not working? Would be nice if I could find a page that showed before/after image of captain cabin upgrade. 4. There is chest in captain cabin that cannot be interacted with...is there no place to store stuff that I might want to save for later but don't want filling up inventory? 5. The AI does not care if it shoots party members with AE damage (mostly fireballs and ice/fire spray/fan). I'd like to tell party AI to only use AE spells that don't damage my own party (in many fights, my wizard does more damage to my party than the enemy since my fighters charge in. I looked at AI rules but the interface did not seem intuitive for what I wanted to do...is there any guide to doing that? 6. I have many grimoires, some with spells that others don't have....is there any way to create a customized grimoire that has the spells I want collected from others? I saw a forum comment that mentioned copying a spell. 7. My paladin has a grimoire spot but it cannot hold wizard grimoires...what can that slot be used for? Its not locked.
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